Update 1.6.1 Patch Notes


The 1.6+ updates have been hurting me. I was fine at the level cap, catching my heroes up to 80. Then they increased the level cap to 90, so now I have another hero gap.

Now they’re nerfing all my best heroes in this new update, making all my hard work less worth it. I don’t have any spare resources to keep up with the meta, and they’re destroying all my chances at combating it. So you are absolutely right in your post.

Scarred Brawler and Highwayman need nerfs the most. When a 3 star SB cuts through your level 82 stone guard in 2 hits, you know you need a change. And God forbid you come across him in a dungeon with a 5 second stun. And I’m tired of highwayman cursing all my heroes.


Like all of. Nicely done.


And I swear I jinxed myself. Walked into a brawler/claw dungeon battle with a stun.

Team melted like butter.


No Highwayman curse fix. Meh
No buff to Light Warden. Meh². Seriously. But a the LW against any Fury hero and it will lose despite having the aspect advantage.


Light Warden hasn’t been the same since they nerfed her a while back. She used to stun all enemies

But I understand why they nerfed that


So you dont kniw the magnitude of the nerfes or buffs yet. But some are already ranting about it.

What if mana regen is decreased by 0.000001% its still a nerf haha

I dont have brawler. And if you think he is out of balance just stop using him in the name of fair play :slight_smile:


The point was that those heroes are already nerfed. There’s no need to nerf them more.

And yeah, I’ll just stop using OP heroes! I’m sure that everyone else will stop using them also in the name of fairness. :wink:


Straight up, nerf the old heroes so people have to buy/play the new heroes to stay competitive. Plain in simple that’s all there is to it.

When will they let us switch servers for diamonds? Thats the real question.


Light Warden slows brawler enough for his companion to be dealt with I find… But he does steam roll anything I put in front of him 25.6, repeating of course, percent of the time. If he had just a little less health, he’d be too squishy and easily dealt with.


You might as well just delete pp from the game at this point because you’re nerfing her into oblivion


I also find it kind of unnecessary to nerf the same heroes again. I read one time that PerBlue doesn’t like to nerf the stronger heroes and instead buff the weaker ones. Doesn’t seem like this anymore.


Chests aren’t specific to heroes so that’s not a direct reason to be upset. Also just use more heroes instead of crying that the apparent only 5 heroes you have are being nerfed.


So when is this update coming out exactly? I’d rather it come out sooner than later so that I don’t waste the unit exp and gold on them


Can’t recall if she stunned all enemies in the past, but at the moment she is one of the weakest if not the weakest Frontline heros.
Put her against a brawler she’s dead. Against Cogmaster dead. Ginger dead. Mohawk dead. I think we can see a pattern here.
A Finesse Hero is useless against her Fury Counterparts she should have the aspect advantage. This shouldn’t be the case.


She did. That’s why I loved her. I think it was 1.3 when they nerfed her. I was a noob back then


@Echye: we’ll have that after we’re live!


You should strongly reconsider changing what you are balancing. I’d say the overwhelming opinion of: “this is a bad balance update” in the responses to this thread are enough to reconsider.


Given that the release isn’t out yet, that’s premature. We’ll have the actual balance numbers in a post this afternoon, and then (as will all changes) we’ll see how things play out. Obviously our internal simulations and testing can’t replicate reality, but we’ll keep tabs on it.


Well then can we have a reason why Scarred Brawler was not addressed in the balance changes? He’s by far the most powerful hero currently, yet nothing seems to be changing with him.


Nah, Brawerl’s dmg is totes fine:

Ginger definitely needs a nerf.