Update Patch Notes


Welcome to Portal Quest 2.0.0.


Players have been asking why they don’t get the Hero Shards from Elite Chapter 1 - Stage 1. Well, good news! We found the bug and it’s now fixed, enjoy collecting this Hero’s Shards again! Update will be available tomorrow, April 2nd.

New Hero: Shining Guardian

Across long aeons the legend of the Shining Guardian has spread- a guiding light that pierces through the fog of history and summons heroes to its beacon. In a battle against the Darkness, what better ally is there than the Light?

Shining Guardian is a Fury Backline Support Hero that can only be found in Chapter 1, Stage 1 of the Elite Campaign.


Faun Out and Attack
The light of the Shining Guardian opens a portal to a wardrobe, summoning a Satyr minion from the other side. Activating this skill again will give the Satyr minion a piece of turkish delight that heals it.

At the beginning of battle Shining Guardian causes a random* enemy to question their capabilities in combat, stunning them for 10 seconds and causing them do reduced damage with their auto attacks for the rest of the fight. This effect stacks.

*“Random” always targets the last enemy you are hoping to hit

I Ate A Lightbulb
Before combat, All allies feast heartily on crunchy, glassy, shard-y Fruits of Light provided by The Shining Guardian. Absorbing this light heals them every second for the entire combat and improves their eyesight allowing them to see any stealthed enemies.

From My Electrical Well
Shining Guardian is a little glowing friend to all dungeon travelers, giving all allies bonus damage with basic attacks while in the dungeon. Additionally torches are not expended in dungeon while Shining Guardian is in the party.

Have thoughts on this new Hero? Let us know in its Spotlight Thread!

Shards Not Being Given

Lol nice april fool joke.


Oh boy, I can only imagine the incoming crapstorm that is these forums after some of the naive whales dump a bucket load of stamina into this stage.

@Etesian, I wish you good luck friend!


Bahahahaha well played good sir


Lol, a lamp pole nice :stuck_out_tongue:


Finally, I don’t even know how many tickets were submitted about this bug. You’ll be seeing a huge increase in the metrics for elite stage 1 in chapter 1!


Holy moly, I can finally not be bothered about not unlocking him now! I always wanted him to be an obtainable hero the moment I first set my eyes on him :smile:


Etesian you just confused yourself with the patch numbers lol good try sir :slight_smile:

Welcome to Portal Quest!

Update will be available tomorrow, April 2nd.


How very C. S. Lewis. Good one


Already releasing new heroes? :thinking::scream::roll_eyes::triumph::sob::thinking::scream::roll_eyes::triumph::sob::thinking::scream::roll_eyes::triumph::sob::thinking::scream::roll_eyes::triumph::sob: How dare you perblue

That lamp’s stature will make it tower over other heroes and is a must have :triumph::triumph::triumph: impeach


Fury is usually weak against finesse, this is such a game changer, got 15 shards so far…


I hope its not an april fools joke lol


Best update yet. I love lamp.


That’s how all good games work, the way I want them to!! :joy::joy:


NO WAY finally! I’m pouring all my hero XP into this hero so I can run it in dungeon. I’m so tired of losing torches. Good job PQ on this amazing hero!


Also I accidentally clicked on an epic dungeon quest on server three.

I lost one of my quest chances.


Also I want a lantern hero. I spent lots of stamina on elite campaign 1-1 and didn’t get one shard…

Not going to try and rescue the other post
Lesson learned, portal quest community.
But seriously, a lantern perk would be awesome.

Not as awesome as a pixie hero, but pretty cool.


So it was an april fools joke!
I’m disappointed :weary:




I think you might need to calm down a teensy bit


I always forget that sarcasm doesn’t travel well by internet…


:smiley: funny that, Mici