Update 2.0 Patch Notes


The Portal Lords are mysterious and mercurial. They do not telegraph their intentions or what effect their arrival might bring to Ember. One must rely on faith and earnest, incomplete judgement in making this most important decision. Choose wisely. Your decision could change the entire course of this world.


Still sucks that many people planned their lives around giving this a test run and trying out this new part of the game… to check in and see it hasn’t happened.


The faction Gambit will be run from Mondays through Fridays. Don’t get discouraged. It will be here soon.


I guess the Portal Lords are truly the masters of mayhem and chaos because that’s what will ensue when all this comes around.

Many people planned their lives around giving this a test run

I think you might need to take a break for a while and enjoy the world outside PQ.


When the update its realeased i think we deserve a few itens compensation…


Entitled much?

“Oh My Gosh. The update that didn’t have a release date didn’t launch when I thought it would…
I’m going to need compensation to cope with the vicious blow to my self esteem and my scarily self entitled belief that the world does actually revolve around me…”

At least that’s what I think They said.

To be honest, I kind of tuned out already.
Looking forward to the update @Etesian @OhRlyeh
Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


I just wonder when they release the new patch… is it today?


depends on a lot of factors. for example, apple has to approve updates. they sometimes take a while to do that.
perblue will run the update as soon as they can :slight_smile:
but not even perblue knows for certain when that will be, so they don’t announce a date/time.

the alternative is that android-using players may get into game hours before apple-playing users, which some people here did not like very much in the past :smiley:

be patient a little while longer, and enjoy the update when it’s there :slight_smile:


Why does everyone need compensation for everything? I’m assuming those who do, are also pretty privileged in the real world too. :joy:


We have been told that the event will occur later in the week. O’Rlyeh also literally just said above that the faction event starts on Mondays (after it had already been ruled out that the update wouldn’t have happened yesterday). I’m sure they’ll get round to launching the update before the event is due to start next Monday :stuck_out_tongue: Patience is a virtue :wink:


“Let’s drag ember down into the depths”
-Fury Bull dude
Really? That seems pretty blunt and straightforward to me lol


I just hope people stop asking for compensation… I really don’t want them to take away any more of our diamonds!

Regarding Apple: the Devs said they (:apple:) approved the update pretty early this time, so they (P :large_blue_circle:) are just doing some final tuning. So we can be pretty sure the event will start next Monday :slightly_smiling_face:.


Portal lords do pre release testing? :yum:

I’m looking forward to this update. It seems massive compared so we can only hope that it goes smoothly. I stand by my comments on the rewards. I understand that it’s easier to raise them after the fact then lower them. But I’m a firm believer that excited and happy players will play and spend more.


People look for compensation for everything now because of participation ribbons.


Maybe because there is a lake of strong new players in s1 and s2?
But instead some people take it personaly.


I’m not entirely sure what lack of new players has to do with expecting compensation?


This compo lark :joy::joy::joy:
Too funny
Only person who should get compo is …
Storm wizard
He’s been so mistreated in his pq life…
All he asks for is a few tweaks to his skills and an epic gear to prove himself :sunglasses:


Something like : a few stamina / torch or a double gear for players under top 150 and some sort of skin for players over top 150.
Just to increase competitiveness.
An event that gives boost, even if you have something better to do, helps a loot people who want to use theire time that way.
So that kind of compensation wont hurt anybody.


I fully understand what compensation is, and how it’s lovely and all. I just don’t get WHY it’s needed? No one has missed out on anything. They haven’t given some people something, and the rest of us nothing. I’m truly not trying to be catty, I guess I’m just confused as to why people feel like they’re owed something?


An event that gives boost…
Sounds like they should instigate something like factions for that.
Oh wait :joy::joy::joy: