Update 1.9 Patch Notes

Welcome to Portal Quest 1.9!


An eerie light has been emanating from the Boss Dungeon Portal. Prepare your Heroes for a new Boss Dungeon to explore, and recruit Grave Wraith for your team! As we continue working on big Dungeon and War time-saving improvements for the future update, we’ve got a smaller one here to hold you over with tons of bug fixes, level increases, and changes to improve your adventuring experience. Read on!

Coming Soon After Update 1.9

While most of 1.9 development was done around the holidays, we’ve received a ton of great feedback lately regarding the huge time requirements of Dungeon and War. That is where we are focused next. There’s some pretty major change-ups to both modes in the works for the next update and you can expect some good time-saving improvements: the ability earn more of the specific Dungeon rewards you want, and less logistical headaches in War! So be ready for the next Patch Notes because the next update isn’t all that far out!

New Boss Dungeon and Hero: Grave Wraith

Grave Wraith (Boss Dungeon, Server 1)

The Grave Wraith summons ghostly minions to do his bidding with the aid of a cursed lantern. His evil powers still attract followers, even in the depths of the Dungeon. Grave Wraith is a Back Line Focus Support Hero and his shards can be found in the Boss Dungeon.


Grave Calling
Grave Wraith revives his most recent ally that died. The ally revivies with an amount of health that scales with this skill level.

Never Forget!
If an ally dies, this Hero gains Regeneration and basic Attack Damage.

Spectral Servant
Grave Wraith summons a spectral Turtle Minion to fight for him. The minion’s stats scale with this skill level. When this minion dies it Possesses the enemy that struck the killing blow.

Fury Friend
Grants allies with Fury Health and Attack.

New Wraith Dungeon Effects

  • Well Effects
    • Grave Robber: All drops for the remainder of the floor from combat and chest rewards are doubled.
    • Huge Curse: All Heroes in the party are Cursed for a number of seconds.
  • Shrine Effects
    • Turn Undead: Grave Wraith will be Silenced for a short duration at the beginning of your next Boss Battle.
    • Minion Murderer: Your Heroes get a damage bonus against Minions.
    • Shard Gain: Gain a Grave Wraith Shard.

Better Gear in Trials (More Child’s Slingshot Scraps!)

A lot of Heroes need Slingshots…and those Slingshots need Slingshots for their Slingshots! That’s just too many Slingshots for anybody’s tastes. We’ve added them to the Focus Trials and tried to improve a number of other Gear Drops in the later Trial stages as well!

General Trial Changes

  • Level 6 (Freaking Hard) now unlocks at TL87 (Down from 91)
  • Level 7 (Blockbuster) is now available and is unlocked at TL91
  • More Gear Scraps now drops for a handful of higher Level difficulties

Focus Trial Scrap Changes

  • Level 5 (More Harder) now has Candle-strabra Scroll Scraps
    • Formerly Fairy Fern Scraps
  • Level 6 (Freaking Hard) now has Child’s Slingshot Scroll Scraps
    • Formerly Excessive Scarf Scroll Scraps
  • Level 7 (Blockbuster) drops O’Rlyeh’s Boop Stake Scraps

Finesse Trial Scrap Changes

  • Level 5 (More Harder) now has Ninja Spinners Scraps
    • Formerly Pixie Pendant Scraps
  • Level 6 (Freaking Hard) now has Grate Axe Scroll Scraps
    • Formerly Candle-stabra Scroll Scraps
  • Level 7 (Blockbuster) drops Dis Mantle Scraps

Fury Trial Scrap Changes

  • Level 5 (More Harder) is unchanged and still drops Poisoned Darts Scraps
  • Level 6 (Freaking Hard) is unchanged and still drops Necronomicado Scroll Scraps
  • Level 7 (Blockbuster) drops Walrus Armor Scroll Scraps

New Chapter 13: Return to the Tide (Server 1)

After discovering the location of the remaining items from Krystal, Our Heroes travel to a familiar location, only to find unfamiliar faces waiting for them….

Level Cap Increases and Hero Location Changes

Server 1 Changes

  • Team Level Cap increased to 100 (Up from 95)
  • Hero Rarity Cap increased to Orange +1 (Up from Orange +0)
  • Campaign Chapter 13 will be available
  • New Heroes:
    • Grave Wraith will now be available to unlock in his very own Boss Dungeon!

