Update 1.9 Patch Notes


I would complain about the cap increase, but it obviously isnt changing. Easier to quit like many others are doing. At least i wont have to see how crappy the mods treat everyone any longer. Peace!


Is there any ETA for this update?


No changes for hero’s in token shops?


I was hoping they’d fix the fast fast forward in tourney. It turns off every other fight. It’s annoying


I spend money, play almost every day, use 2 energy purchases each day for extra exp, and have yet to be max level once (I always seem to reach one lvl below max before they increase the cap). I’ve been playing since a couple weeks after server 2 opened. I can’t imagine how newer players joining the server can possibly hope to catch up. It is incredibly frustrating to have the end game (and the possibility of becoming actually competitive on the server) always just out of reach. The amount of money you’d have to spend to be able to reach level cap with reasonable time left to max out a decent amount of heroes is making this way more of a pay to win game than it needs to be.


@Eirhorn I hope exp acquired scales up to the growing need? :thinking::thinking: Lmao who am I kidding. Not surprised y’all haven’t reduced any exp gained


Wow- salt on that? Quark is good. One of the best. And *really is in a top guild. Troll


Im sure mythomania is with you


Lol i like “get good” as if dropping 100$ a week is at all indicative of skill.


I wouldn’t consider “paying up” as getting good, rather the opposite. No…, we need players like you. Keep paying them so I can countine to have fun for free :).


Sadly i think no matter how long perblue waits to raise the cap there will always be upset feelings about it. Players get burned out regardless. Your best option is to just be really careful with your xp and try and stay on top each update. This is exactly why there are so many servers, imagine how a level 11 would feel when they see the cap raised to 100 and a bunch of players already hitting it


As a VIP14 player, I can totally understand the mass frustration with cap/level increases. Even though all my players are orange level, and about 75% of them are fully maxed with gear, nobody else in my guild is even close to me… and I’m not the guild leader!

Level/Cap increases coming every month is a bit fast… ESPECIALLY when you introduced epic skills and further complicated the whole dungeon process. Like I said… VIP14… most players fully maxed… and Epic dungeon is RIDICULOUSLY hard for me! I can get to level 7 before I die, then have to use 50 diamonds to rebuy my heroes back… then MAYBE make it to floor 13 if I’m lucky and don’t get skills disabled with every single trap.

Even though I am close to capping out all my players… @Ironangel & PerBlue might want to slow down with the level/cap increases before you start losing regular players. Whales are fine… but the top 1% won’t spend forever.


yeah, I have only 1 person in my guild fully maxed. the rest isn’t even close yet. after seeing that the cap will be increased I was sad because not everyone will keep spending no matter what like you said. @Ironangel


@Eirhorn @Ironangel @OhRlyeh

First off…
Grave wraith
It says server 1

Scion was released on all available servers at the time

Why not grave wraith??
I have 509 keys server 2 stagnating in my inventory waiting for grave wraith .
Bring him to server 2 as well

Cap raises…

Based on the metrics…
That’s not really a great way to test who is ready for an update…
I can say with confidence no one on server 1 wants this cap raise now. Some will say ready but they have put thousands into this game.

We are not ready for cap raises on server 1+2

Epic dungeon comes to server 2… thankfully I’ve learned all I need to do well in there from my failures on server 1. (There was never any real info from yourselves on how to proceed with epic)

Merchants should change with each major update. Surely you see this by now.
Keep it entertaining mix it up a bit and let players farm the heros they need ( you could even stretch to monthly shop changes)

Now for the compliments

You guys do a fantastic job putting up with us lot and our never ending complaints/demands
I like a lot of the new features
You have listened to the player base about slingshots and other ridiculous to farm items…
Much appreciated (although it took 7 players posting here plus a voting campaign with over 100 votes to get your attention)

Hopefully this will all go smoothly cause I love this game

Please in future listen to us early when we come to you with a major issue.
We try to help you to help us to help you
It’s a pleasant circle to be in if players and perblue work well together

Happy to continue being a pq player.
Don’t let me down :yum::sunglasses::sunglasses::joy::joy::joy:


noooooo, please no level cap raise. damn it :frowning:
but the rest seems good! looking forward to the ‘choose which rewards you get in dungeon’!


I think they made a step in the right direction by making a discord chat for all of the feedback.

although many of use were against a cap raise on discord they decided to do it anyways. I hope they will not do a cap raise for the next month and a half or so after this update.

that being said I still love the game and I’m not seeing anything in the future that would drastically change my opinion on the game.


So what you’re saying is they have a chat for feedback and discussions but choose to ignore the feedback given. If only that would’ve come as a surprise. But it makes the chat a bit useless right


no that was actually the only thing they ignored. most of the upcoming dungeon changes are because of the discord chat. (and lots of other fun stuff)

and the next update is already being discussed on there right now. I made a topic wich I’ll update frequently with all the important stuff from discord in it on discourse. (Info corner for interesting news from discord)


Grave Wraith isn’t on server 2 ?


First off the level cap. That’s a neck right there.

Gameplay issues are nice changes, but it seems all of the small things that make the Portal Quest life easier have been overlooked even though they’ve got backing from many through forum feedback.

I’m also surprised Crusade difficulty hasn’t been looked into as this level cap raise will now make reaching higher waves in Crusade much harder, as well as the Orange +1 raise. Arena will once again become harder as well.