Update 2.0 Patch Notes


I have updated The Misc section of the patch notes to include:

  • Fixed bug where the cost of Epic Shards for upgrading Epic Gear past Lv70 did not increase as intended.


now instead of seeing black bars, it runs full screen and cuts part of the screens of the juegi, reported.


Does this change the spread in general after 70 to make it the same or does “fixing” this just mean everyone that raised heroes earlier had an easier time than those trying to do so now. If so I would argue this isn’t a fair change to make this far into epic dungeon lifecycle for current levels.


It also looks like the scrap costs only changed after 95 when it previously capped at 10, I see no changes with my current heroes between 70 and 95. This limits the impact to 5 per hero (on s2) compared to those that already maxed the epic level of heroes but it seems odd and a little unfair to change it this late.


They fix stuff in the manner all the time, so I don’t know what you want. People who did epic when it first came out had an advantage, people who did boss when it first came out used more keys and torches than those that followed. This stuff just happens.


I understand they do it all the time, but that doesn’t make it the right course of action.


And what do you believe the right course of action would be?


Modifying the “correct” formula to keep the currently attainable levels requirements the same. Then scale as desired above that.


Why didnt I get the bug?

That one sounded lovely