Update 2.0 Patch Notes


Welcome to Portal Quest 2.0!


The Portal Lords are finally descending upon Ember in order to rule and shape it to their liking, and they’re calling upon your Guilds to join Factions and compete against one another for a ton of potential rewards! In addition to this, Owl Bear is swooping onto the scene alongside five more Epic Skills. All this exciting new content (plus a new splashscreen!) is just in time for Portal Quest’s upcoming 1 year anniversary, so keep reading!

Portal Lords Events


After Heroes have explored thousands of floors in the Dungeon, twelve Portal Lords have awoken and now look to impose their will on the world of Ember- but only one may rule!

In this event, Guild Leaders will add their Guild’s might to one of the three Portal Lords’ Factions, based on the rewards they want to win, or the Aspect- Focus, Finesse, or Fury- they wish to uphold. After choosing a Faction, individual Guild Members will complete specific Quests for that Portal Lord in order earn Glory, and ultimately, rewards! These events will take place as multi-day events that occur roughly every other week to start out.

Choosing a Faction

Guild Leaders and Commanders can select the Faction of their choice based on a variety reasons. While some may choose their Portal Lord for aesthetic reasons, be wary! Each Portal Lord has his or her or…its…own set of rewards. Every Faction competes against each other for a Faction-only cosmetic prize as the end. However, each Guild within that Faction ALSO competes against Guilds within the same Faction for powerful rank rewards.

Is there a specific reward you want? Want to join up with other Guilds to lead a specific Faction to the top? Want to avoid facing off against other tough Guilds for the ranked rewards? The choice is ultimately yours.

Choosing Quests and Earning Glory

After your Guild chooses a Faction, Members can begin selecting Quests and completing their tasks to earn Glory (the primary scoring) for your Portal Lord. Quests selected from the Guild Quest Board are taken by that player and unable to be chosen by other Guild Members. Each Guild Member can complete 3 Quest Selections per day, and will receive more at Server Time midnight (12am CT). One during the Event, you can also use Diamonds to get one additional Quest Selection. Don’t worry if you miss a day, any unused Quest Selections for that day stack with new ones, they don’t disappear!

Quests are broken up into four categories based on how many times they can appear as well as how difficult they are. These categories are: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic. Rarer Quests earn you more Glory, but they’re tougher to complete within their specified time limit. Chose a Quest that’s too difficult for you? No worries, you can always Abandon Quests to move onto something else - though this still consumes one of your daily selections.

If your Guild would like to remove a certain quest from the Quest Board, Leaders and Commanders can Dismiss them to temporarily remove them from the rotation. Selecting or Dismissing Quests creates space for new Quests to begin to generate after a cooldown. Keep in mind, the rarer the Quest, the longer it takes to appear.

Having the right Guild Members choose the right Quests each day will be what separates the Faction Flunkies from the real Portal Lord Champions!

Collecting Rewards (Tiered, Lord’s Prize, & Guilded Bounty)

Let’s talk about the most important thing: rewards! While bragging rights for winning is a reward in and of itself, you’ll be happy to know these Portal Lords also bring with them three different ways to earn prizes. Tiered Rewards can be earned while the competition is going on, whereas the Lord’s Prize and the Guilded Bounty rewards are given out at the completion of the event.

Tiered Rewards

As your Guild earns Glory, Tiered Rewards will regularly become unlocked. Once a Tier is unlocked, each Member may choose from one of three rewards at that benchmark for themselves. Tiered Rewards are broken up by six different value groups that get better and better as you continue to unlock them. Unlock enough and you’ll even be able to get some Epic Gear Shards (assuming it’s available on your server)!

Lord’s Prize

The Lord’s Prize is the given out at the end of the Portal Lords event and is arguably the most valuable. It contains a combination of typical rewards, cosmetic rewards, and even some Epic Gear Shards (same disclaimer!) Hitting Tiered Reward milestones helps improve these rewards, but the best rewards reserved for the Top 20 Guilds within that Faction (the #1 Guild even gets a special bonus)!

Guilded Bounty

The final prize is the Guilded Bounty. Similar to the Lord’s Prize, this is given out at the end of the Event. However, this single reward is given out to all within the winning Faction. It’s within this Chest, that you might even find some unique Skins!

Cosmetic Unlockables

With Update 2.0, we’re adding a ton of new rewards to the game that allow you to customize your experience however you want! We’re releasing with a bunch of different cosmetic options, but you can be sure more and more will come with future updates.

Chat Stamps

Chat Stamps are new unlockable rewards that can be used to add a little flavor to your chatting experience. When chatting, you’ll find a button near the text box where you can select from your collection of stamps and post it directly to the chat for everyone to see!

Guild Icons

What better way to show your Guild’s superiority than with a unique Guild Icon earned only through your Guild’s achievements. Swapping your Guild Icon is as easy as selecting the new Rewards tab while editing your existing Icon.

