Update 1.7.2 Patch Notes


When will the patch be released? plus sounds like a great patch



As soon as we have a confirmation for the Apple client, we’ll post a date and time! :slight_smile:


Ironangel, could you perhaps clarify why these changes are being made? I can’t think of a single reason why this would be positive…


I agree.

I dont like to surrender wars. How difficult they may be. Now I have a reason to surrender wars to avoid loosing crowns.


Very good question Helios.

To understand the motivation I have to take you on a bit of a tangent. You may already know that when you lose a war bellow 1000 crowns, the amount of crowns you lose is less than the amount of crowns the other guild wins. This means that bellow 1000 crowns, earning crowns is as much about participating as winning. While participating should be important in wars, the intent was that eventually guilds would rise above the 1000 crown limit and then ranking would be dominated by skill, not sure number of wars.

The change in this patch will mean guilds bellow 1000 crowns will earn more crowns overall, pushing them close to 1000 crowns.

Pet_Goats, there is already an incentive to surrender if you think you are going to lose. The sooner you surrender the sooner you can start the next war and have a chance to earn more crowns and tokens. Overall the amount of crowns you lose is small for most guilds and on average this change should increase the amount of crowns you get if you are actively waring.


I can see the point, though I would want to see the math on how this affects Elo scoring.

Two guilds, both alike in dignity, in fair Verona where we lay our scene – Ahem.

Two guilds of identical skill and organization should hypothetically end up ranked right next to each other.

If Guild A is matched against much higher and lower opponents consistently, it could get a lot of wins in a day or two each. Let’s say in an average of 1.5 days each.

If Guild B is matched with very close opponents and every war goes to day 3, they will get a win only half as often.

In a 60 day season, Guild A would fight 40 wars and Guild B would fight 20. Assume they each win half their wars, and that a win is 15 crowns and a loss is -2. (This is true for almost all of this season’s record in my S2 guild.)

Current system:

  • Guild A wins 300 and loses 40 = 260 crowns
  • Guild B wins 150 and loses 20 = 130 crowns

Updated system:

  • Guild A wins 150 and loses 20 in 20 1-day wars, wins 285 and loses 38 in 20 2-day = 377 crowns
  • Guild A wins 420 and loses 56 in 20 3-day wars = 364 crowns

Instead of the guild with faster wars getting twice as many (100% difference), they get 13 crowns more, out of a larger total (4% difference).

You still get more opportunities for wins by quitting doomed wars, but not by nearly as much. @I_Pet_Goats, this actually makes it less costly for you to stick with long doomed wars.

(Edit: My concern with Elo scoring is that the difficulty of opponents can vary pretty wildly if we win 3 wars in a row, and then it takes us a while to get punched back down. This could exacerbate that issue.)


Once approval is obtained from Apple, should we expect an immediate update or will it be scheduled for a day or so out?
There are plenty of people sitting on dailies and stamina, such as myself, that want to ensure that we’re not wasting potential team xp by collecting those now.


Just because you’ve been there does mean you suddenly have Riddick eyes.

Chance is chance.


Okay, it seems like this change would be useful, although (for the reasons I tried to describe here) I still don’t think there should be that big a difference between a 1 day war or a three day war.

Perhaps it would’ve been better to
A. Multiply all rewards by 2
or B. Multiply rewards by [days^0.5 * 2]


Having your team lvl capped doesn’t mean your heroes are. The amount of xp you receive per day isnt enough imo


Any new news about a day for the update? Still waiting on Apple or has that part at least happened?


@Muscle_Man_III: Generally, if they approve it before 12:00 CT, we release that day. If they approve it after, it will be the next day. We need time to prep the servers, etc.


Follow up calculating the Surrender benefits, since before I calculated the Never Surrender scenario.

Guild A never has wars lasting past 2 days and you can only surrender on Day 2, so no changes for them:

  • Old system: 260 crowns
  • New system: 377 crowns

Guild B complicates things by resigning every loss on Day 2. 24 wars instead of 20 works like this:

  • Old system: 180 won - 24 lost = 156 crowns
  • New system: 504 won - 67.2 lost = 436.8

Compare old system to the Never Surrender results:

  • 130 crowns —— 156 with surrenders (43% better and narrows the gap against Guild A)
  • 364 crowns —— 437 with surrenders (20% better and tears past Guild A by 16%)

So it is only half as impactful to stick with doomed wars as it used to be… and folks in longer wars have a significant ability to improve their frequency and out-strategy their short-war opponent.


Pretty sure they just applied the same token formula to the crowns. You get a little more crowns and tokens for finishing in one day (don’t think this is even possible anymore at top levels, given the amount of lines in towers) than in two days and a little more for finishing in two days instead of three.

Really? -2 seems awfully low. We don’t typically see that low of a crown loss until we’re 2-300 crowns ahead of someone. I wonder if there is additional crown protection in place, on top of the 1000 threshhold.

edit: Looked at this season’s logs, since I can’t see last season’s anymore :frowning: This season we’ve beaten Dystopia (ahead by 109) and they lost 3 crowns and Sticker Earth (ahead by 156) and they lost 2 crowns. So my guess would be is that there is additional crown protection below 500.


Para cuando la actualización ??


That seems probable. In a highly mismatched bout, we saw a higher ranked loser lose -4, but it otherwise ranges 1-3 with a strong bias toward 2.

Wins are always 15 unless someone totally smashed a much smaller opponent, in which case a couple times I saw 13 or 14.

My guild is currently 25th in S2 war, so there will be a very small number of guilds dealing with different conditions. I can check S1, we are 100th there with more crowns, but still below 500 crowns.


I can’t get into portal quest for some reason…


My guild on s3 just had a win where we got 17 crowns yesterday and the enemy lost 4.


How long till the game will open? Or do we wait to 15:00 CT?


The server’s being updated. It was announced under “announcements” on these forums.

It’s usually done within an hour or so.