Update 1.10 Preview: Attack Points Bank


I think this will help out the commanders, war chiefs alot… some have bad signals and can’t use their points… now we can allocate to ppl waiting for a reply to donaye… I hope this land works out well… ty


So, imagine this: Both guilds have their last two lineups in the keep still standing, but the only ones with enough points are currently at work or asleep. Should competitive guild leaders now be micromanaging if they want to win?

simple answer is yes.

part of the excitement of any real time game is overcoming difficulties to achieve success. there is no greater challenge than dealing with different timezones. just don’t see the fun in having anything dumbed down for the sake of convenience. I also objected when donations were introduced I’d still prefer if everyone had to fight their own battles to make guild building more competitive. :sunglasses:


So you want to go back to 3 and 4 day wars where you only get 500 tokens. No thanks. The majority of people playing have real lives and play pq as an occasional escape, not an entire week time sucker.


I pity the fool…


Scutters, not sure I could agree with you anymore friend!


I have a question about this auto function. Can you use it like after you attacked somebody and want to go to sleep afterwards. So that your generated points will be automatically donated to the bank while you are sleeping?


It works that way, yes.
They did not yet confirm whether you would have to turn the auto function on every new war, but I guess that’s also the more likely option.


Yes, players must initiate auto donate at the start of every war… or more accurately at the start of every war the default setting for auto donate is “off”.


Big Thank You is in order for the Attack Point Bank. 1. The frustrating task contacting players to acquire attack points is no longer a tidious frustration. 2. I feel confident that more wars will be won with the newest Attack Point Bank System in place.

Thank you,



So it doesn’t really solve any of the issues that leaders had.

edit: too harsh



Since the patch notes are out with more detail. closing this thread.