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Oh the irony of being flagged off topic in an April fools joke thread when EVERY single other thread started today is talking about the portal Lord’s quest being broken.

Also this was a funny April fools thread about a lantern hero.
Patch notes
Something else on topic…


Yes, regarding that patch, I didn’t see it yet and I’m also not getting any lantern shards. Did something go wrong? The patch was supposed to be yesterday right?


The real April Fool’s joke is that people thought this was an April Fool’s joke


What exactly was in the update I downloaded that day is what I’m curious about


At first I thought the lamp post was the hero


Weird thing is, I still can’t get it. Did I miss an update somewhere? How did you get it to 5 stars this quick? Also, is it any good? Which heroes pair well with it? Would you use it in guild war? Can you share every single stat you can find about it? I’m way too hyped!

Edit: @IIIII97 What is April Fools?

Edit2: After thinking some more about it, I do think we need a sarcasm button.


it was an april fools joke

Edit: April Fools’ Day is an annual celebration in some European and Western countries commemorated on April 1 by playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes. The jokes and their victims are called April fools.

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It has high health, but very low attack (probably the lowest in the game). Energy gain is fairly quick, and blue skill activation is about as fast as Oasis’. It attacks the closest enemy moderately quickly with its basic flash attack, so I’d imagine it’s decent at racking up poison counters. As with any good white skill, punk is always a good partner (and especially good if the summoned fox, who sits on top of Shining, sticks around). Hermit can boost the summoned fox to make it a bit more bulky or pony could make sure it stays alive. With all those support heroes, you’d want strong attackers in the front (or you could go with a status-inducing strategy with heroes like golem and warden).

It has a niche defensively in that it prevents attacks from dagger and swash, heroes often used to clean. Since it summons fox at 0 energy it’s not as useful as plain fox in terms of normal defense. It can be useful in cleans due to its blue skill, but I don’t think I’d use it in normal offensive war attacks. Dungeon is obviously where it shines (pun intended), but since the other 4 heroes have to carry it around your walking speed is reduced (amount of reduction depends on who’s in your party).


But, seriously, i think fury need a good healer