Update 2.0 Patch Notes


No point in criticism? How are the end-of-season war rewards? Or any number of other things that have changed based on player feedback ? Oh that’s right they’re better than they used to be because players came on the forums and offered constructive criticisms. If you like the way they are then there’s no need to reply. Unless you just like to get the last word.


@Twigz I’m asking a question for the sake of everyone, relax.

Also @Etesian for a response.


Pretty sure at least one of ouros guilds will do quite well… :wink:


Just to clarify, does this mean that refocus fire will get activated?


And Lord and others feel that the rewards should be better! Suggesting we not play the event is ludicrous and not helpful to the discussion. This is a forum and here we are replying to game devs; you’re not one, so unless you take issue with the actual idea (and who really doesn’t want better rewards), why respond? Why be so defensive on behalf of per blue on legitimate player feedback? It’s very irritating.


You clearly took my words and read them how you wanted to read them. We criticised the other rewards when we knew they weren’t on par with what we should be getting based on the effort we put in. We don’t even know what the rewards for this event are yet, nor do we know how much effort we have to put in to get them. You’re just instantly assuming that you’re going to get little in return for what you put in. Why don’t you just wait and find out instead of immediately complaining about something you don’t have all the facts on yet? With such a large feature, I am sure they put time and effort into trying to balance it well. Give the feedback after you’ve played it so you actually know what you’re talking about.

I also never claimed to say I liked the way they are, I just thought it better to wait and test it before complaining so I aren’t just running into the battle guns blazing despite not having any bullets in the clip. Yeah, it’s a crap analogy, I don’t care :stuck_out_tongue:

I do like getting the last word, yes :slight_smile: Problem?


I never said I don’t think feedback is good! Just not when it’s based on things no one knows about.

And I am irritating! It’s what I do!


I wonder if silver chests will get some love one day


Stop being irritating! :yum:


Just saying…


How are the skins unlocked


Whirling Dagger with epic gear? YAY! Dagger is in my main line up and she is so underrated imo.


I… Cant… Keep… Up… With… Epic… Dungeon

… Farming… When… New…epic… Heroes… Are… Introduced…
/out of breath
/heart stops

/im officially dead :stuck_out_tongue:

But I liked everyting else:)


ummmm, well… now that there are so many epics it feels almost okay to not have all of them maxed out.

so… it’s okay if i bring up the ones that work good for me :smiley:
aka ‘i’ll never get them all done anyhow so i might as well stop trying’ :smiley:


Do you plan to release any more info the faction elements? Because right now, imo, there’s not enough for guild leaders to make an informed decision. Which could lead to some unhappy player experience.


Soooooo… when’s the update


Yeah @Etesian WHEN IS S4 UPDATING ?!


When is it actually gonna update??


I heard later this week is when the next update will go live.


this week, probably on Tuesday.