Update 1.10 Preview: Dungeon Favor


Why reply to yourself tho.


When the update launches


What happened to you man. You used to be cool


It’s be nice to see how this works.


I think the drops on some things are just too low. I got ONE boss key after 6 boss battles… this whole needing keys to enter a dungeon either takes too many torches or too much time. You need 9 keys, of which you made this into a daily quest now, I really can’t collect nine keys this way.

That’s before we start talking about gear and shards (although, the boss dungeon does okay on shards -imo-, but somethings has to be done as bour the epic).

We shall see I guess, but I’m not sure doubling is enough.


Lexi is right. Boss dungeon now daily challenge almost impossible to complete daily. I have something like 10 keys in +40 battles. That’s 200 floors including skipped over weeks. Endless and Epic are fine imo


Dungeon is perfect. Adding the new Well, that disarm all traps. Perfect now. I’m Dungeon level 42, and close to 43. I made it to F70 yesterday. My highest. The reason I’m Dungeon level 42, is because I want more Torches apon reset, each morning. We Dungeon dwellers, in the time, grind hard for levels, and use our resources towards Torches, so we can get further. Players that’s grind, and our in the dedication shouldn’t receive less, because we grind more. The experience needed between each level is steep. Instead of adding a Favor Goddess, to appease the player’s who lack additional time, or has it, but rather things come easy… How about receiving a reward aside for experience via Trophies, which ends at Floor 65. Say, each 1 level, aside for the 1 extra torch, also grants gold. Every 5th level, just like Boss floors. Player’s receive an item that grants x2 dungeon loot. At every 10th level. X2 all dungeon experience gained, for 24 hours. So all can benefit. Heavy grinders will feel more rewarded for their efforts, while lazy… err… Busy players still need to work for… but will still benefit. Such items can be contest rewards, or in $$$ packaged, so dungeon running isn’t the only way, to receive such items. And so Player’s who lack time. Can pop and item, when they do… and double up, as and when they please. Also, add trophy rewards past 65… and raise level cap server 3, please.

As always. Thanks for a great game. You guys do and amazing job!!!


This morning I’ve run 5 floors in Epic Dungeon and haven’t gotten a single epic scrap at all. Yesterday I had multiple on numerous floors. Today I’m definitely wasting my precious time trying to get my dailies done.

After I wrote that I finally got an epic scrap. So 5 floors, 70 torches, and over an hour gone just trying to get that daily completed. To me this is nonsense. Hopefully they listen to players on lessening the time commitment.


It literally says it builds up whether you’re playing portal quest or not, It just doesn’t accumulate while your IN the dungeon


I still want them to bring back torch farming in campaign I never have enough torches now because you hardly get any each day


I’m going to take a wild guess and say you don’t have epic dungeon on your server.


This seems totally reasonable.

Had a guildmate (well, I suppose former guildmate) who ran 10 floors and got just a single scrap.

How many hours are you expected to just throw away for nothing?


All of this! :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: No one should have to dread playing a game. That’s what epic dungeon feels like right now. Tons of work for minuscule rewards.


It would be nice to get more of the rarer shards in Boss. Why on earth drop items we have hundreds of already? I don’t need more purses guys. Lol


Pixie pendants, I hate pixie pendants, but everyone needs one