Portrait Borders

Not to be outdone by Guilds, Player Avatars are getting a bit of their own makeover too. Choose from a number of cool Portrait Borders to decorate your Avatar. OR, maybe you just want to put a silly mustache on your Avatar since we’ve got those too!

Border Colors

What’s the point in giving your Avatar a fancy border if you can’t make it whatever color you want!? You’ll be able to unlock special colors right alongside your borders for additional customization options.

Hero Skins

Let’s be honest, this is really the one you were waiting for! 2.0 brings along your first opportunity to customize your Heroes. Deck your Heroes with unique Skins after you unlock them to really take your opponents by surprise in any battle! Each Hero can unlock their Hollow Skin and the Dungeon Bosses can even get their original Dungeon Skins! Better yet, we’re rolling out 5 completely new Skins for Mystic Punk, Willow Druid, Satyr Fox, Howling Claw, and Ice Berg. This is just the beginning!

New Hero: Owl Bear (Server 1)

The perfect predator…Owl Bear enters each battle as Front Line Finesse Tank using his pure rage to make him an unstoppable force. The more damage he takes, the angrier and more powerful he gets! Even when he runs out of health, he doesn’t stop clawing away at his prey. Their Shards will be in Gold Chests after Update 2.0 is released on Server 1.


Owl Bear belts out a savage roar as he prepares to start mauling his enemies and he gains Attack and Rage for a duration. His Threat is maxed out during this time and his basic attacks turn into vicious dual wing swipes.

Owl Bear does increased damage for every percent of Health he is missing.

Intimidating Screech
Owl Bear lets out a horrifying shriek that deals damage to all enemies and renders any Defensive Shared Skills useless for a number of seconds.

Defensive Shared Skills include: Thick Skull, Nimble, Tenacious, Stand Firm, Armor Proficiency, and Battle Hardened.

When Owl Bear reaches 0 health, instead of dying right away, he Rampages for some time. During this Rampage, Owl Bear gains Rage and his basic attacks deal additional damage.

Rampaging Heroes cannot use their White Skill or be the target of Allied Skills.

New Epic Gear (S1 & S2)

Grave Wraith - Tome of Horrors

Enemies that kill revived allies are now Possessed for a duration. Additionally, basic attacks from any Possessed enemy deal extra damage.

Grizzled Hunter - Nature’s Cannon

Each shot of Bullet Time deals a percent of Grizzled Hunter’s max health to himself and additional damage to enemies. After firing all three shots, he then gains 2 stacks of his Never Forget skill.

Salty Merc - Crown of the Seas

Headshot now Pierces and deals additional damage. All Threat consumed from the target is transferred to the enemy with the lowest health.

Skull Buster - Headmangler

Skull Buster’s skills and attacks now generate energy and deal additional damage when hitting Blessed enemies.

Whirling Dagger - Flashing Suns

Extra Sneaky now grants more shield. Enemies are Blinded for a short time when she enters or exits stealth with this skill.

Content Changes

Server 1

  • April Sign-in Hero: The Grizz
    • Warp Mage is moving to the War Shop replacing Noob Hero*
  • Twin Trackers is moving to the Arena Shop replacing Highwayman
  • Owl Bear will be available in Gold Chests!

Server 2

  • April Sign-in Hero: Warp Mage

Server 3

  • April Sign-in Hero: Birdbarian
    • The Grizz is moving to Crusade Shop replacing Willow Druid*
    • Willow Druid is moving to Elite Chapters 9 & 11*

Server 4

  • April Sign-in Hero: Shield Maiden
    • Noob Hero is moving to the Crusade Shop replacing Hex Witch*
    • Hex Witch is moving to Elite Chapters 9 & 10*
  • New Chapter: Chapter 10
  • New Team Level: Level 85
  • New Gear: Purple +3 Gear & Promotion Levels
  • New Guild Level: Level 4

Server 5

  • April Sign-in Hero: Totem Prince
    • Satyr Fox is moving to the Arena Shop*
  • New Chapter: Chapter 9
  • New Team Level: Level 75
  • New Gear: Purple +2 Gear & Promotion Levels

Server 6

  • April Sign-in Hero: Satyr Fox
  • New Chapter: Chapter 8
  • New Team Level: Level 70
  • New Gear: Purple +1 Gear & Promotion Levels

*Existing Sign-in Heroes only move into their noted Shop on April 1st

Dragon Heir (Endless Dungeon Boss)

The Dragon Heir has invaded the depths of the Endless Dungeon and established a presence as a Boss on all Servers. This new foe destroys all who come his way in an effort to earn the praise of his father, the mysterious Portal Lord: Dragon King!

Dragon Heir will begin to appear only as a Boss in the Endless Dungeon on every server. His unique Boss Dungeon will come at a later date. Due to his inclusion, all existing Boss Trophies now only require 5 Boss Kills to complete per Boss.