Server 2 Changes

  • Team Level Cap increased to 95 (Up from 90)
  • Hero Rarity Cap increased to Orange +0 (Up from Purple +4)
  • Campaign Chapter 12 will be available
  • New Heroes:
    • Ember Wisp will now be available in the Chapter 12 Elite Campaign
  • The Epic Dungeon is now unlocked and available!


Daily Quests for Boss and Epic Dungeon

These Quests can be completed once a day for their reward

  • Find one or more Shards of Epic Gear in the Epic Dungeon (server 1). Receive a Random Hero Shard.
  • Defeat 3 Bosses in the Boss Dungeon. Receive a Random Boss Shard.

New Well Effects

  • Trap Disarm (replaces Shining Potion in Endless): Clears all Traps on the Floor and turns Trapped Chests into Normal Chests.
  • Energy Wipe (replaces Explosive Potion in Epic Dungeon): Removes all the Energy on all the Heroes the player owns.

New Epic Dungeon Guild Perk

  • Gain additional Epic Forge Charges at each Epic Forge.

Bug Fixes

  • Heroes & Combat
    • Fixed an issue where Stunning a Sleeping target would cause the Stun duration to be the Sleep duration
    • Fixed an issue with Revived allies’ Threat bars not displaying properly immediately after the Revive
  • Dungeon
    • Fixed the text referencing Stamina in the Buy More Torches window
    • Fixed an issue where maxed out Epic Gear would display -1 as the cost on the Hero Detail screen
    • Fixed an issue with the Revive window in Dungeon remaining up while leaving to get more Diamonds
    • Fixed a Dungeon Tutorial issue causing the Tutorial arrow to disappear
  • Epic Gear / Dungeon
    • Fixed an issue with Epic Gear Skills occasionally triggering in Dungeons for Heroes that do not have them unlocked
    • Fixed an issue with Epic Gear Stars not showing as unlocked in Arena when choosing opponents
    • Clarified text when trying to enter Epic Dungeon if you’re missing Epic Keys when you do have Orange Heroes
    • Epic Dungeon Revive screen now correctly shows that only up to 5 Heroes are allowed into a single instance of the Dungeon
  • Royal Tournament
    • Fixed an issue preventing Royal Tournament Defense Lineups from swapping correctly with Saved Lineups
    • Fixed an issue that could cause Back line Heroes to appear in the Front line in Royal Tournament
  • Misc
    • The How-To-Get War Shop Button now works even if you’re not in a Guild
    • Fixed an issue where the Promote button wasn’t functional even though the account has all the materials to Craft and Level the Hero
    • Fixed the Stones of Fate Scroll Scrap to correctly show as an Orange Scrap

Minor Changes

  • Heroes & Combat
    • Changed Base Stat for Extra Rations Skills from 150 to 200
    • Improved VFX on Nightstalker’s My Little Friend Skill
    • Clarified Scarred Brawler’s Fury Swipes Skill Tooltip
    • Highwayman’s No Mercy Skill Curse Effect now only lasts 6 seconds
    • Added some ground VFX to those affected by Shield Maiden’s Self Sacrifice Skill
  • Dungeon
    • Added a new prompt if you run out of Revives while exploring the Dungeon informing you to return the next day
    • Removed the unnecessary empty Energy Bars on the Dungeon Hero Chooser
  • Epic Gear / Dungeon
    • Removed the unnecessary extra Cancel Button on the Epic Forge Confirmation screen as it already has a Red X Button
    • Epic Dungeon Boss Fights now say “Epic ” to denote that they’re using their Epic Gear Skill
    • Clarified the error message for attempting to Level maxed out Epic Gear
    • In place of the Lineup Setting Button in Epic Dungeon, there is a Revive Button for Reviving any knocked out Heroes early
    • Added a Filter to Sort the Hero List by Epic Gear
  • War & Guild Perks
    • The War Stamina generation timer should now more accurately update the time for the next War Stamina on days 2 and 3
    • Added the Tower Recap Button to Defeated Friendly Towers (currently only on Enemy Towers)
    • Added details for the Level 3 Improved Gold Chest Perk
    • Updated Shop-based Guild Perk Icons
  • Royal Tournament
    • Hero waves now play their Victory Animation instead of walking away
  • Misc
    • Clarified text for some VIP 8, 9, and 11 Perks
    • Added a Confirmation prompt for when the game attempts to alter your timezone
    • Returned the ability for players to send friend requests from the Guild screen
    • Added trophies rewards for Team Level beyond level 70

THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY!!! Thank you!!!


