Update 1.4 Patch Notes


Welcome to Portal Quest 1.4!


A new Chapter, new Gear, a ton of fixes and…CONTESTS! Read on to see what’s coming - including the end of the War Season 1, some tweaks to how War works, and much more! Portal Quest 1.4 is on the way next week!


Get ready, get set, Contests are here! Contests are limited time events here in Portal Quest where you can earn a variety of rewards by completing tasks in game! Here are some fun facts about Contests:

  • Compete with yourself and others
  • Win rewards for both your overall point total, and your score relative to other players
  • Progress Rewards
    • You’ll automatically be mailed rewards when you earn enough points!
  • Every Contest is different
  • Check the Points page to see how to win a particular Contest. Some might be about earning resources, using certain Heroes, or a mix of things
  • Different Points for Different Tasks
  • Each task shows how many points you get for doing it and whether there’s a max number of times you can do it
  • Min-maxing
  • Some tasks have a maximum number of times you can complete them; check the tasks page to see which have limitations
  • Rankings
  • Contests pit you against everyone on your server; check the Rankings page to see how you stack up against the best
  • Your individual rank will update at the start of every new day!
  • Rank Prizes
  • At the end of the event, you earn rewards based on your numeric or percentile rank. All rewards are delivered via in game mail

Our first contest will start soon - keep an eye out for announcements!

###Chapter 9, Purple +2, Level Cap: 80 (Server 1)
Chapter 9 is here, and Our Heroes’ hunt for Hollows hearkens them to the harrowing halls of a haunted hamlet. Will Light Warden find her long-lost Commander in time? Or will the cruel gears of fate turn out a ghastly future in this ghostly land?

Speaking of Gear, you can now upgrade your Heroes to Purple+2! Be sure to check your team for opportunities to upgrade, and then hit the Campaign!

Finally, the level cap will be raised to 80 on Server 1. Go get 'em!

###War Adjustments
We’re continuing our quest to make Guild War fun and challenging. Here are a few changes included in 1.4:
Tower Tweaks

  • Middle Mage Tower: lower energy suppression from 15% to 10%
  • Lower Mage Tower: lower health regen from 4% to 3%

“Flee” Limit
“Flee” is now what we are calling it when a user doesn’t finish a war attack for any reason. Each Guild will be give two grace Flees per War. For these first two Flees only, the following will result:

  • Consumes Attack Points
  • Mark Attacking Heroes as Used
  • Defending Heroes revert to state from before the attack
  • NPCs revert to state from before the attack

After your two grace Flees, any future Flees come with a penalty:

  • Consume Attack Points
  • Mark Attacking Heroes as Used
  • Defending Heroes:
  • If alive before the attack: set to Full HP/Energy (new)
  • If dead before the attack, leave dead; NPCs are defeated
  • NPCs are defeated (new)

Flees will be clearly marked in both the battle log screen and the battle detail screen.

War Season End
The end of the War Season is coming! Get ready to reap the rewards of your hard-fought battles, including Gold, Royal Tournament Tokens, and War Boxes.

Each War Box will offer a choice of three items. The total number of War Boxes awarded is located in the lower right corner. Tap on a choice, then tap Collect!

At the end of the Season, everyone in the Guild will see a Season Results window. This is where you will see your Guild’s total Crowns, rank, and percentile. After that, it’s rewards time!

War Season Start
At the end of the Season, all Guilds will be reset to ½ of their current Crown total and Rankings will be reset. In order to get ranked, participate in the first War of the new Season!

###Better Royal Tournament Rewards
New Royal Tournament Daily Quest: Instead of Gold, the new Daily quest will award players Royal Tournament Tokens commensurate with their tier:

  • Copper: 10 Tokens
  • Bronze: 20 Tokens
  • Silver: 30 Tokens
  • Gold: 40 Tokens
  • Platinum & Challenger: 50 tokens

###Misc Changes & Bug Fixes
Guilds / Guild Chat

  • Tapping on a player icon in Guild chats will now correctly display the menu
  • Guild Leaders can now change the name of their Guild
  • Fixed an issue where the Claim Guild rewards screen would show the same rewards twice
  • Chat and Guild Chat can now be toggled on while in Combat
  • Non-members no longer see 0 Guild Influence or Rank issues in Guild Info
  • Non-members can now see the Last Season Rank for the Guild in Guild Info
  • The Pin Message Chat icon is no longer visible to players without the appropriate permission to use it
  • Fixed an issue that caused Stickied Guild Messages to be blank until restarted
  • The Friend action has been removed when viewing rival Guilds’ members
  • War Defense Lineups are now automatically saved in the Lineup Sharing selector

Guild War

  • A Refresh Heroes button has been added to the War Attack Screen! No more searching for it during the heat of battle.
  • Defeated teams in Guild War will no longer incorrectly display 1/1 remaining Heroes undefeated
  • Added an error when Requesting War Attack Points while your Limit has been reached

