Update 2.0 Balance Changes


Update 2.0 will include the following balance changes:

  • Skull Buster’s base Health increased from 580 to 640
  • Grave Wraith’s Energy per 5 seconds increased from 20 to 32
  • Salty Merc’s Attacks per 5 seconds increased from 1.6 to 3
  • Salty Merc’s base Health increased from 328 to 355


Why does an update always giving troubles to log in? I always run the update first, but always get the message PQ-server is not available…


Because it’s still updating


Does that mean we can’t get on right now?


You cannot login at this time. Keep trying every 10-15 mins depending on your patience and excitement!


Patience everyone. The game will return shortly.


We demand Compensation!!


Thanks for your patience guys! The Portal Quest servers are back up, enjoy the update!


New shop heroes don’t appear until the sign-in hero changes; don’t post about it.


I still cannot get the app to open after update, when I open the app the screen goes all blue for about 5 sec then kicks me out to home screen


I updated the game but when I try to open the app it instantly closes and doesn’t download the remaining files from the server


Hey there! We’re looking into these reports, thanks for your patience!


Any update on the seemingly iOS only issue