Update 1.4 Patch Notes


That defeats the entire purpose of it. Though personally I find it pretty ridiculous in the first place, so rather than a player search just don’t include the not being able to friend others in rival guilds.


I don’t know why poaching is a problem anyway, if a player wants to leave they leave, if they are loyal they stay. Players search would be a fine addition instead of the friend feature when looking at guilds.


I have a thought for the next season (since I’m sure we’re locked in for the 1/2 crowns this season and many people have Opinions on that).

I can think of 2 ways… 3 ways… among the ways I can think of to level things out without putting Stickers up against MyFirstGuildLOL:

1 Reduce crowns to 1/3 or 1/4, making the new season’s crowns worth more proportionally

2 Reduce crowns using a log scale, which is to say that the higher they are, the more they flatten out, so the top dozens of guilds are more in reach of each other but not stomping the new kids.

3 Ditch all the crowns but make initial sorting decisions using the number of wins.

I’d have to look at data to see how any of these ideas shakes out in practice, but if halving the crowns is insufficient (probably) then these might work better.


I am super stoked for getting Tournament tokens for participating daily. Suddenly it is meaningful!

Also looking forward to variety in contests.


This. My guild just went through a war, and we got our bums pwned. The healing is just too overpowered for us right now. I think if it was leveled based, it’d be a little more fair.

Basically, I went into battle, saw that 241 healing per second, and I was like, “Okay, we have GOT to get that!”


When will these changes be applied?


I keep hearing people say this and that about sorting the Crowns and making it so the same Teams don’t face each other over and over. News flash, if you took away all Crowns, took away half, took away none, the same Teams would still be in the top 5 at the seasons end. That is inevitable. If anyone could complain it would be the Teams just outside of the top 3/4 who constantly go from crushing lower tier Guilds, to getting crushed. But again, life isn’t balanced and it seems a rather fair system for providing as much balance as possible.


what happened to map/ GPS coming with 1.4 :rage:


It would be super cool if in the Crusades, you could revive a dead hero for a certain amount of coins. Kind of like how you can reset your heroes in guild wars for 5 attack points. Don’t know if someone has said this before, but I just thought of it while playing today.


That kind of defeats the purpose of the crusade game mode though.


I find the top guilds to be far more competitive than the 90th ranked guild. I don’t see how resetting crowns would solve your issue.

I also don’t see what is exciting about facing a guild you know has no chance. We faced the 13th ranked guild yesterday and it was not exciting. It felt like stealing a 3rd grader’s lunch money.

Asking for crowns to be reset just means we’ll (all of the top guilds) have lots of those lopsided matchups until the crowns sort out and … end up exactly like they are now.

This guy gets it.

Again, if you scale it based on level of the mage tower or even brand new perks, that doesn’t solve the (what we are guessing is the) issue of them being brutal on lower ranked guilds. It’s really cheap to get the MTs maxed, influence-wise. 75k for 2 levels? People would simply get them maxed asap if that was the change, which would put us right back in the same situation.

A better solution (to what we are assuming the problem is) might be scaling the towers’ strength based upon your GW rank bracket. Top 10 has 4% healing, 11-50 has 3%, 51-100 has 2%, and 101+ has 1%. Just a thought, I’m sure there would be issues with that approach though.


The person I was agreeing with was simply suggesting scaling their power, not necessarily increasing it with a perk. You seem to agree with scaling being the best solution as well. I’d suggest it to be a perk, which can be bought only after reaching a certain spot in the rankings. (Top ( )%)

And we’re not assuming those towers are OP for lower level guilds, people have said so.


The person you agreed with, and quoted, very specifically said to scale it with the level of the mage tower.


Yes, I too am looking forward to BB Elites not having anymore excuses for their subpar performance. Especially since you all are going to actually care about season 2.

Woah, wrong chat, my bad.


I think we are all eagerly anticipating the “no more excuses” war season. Good luck everyone.



Geez so competitive lol
Maybe I should start a forum post every time something doesn’t go my way.
I haven’t decided if I care yet. Maybe I’ll get my discord bot to flip a coin.
Either way - good luck to all guilds next season. Truly hope it’s fun for all :slight_smile:


At least I make my snide comments where the other party is capable of responding to them :wink:


This whole conversation comes over as very immature. Just let every guild play the game the way they want to, you don’t have to do the same.

When an actual bug is reported, it doesn’t really matter under which conditions, right? And I believe it’s totally clear which guilds really want to be competitive and which ones don’t.


Why would you play a game or do anything without wanting to be competitive?