Update 1.5 Patch Notes


No, mass destruction now has resurrect, the same skill that light warden has. This means that in every fight he’s going to die twice and be able to do his explosive damage twice. This makes him viable for sure if not OP.
Overall I like the nerfs and buffs. I don’t understand the other comments about highwayman, he’s gonna be great now. But totem prince didn’t need the nerf, he does too fast as it was. I love the voidcaster buff. Overall, Thanks Perblue!


And no, no level increase till 1.6


The fix for the focus “More Harder” trial wouldn’t happen to be in there too? Otherwise I’m optimistic (cautiously) about this update!


Agree, Totem Prince didn’t need any changes. He died way too fast already.

I’m happy with most these nerfs/buffs though.


Nope, it’s different


LW doesn’t heal twice, so unless the skill works differently for MD he will just explode once. Or did I miss something?


MassD explodes once when his skill (Surprise ending) triggers upon death, then gets Rez’d, heals everyone, then explodes again when dies the 2nd time.

Which kinda makes him an annoying tourney filler or like a real situational backrow. If he only had some kind of a draw aggro ability he would be pretty decent


By the same logic LW would heal twice. She doesn’t. So where did you get that info?

Edit: just to clarify, I’m not saying he doesn’t. I do not know. I just wonder why he would get double on-death procs, when LW only gets it the first time.


Will this include an increase to perk storage or more things to purchase? My guild have upgraded everything to the current maximums are are fast approaching the limit.


I’m not really sure what’s being misunderstood about Mass Destruction. He now has the ‘resurrect’ purple ability as well as the ‘surprise ending’ blue ability. This means that the first time he reaches 0 health during a wave, he instantly heals only himself (resurrect), and explodes (surprise ending). Then, whatever is left of the enemy team keeps attacking and he reaches 0 health again. The second time he dies, ‘resurrect’ does not activate, only ‘surprise ending’ activates.
In any given wave, ‘surprise ending’ will be triggered twice and ‘resurrect’ will be triggered once.

(Light Warden also has the blue skill last breath. Last breath is what heals the rest of the team on death, not resurrect. When LW dies, resurrect and last breath both activate and then when she dies again, only last breath activates. So yes light warden does heal the team twice, but herself only once.)
PM me if you’re still confused


No she doesn’t resurrect twice only once.


This patch looks great with 1 exception, the amount of tokens recieved in the royal tournament are a pale comparison and a joke compared to what you get in average for the week in arena rewards, guild war rewards, fortress rewards, crusade rewards… Tournament token rewarded for the week should be at least double if not triple to actually be somewhat closer to the other rewards


So chances are surprise blow will also only work once.


Right, no. She resurrects once and uses last breath twice
Mass destruction will resurrect once and use surprise ending twice.


Yeah, you’re right. I was positive she only used Last Breath once (and I’ve read it in a few other threads) but she definitely uses it twice. My bad.


Hm, do I get to say, “I told you so”?

The hermit nerf (3rd now?) is disappointing. Druid doesn’t seem like enough. Hopefully highwayman is useful now. Brawler seems like the newest OP hero. Why in the world was LW nerfed?

I cannot believe neither Stone nor Fox was touched. Just unbelievable sticker.


Updated game today. Stuck on loading screen. It’s broken. Please fix? Thank u.


The game is back up, and you should be able to update. If you only partially patched, I would suggest uninstalling/reinstalling fresh.

If you are getting errors with Content Update failed, it may be a problem, with your local CDN, which will unfortunately just require patience.


Ok. Tks much for speedy reply :slightly_smiling_face:


It says here that frenzy is reduced from 2% to 1.5%. All the other changes in this patch I see but my characters with frenzy still say 2%.