Lvl cap and gear cap increase?.. Too soon :frowning:

" Added a new prompt if you run out of Revives while exploring the Dungeon informing you to return the next day. "

Revives? Or do you mean torches?

PS: i spent like 100 dollars this month on gems. Yet im not even close of being ready for a cap increase.

You see. Some people have a life outside the game. Some didnt get a chance to exploit 5x drops on epic gear. Others are happy to have 5 heroes at epic lvl 75. And here you increase both lvl cap, epic cap AND a new gear rarity.

Do you really wanna do this?


You should have known they wouldnt have listened to the 95 percent :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


“Added a Tower Recap Button to Defeated Tower Lineups”
Can someone tell me what this means?


Here’s to more of the top tier of the game walking away with yet another cap and gear increase far too soon to the previous one. Ironically that’s exactly who this increase is aimed at. Talk about alienating your players


And I was told on discord that wraith would be appropriately balanced. Just look at that monster!


I guess the cap increases were to be expected.

This would be nice :slight_smile:

There’s just two things I don’t like (excluding the cap):

  • The dungeon daily quests, as having to do something in each dungeon every day was exactly what I didn’t want to do,
  • and the shining potion being replaced. Unless I’m confused, I thought this was quite the useful perk. I do like the new perk though.

Something else that has to be said: Lots of bug fixes! Instead of being complained about, this update should, in my opinion, mainly be welcomed.


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yea probably not. And to the devs. Don’t hide behind the excuse that the changes were final before Christmas because concerns regarding huge updates without giving any time for anyone to catch up has been repeated over and over prior.

Edit: I love the updates and bug fixes coming about in this patch but my main complaint is the pace…


Yes I also don’t understand the point of REPLACING the shining potion. It was a very good one to explore large dungeons faster. The new anti trap well seems more of a detriment because you won’t have a chance of unlocking a “jackpot” chest.

Edit: Tourney victory animations seem pointless. You added a super speed option because people complained that tourney is slow and now you make it slower? Victory should be celebrated after the end of a BATTLE not a single FIGHT when there’s others still to come.


Traps, not trapped chests. I assume you can walk by those trapps without triggering them but will still trigger trapped chests.

Edit: it did say turn trapped chests to untrapped.

I hope it will still provide the jackpot like mr pro above me pointed out.


Doesn’t say it turns trapped chests into normal chests?

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Absolute ridiculous to raise level cap and introduce orange+1 already when 99% of server isn’t ready :confused:


Yes, and I have to say I’m a little disappointed.
@Devs, maybe next time, take the community’s opinion into account as well instead of only looking at the numbers. I saw just one player in favor of a cap raise since the 95 raise.


a bit disappointed about the cap increase. but the rest is great


Yikes, another cap release. I expected this, but hoped against it… I only got to ‘enjoy’ my capped heroes for two days…

But the Trial updates are cool!


Hmm maybe I should just stop playing. No chance of keeping up with all those cap raises happening almost every 2/3 weeks. Everytime you got your main team leveled there’s a new cap. Apparently only the big spenders are important. Really considering to quit, the fun is starting to get out of the game.

Also… the one thing that does need change, doesn’t get a change… the heroes in the token shops


Lol he looks fine… XD

I’m here to join the bandwagon of complaining about cap increase. Really? After almost everyone in the community voiced their disapproval since last time, you guys thought “hmm lets do it one more time” literally only whales can keep up with this pace, not even ppl who drop 50-100 a month can, but you guys don’t seem to care.


Lul and next patch notes gonna be like: „Thanks for all that great feedback! Because of that and some surveys we gonna increase the level cap and open world 28!“ :joy: