Update 2.0.A Patch Notes


Welcome to Portal Quest 2.0.A!


Just to make sure we’ve got a number of things fixed up before the next Portal Lords event in a few weeks, we’re getting some server fixes out early! This won’t include any of the other Portal Lord feedback players have provided, but you can certainly expect more of that in future updates. We’re also adjusting content on Servers 3 and 5 as well as opening up Server 7. Expect a quick server update tomorrow (4/12) at 3pm CT to make these changes!

Portal Lords Fixes

  • Fixed an issue preventing players joining Application Only Guilds from participating in Portal Lords after the 24 hour wait
  • Fixed an issue with Skipping Dungeon Floors and Claiming Shrine-based Quests
  • Fortress Flag Quest now counts Points instead of single Flags
  • Previously Fixed: Quests uncompletable on particular Servers have been removed from those Servers (notably Epic Quests on Non-Orange Servers and locked Chapters)

Dungeon Fixes / Changes

  • Fixed an issue causing some Shrine Effects to incorrectly stack
  • Added Spectral Guardian and Poison Tip Shrine Buffs to Epic Dungeons

Content Changes

Server 3

  • New Chapter: 12
  • New Hero: Ember Wisp (Found in Elite Chapter 12)
  • New Team Level: Level 95
  • New Gear/Rarity: Orange+0
  • Epic Dungeon and Gear Unlocked!

Server 5

  • New Team Level: Level 80
  • No new Gear or Chapter

Server 7: “7 Years of Bad Luck”

Looking to hit the top spot before anyone else? Get ready for the next server to open up! Just in time to celebrate Portal Quest’s 1 Year Anniversary, we’re opening Server 7 known as 7 Years of Bad Luck (of course!).


Could you elaborate more on the shrine effect stacking thing? Will the “gain energy per step” finally work correctly?


No more impossible quests? Yay! :smiley:


Oh no.
Oh dear God , no.

No no no no no no.

@OhRlyeh y u do this?
My poor Hellbeast s3 account :frowning:


What do the “special guardian” and “poison tip” shrine buffs do?


They are buffs from Shrines in (respective order as you listed them) Grave Wraith’s and Scion Rat’s Boss Dungeons.

Spectral Guardian summons a Turtle Minion on your team every battle on the current floor you are on.

Poison Tips adds bleeding onto your heroes auto attacks for 6(?) battles.


Ty for clearing that up


Nice update! But can you refresh heroes from shop so we can colect new shards?


It has been asked but not answered…
Fixed an issue causing some Shrine Effects to incorrectly stack
What shrine fx?


hello everyone, i’m more curious on when the next event will be… i haven’t found anything more specific than a few weeks… i can’t take it, i wanna know pleeeeeeaaaaaase!!! either way even with all the bugs the event was awesome… gimme more :wink: thanks


When will the next Portal Lords Event begin?


They have said portal lords will be 1 week on, and 2 weeks off in the dev chats


How long will servers be down


I’m so so so so happy about this. Being in a top 5 guild, I couldn’t claim ANY of the Portal Lords rewards and it was so frustrating :’(
I’m patiently waiting for a response from support regarding compensation!


So does that mean gamewide compensation becuase I for one am not happy these weren’t fixed sooner before ppl started losing items/stam/torches etc


Nice thing but don’t know, will see once it will be done !!!