Update 1.9 Patch Notes


Hi kitty. I think it means how you click on a enemy tower and it shows you which of your members beat it, now you can also click on your own towers and see see which members on the opposing team has beaten your towers. I think. Lol


I’m pretty sure it already did that in the previous versions


Shows u what was used to defeat the line after it’s been defeated. Instead of going to the logs


@Cottontail hit it on the head. There is a decent population of S1 that are “ready” but still don’t want it. I’d take a stab that only the top 3 guilds as a whole are actually WANTING the cap raises. I lead a solid top 10 guild. Where only maybe my top 7 are actually “ready”. But we would rather see some time for others to catch up. Hoping this outcry from us about the level cap will slow the next one down just a bit.

Edit: VIP 14 do not have all toons geared.