New Support System: HelpShift!

With this update we’re changing the platform we use for support tickets. We will read and resolve all tickets that come into the old system, but after the 2.0 update, you will not see a reply to those tickets. If we need to contact you about something in an old ticket, we will send you an in-game mail message.

New features! There are several reasons we’re switching to Helpshift.

  • We have a shiny new FAQ! Helpshift opens in the game, so you’ll be able to search the FAQ before starting a conversation with support.
  • Screenshots - everyone will be able to attach screenshots to conversations
  • Notification - you’ll get a notification in the game and on your device, when support replies to your conversation
  • Your conversation and our response will all be in one location, and easy to find.

Minor Changes & Bug Fixes

Heroes & Combat

  • Fixed an issue with Warp Mage Blue Skill sound now playing properly
  • Fixed some UI issues with the Twin Trackers when the swap
  • Tenacious now properly prevents Sleep/Immobilize effects


  • Heroes w/ Epic Skills can now show up on lower/more difficult Dungeon Floors
  • Weakening Curse now affects the entire Floor and resets both on new Floors and with Cleanse
  • Guild Influence drops in the Dungeon now note the correct amount
  • Boss Dungeon now defaults to +1 Sight like the other Dungeons
  • Bosses should now always say “Coming Soon” if they are not available on your server

War & Guilds

  • Players can now see how much AP was donated vs the max
  • Adjusted the Targeting War Mark to be more visually noticeable
  • Fixed a crash when tapping the War Bank
  • The Guild Perks released in 1.10 now have unique Icons
  • The newest Guild Size Perks won’t appear for new servers hitting Guild Level 4, 40 members will always be the max on S4+


  • New Splashscreen!

  • Team Level 102 now unlocks a new Trial tier with Orange +1 Gear

  • Orange+2 has a new border that helps it stand out from Orange+1

  • Added a Sell All Items button to each item’s Sell pop-up

  • Fixed an issue with black bars appearing on the top and bottom of Galaxy S8 screens

  • Fixed a number of minor typos

  • Fixed bug where the cost of Epic Shards for upgrading Epic Gear past Lv70 did not increase as intended

Update 2.12 Patch Notes

Wooooo!!! A dragon!!



It’s is a contraction meaning it is. Its is possessive.

An easy way to remember which to use is to actually insert “it is” into the sentence. “Each portal lord has his or her or it is own set of rewards.” See how that doesn’t make sense? That’s how you know to use the possessive form of its.

edit: glad you fixed your mistake :wink:


I wonder why Warchief still actively seems to read these threads…

Awesome update, disregarding the hopefully few faults and errors that will probably come to light after it goes up. Looking forward to the event. Gotta make sure I use all knowledge I can to choose the right faction…

And I knew the dragon was coming, you never had me fooled @OhRlyeh!


Because I am still in Line with my old guild members, who I count as friends. And every time someone links patch notes I am curious about what’s new.


So the only thing stopping Guilds from joining the same faction to dominate the others is that there will be rewards for being first within the faction?

What are the rewards for the winning faction? And top guilds within each faction?


Would still be worth to join the faction with all the top guilds as everyone wants the new cosmetics to look cool.

One way I think to make it less one-sided is to hide everyone in a faction until the competition starts???

Look forward to how the factions work and at least the new epics aren’t too powerful either :thinking:


Owl Bear seems badass, lol possibly overpowered, but we shall see :slight_smile:

Everything looks cool. Nice to get some new features.

Isn’t it too soon to put the Twins in a shop? Maybe not, just seems like it.


I think the idea is to only have one hero unique to gold chests at any one time


But no new perks? …


But s3 already has the guild size increase of 45 members. It that getting taken away?


They won’t take it away. It says on severs 4 and higher


Our mistake, we meant Servers 4 and up!


No new perks this time around.


The faction rewards need to be full gear, not scraps. 20 gear scraps is a bad reward for a week long event.
Also. There are 3 dungeon consumables. Why are 2 of them in fury? Why not 1 in each.


How many guilds are maxed and capped right now. Can we get an influence bank upgrade at least? So much wasted


Wait to play the event first and see how it plays out before criticising the rewards. Just my opinion.


I prefer to pointment it out now in the hope that it’s a fixable oversight before working for a week on getting it. Perhaps if we knew the other rewards I’d be impressed. But based on the info released, it’s crap. In my opinion


If you don’t like the rewards, don’t bother playing the event. Easy. Just how I feel on the situation. I’m sure you’ll work out the other rewards if you decide to play though, no point criticising the rewards when you haven’t even seen them all and have just seen a possible 5 rewards. I’d imagine the 5 shown there aren’t the be all and end all for such an event.


Your Guild won’t win anything, so why do you care?