Update 1.11.A Patch Notes


Hey everyone! Tomorrow, 3/8, we will be making a Server update that will include some Level Cap increases, and new Heroes for Servers 4 & 5! Check out the full list of changes below.

Server 1

  • New Chapter: Chapter 14
  • New Team Level: Level 105
  • New Gear: Orange +2 Gear & Hero Promotion Level

Server 2

  • New Chapter: Chapter 13
  • New Team Level: Level 100
  • New Gear: Orange +1 Gear & Hero Promotion Level

Server 3

  • New Chapter: Chapter 11
  • New Team Level: Level 90
  • New Gear: Purple +4 Gear & Hero Promotion Level

Server 4


  • Hero Location Changes:
    • Scarred Brawler will now appear in the War Shop
    • Howling Claw will now appear in the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 5


  • Hero Location Changes:
    • Scarred Brawler will now appear in the War Shop

Please note that new Heroes will not appear in Shops until your Shop’s inventory refreshes!


What you mean with hero promotions? More epic hero’s?


That is the Hero Promotion Level, for example Server 2 will be able to promote their Heroes to Orange +1!


Argh argh argh

I used a different word in the guild chats…

insert Darth Vader meme here

Or even better, the office noooo meme… :wink:


nooooooo, please, no, no lvl cap raise :frowning:



Does that mean that the Heroes Claw and Brawler will appear only in the shops and not in Gold chests?


Why don’t you get us some shop changes… same old boring heroes in the shops except for the impossible to get tournament shop.

Another idea why don’t you guys get us some more boss keys without paying for them. Maybe, just maybe at bosses on endless? As it is supposed to be? Instead of defeating 20 bosses for 1 maybe 2 keys if you’re lucky.


Why only 1 days notice for this? Most people were under the assumption of an update next week @Etesian


Any chance there is a guild perk addition for Server 1 in that?


When we gonna have a perk upgrade for silver chests? They’re a bit of a waste for high lv players


You just keep getting worse at how you treat your customers. Pulling the 7 days deal after half a day, announcing update with a day’s notice. This is getting ridiculous.

Bring back the deal, false advertising is extremely unethical, and plan the update for next week to show some decency.


Please give us a cap raise for server 5. It is boring to not be able to level up!


1 day notice for cap raise is so abnormal from the normal schedule. That benefits no-one but the very top players that already have the extra xp saved up while those of us still trying to raise heroes have no time to save some up to level a few key heroes right away. Why is this being rushed out faster than usual?


I have 4 mill exp stacked and ready.

But I still think update should have a minimum of 7 days notice.

Please re-consider launch


This is the third or fourth cap raise on 1 days notice. Even though I am ready I can only imagine how ill prepared a lot of other players are


These cap increases come too frequantly, and doesn’t allow guilds outside the top 5 to ever catch up, we want more competitive wars! But, that will never happen if players are always chasing the next level or another piece of gear.


S4 needs a cap raise!! It’s more than ripe, when are you planning on doing it?


More warning than 1 day would be nice when dealing with cap and gear raises.


Perblue why don’t you like your playerbase to be able to compete s1 is a joke as it is in guild wars. It’s getting pathetic now ;(


Put the update to next week. You have the top 5 guilds on s3 telling you this is a bad idea and you’re not listening. Pretty sure we make a substantial part of the revenue on your server, and given we actually play this game we have a better understanding of when too soon is too soon. When you’re at your next meeting wondering why your revunues took a nose dive you can think back to this update. It wouldn’t be terribly difficult for us to agree not to buy stam packs anymore.