Update 1.10 Preview: Dungeon Favor


In the next update, we’re adding tools and features to make your time in Portal Quest more rewarding, and more efficient. This week, we’ll be previewing several of the new features in 1.10. First let’s delve into the Dungeon!

Dungeon Favor

We’ve heard the feedback that the Dungeon consumes a lot of player time, and it feels like too much of a grind to collect the best rewards! In the upcoming 1.10 update, the Shrine Goddess will be granting you a special Dungeon loot bonus while you do good deeds throughout Ember known as Favor.

The Goddess’s Favor accumulates any time you aren’t playing in the Dungeon (whether you’re playing Portal Quest or not). You can then spend this Favor in any Dungeon after opening any Dungeon Chest to double the rewards it contains! There’s even a chance you might get an additional lucky bonus!

Are you excited to gather the Shrine Goddess’s Favor? How will you use this new bonus on your Dungeon rewards? Tell us below, and stay tuned for more exciting 1.10 news!

Expectations vs Reality

Cool when will it launch?


May I be granted favor while waiting for this update?


But ehhmmm… It won’t build up if you are playing??


I think it will build up if you are playing the other aspects of the game excluding dungeoning.


That’s the point: Of course playing would still yield more rewards, but this at least provides us with an alternative. People can still grind in dungeon for the extra edge.

Clarification: this is (probably) what was previously referred to as the resting bonus.

I just hope these rewards are good enough to aactyally skip a day of dungeoning - I wouldn’t skip my daily for an extra chest, for example. That’d set me back too much.


How will favor be awarded? Is it down to a specific timer (like in GW) and if you log into dungeon your entire favor progress will restart? Or is it an incremental gain of favor (kinda like influence) and you just need a minimum amount of favor to get the x2 rewards?

Will there be guild perks to speed up favor gain? That would be a nice addition IMO.

Will there be a system that makes it so the MORE favor you invest the HIGHER the chance it is to get extra loot??


You are correct Helios.


It’s not clear enough for me I guess…am I gonna get penalized bc I dungeon so much?


Yea there seems to not be much incentive for the favor. You can get 2 epic scraps instead of 1 with a small chance of extra loot which will be gold in most cases? Doubling an individual items doesn’t seem to alleviate any time but that’s just me.

Of course that’s how I’m perceiving the feature vs how it works in practice :thinking:

Edit: I’m using epic scraps as an example because it’s the primary dungeon everyone is focusing atm. Yes you can double a dead man’s chest or ninja spinner gear if you’re so lucky to come across one but epic skills are one of the factors that are

  1. The most time consuming
  2. What seperates the very top players vs the players right below them (it’s a big gap)


I have a “furthermore”…why not just fix the drop rate (which is clearly flawed since 1.9 update) and put in boss fights above floor 70 for those of us “over achievers” that want to continue and not have to waste time in Endless gathering keys bc we are forced to reset.


While waiting for your Dungeon Favor might not be as good as constantly running the Dungeon, we hope this will help ease the strain for players who might not have a ton of time to commit. And hey, even if you are able to spend a lot of time in Dungeon, this will still benefit you! (Assuming you sleep! :stuck_out_tongue:)


Yeah why not grant people who don’t want to put in the effort :stuck_out_tongue:


But… this will alleviate the strain of dungeoning for a lot of people so I do think it’s a good idea. Just… wish you would grant some favor to those that dungeon a lot as well. :slight_smile:


I think y’all are missing the point on exactly why we hate dungeon, particularly epic dungeon, so much…if I’m understanding your “solution” correctly. I’ve spent hours on epic dungeon slogging through trying to gain epic skills on 3 new heroes and leveling the skills I already have on claw. The drop rate is so excruciatingly miniscule. Hours. For so very little. Doubling one chest…which I only get to do by not actually dungeoning for a period of time…is in no way going to help me get epic skills. I’m still stuck there in what I consider to be the true endless dungeon, because I will never achieve my goals there. Please either reduce the number of fights (so it takes less time), give us more sight (again to help speed it up a bit), or make the map smaller. Because oh my gosh…who really has time for this? And definitely, if you want to maintain any sort of player base, increase the drop rate. In my last 4 floors I’ve had 2 with not a single shard despite clearing all chests and fights. That’s about 25 minutes of my life where I gained nothing. I’ve had multiple boss fights without any epic shards. I’m running 4 epic eligible heroes. I can’t tell you how incredibly disheartening this is. Thank you for your consideration and hopefully listening to your players on what they really want.


Don’t make assumptions :joy::joy:


This update: Do you think y’all could increase the influence bank? Been stuck at 2 million 4 ever.


Very well said. Hope they listen


It sounds to me like there is some confusion on the value of this new feature.

Can you tell us how much can be accumulated and how long it takes to accumulate?

I think I remember there being mention of a cap of nine that would take a total of 3 days to accumulate. I assume one every X number of hours.

Imo, it would have to be something good in order to justify skipping 3 daily quests and the rewards that come from doing those to utilize favor


Here’s another thought, this feature would work better if each dungeon had its own separate favor. Meaning I could spend a day and endless and yet at the same time earn favor in the boss and epic dungeons by not opening them.
Doing so I believe would mean that planning and smarts would be more valuable than just simply avoiding the game’s largest feature