Royal Tournament

  • Fixed an issue with setting RT Lineups that could incorrectly cause an error
  • Improved clarity on RT “Promotion” windows when you do not Promote or Demote
  • A number of RT screens have been clarified in regards to the state of the current tournament


  • Fixed a crash in the Arena Hero Chooser screen
  • “Share an Idea” button now correctly directs to the Forums
  • Fixed an issue where moving between two Accounts would prevent an iOS account from receiving TheoremReach (Earn Diamonds) rewards
  • Dodging a single Bleed tick no longer causes the whole effect to be Dodged
  • Changed some Post-Battle Log colors to improve clarity (green for allies, red for enemies)
  • Auto / FF settings for Sparring are now persistent between Spars
  • Updated the format for a number of “How-To-Play” windows
  • For ease of use, a number of fullscreen windows now have Close Buttons

Red Retreat Icon?

Thank you so much for fixing the “flee” system. :slight_smile:


Quoted for posterity, because this is exactly what was said last time they “fixed” force closing.

People will always find something to scapegoat for their losses.


It was lag I swear. :slight_smile:

But in all seriousness, this system is much better than their previous one punishment-wise.


I’m a little disappointed that mage towers are being nerfed again.

Also it makes me giggle every time an announcement is made and Iron forgets to lock it immediately.

@Ironangel what happens if your current war is still in progress when the season ends?


True, they seemed to be working alright. But maybe they were having a much greater effect on smaller guilds? I dunno.

Personally I think they should switch the middle mage and top mage towers.


I think it would be better if we all started at 0 crowns again, I’d like an opportunity to fight against different guilds rather than the same ones over and over. Plus, it’s a fresh season and it makes it difficult to catch up to each other if we start with the same crowns… more seems like it’s just an extension of the current season. Also, I’m probably just not seeing it, but does the new season start immediately after? Like this one ends and then war again the next day? Thanks Iron :two_hearts:


The problem with this is we’ll end up in the impossible matchups we were in when guild wars first started. This way we can avoid being screwed over by the system.


That’s actually on purpose - I lock it when it’s actually out, so people can give feedback on things they’ve actually played :slight_smile:


If this is the reason, I wish they had done something a little more nuanced. We just went 41-10 against Litter, the best defense we ever face. Now it’s getting even easier? Gw in DS is boring because it’s too easy, I hope this doesn’t go the same way.

Why? Don’t you guys already beat every single other guild you face other than Sticker Legion? And now you’re asking for even easier opponents?

You don’t start with the same crowns, you start with half as many. Your comment about catching up makes me scratch my head since you guys are in second.


I totally agree with war chief about the mage tower nerf. I think they are really great while just switching top MT with bot MT would be nice. Since mid and bot are neutral towers which affect all while top only affects a single faction.

A better solution for lower level guilds and players would be make the towers with increasing effect by the level of the tower: 2/3/4% for Healing tower and 5/10/15% for Energy Tower. This would make it easier for lower guild while still making it challenging for stronger guilds in the endgame. I think the nerf will take out a bit of the skill factor in the factor, which I really don’t like.

The current MT are just too strong if your hero composition is same or worse than the enemies while a counter composition nearly always take out the enemy lineup or just leave some leftovers. This made the war thrilling and very exciting. Legion might win most wars, but they were also often close against BB, LB and Neverland. Why should they get such drastic nerf then? We spend a lot of time researching hero composition, skills and so on to win.


They could also scale the effects of the tower based on your bracket. This way lower guilds would have an easier time and higher guilds would still get a challenge.

Tying them to perks would mean lower guilds would be dealing with the highest effect at some point.


Also a lot of time force closing.


A lot of force close? Did you even count? I doubt so. We did like 0-2 most of the times which this change wont affect much. Also we did not complain about the change since we also see that as something which should be fixed.


When did we ever deny using game mechanics? It is really too much always pointing at us about this FC. But seems it is just your personality which is against us. When I just joined Sticker Brigade and recruited on chat you also flamed me without reason. Well this behavior is childish.

We shouldn’t tak about such personal differences here and focus on feedback to this path notes.


Just for the record our number of force closes are going down every time, while yours are going up. Are you sure you want your suggestions implemented?


It was not considered as cheating. This was clarified already by PerBlue and nothing more to add.

I hope we can back to the topic now since this talk keeps repeating everytime. And to my mates: please don’t feed the trolls. This will make the thread blowing up and constructive critics will be overlooked.


Per blue awesome job fixing force close. This helps out tremendously. Keep up the good work

Lmao this image is hilarious. Reminds me of a certain guild ig.



I’m aware they’re being cut in half, but you’ll still have a strong lead. I’m not asking for easier match ups, I’d just like to face more different guilds. We really only get the same 3 over and over. It gets stale. I also agree you guys have been force closing less, but you’re also winning fights more, so no need to force close. Our force closes are legitimate connection issues, which I’m sure yours are on occasion as well. Ours with telo on the last war would have been a win, so connection issues are frustrating. With the crowns I just feel like it’s not a new season if we’re just being cut in half.


I hope y’all don’t fight all day over this Force close stuff lmao