Update 1.11.A Patch Notes


Any new war perks with this update?





The cap raise was intended to come at last patch.
Server 1 when iceberg came was a level cap too.
Server 2 we just received iceberg last patch…
A week or so later comes the cap.

They have listened to player concerns and held off a little on raising it :wink:


I dont care that there is a level increase. I care that i blew resources i wouldve saved had i known i didnt have 6 more days to get them back before the update should’ve taken place.


The golden rule of pq…
Hoarde everything forever

I got caught out way too many times in first season blasting resources…
Now I just sit back and wait for the inevitable
There will always be the next level

Stack up and remove the risk of being caught out :wink::blush:


The simpler approach would be if PB were just a bit more proactive in their communication. Would have been so easy for them just to announce it last week, or otherwise announce it now for next one. Could’ve been handled so much better


The top players are just as disgusted. We want more competitive play and don’t want to fork out money every 2 weeks for a cap raise. This is a shameless cash crab and will only result in less competetion and more people quitiing.


things will stay as they are until they don’t earn enough money anymore… so i guess if the top players do not fork out money every two weeks, lvl cap raises might come slower… but as long as the system works, why change it?


I did warn everyone that had reached cap on server 1 and 3.

However I think Per blue must have misread my memo.
I am capped on server 4 and I am only level 94 on server 2.

Bad, per blue. Bad.


I literally reached the level cap on s3 a few days ago and now there’s going to be a level cap increase today… I understand that the top players have already maxed out their heros, but not everyone can spend as much money as they do.


What about server 6?


Oh, another cap increase? I would’ve never guessed… sigh


This new update and level cap is.too fast I believe is thet fast I have saw . You guys should consider moving back for a week or two. Its just my opinion


S3 got lvl 85 update what? 3 weeks ago? Why giving us another one so soon? Hold it off for now. Let people catch up.


Where is the update? These red dots need to go away!


Update at 3PM CST (char req) … I was wrong, I can’t read


…how long to update?..


I guess Apple doesn’t find any trouble approving updates when it stands well with PB… HMMM


I think that’s because it’s a server update and not a client update. But I’ve been wrong before.