Update 2.1.A Patch Notes


Welcome to Portal Quest 2.1.A!


As the second Portal Lords event finishes up, we’ll be providing Servers 4 and 5 with new Chapters and letting Ice Berg make her arrival on Server 3 to keep things nice and cool. Expect a quick server update for Servers 3 through 5 tomorrow (5/2) at 2pm CT to make these changes!

Content Changes

NOTE: New Heroes will not appear in Shops until the Shop refreshes!

Server 3

  • Ice Berg will be available in the Gold Chest!

Server 4

  • Chapter 11 - Chest of Wonders
  • Team Level 90
  • Purple +4 Gear & Hero Rarity

Server 5

  • Chapter 10 - Hollow Theories
  • Team Level 85
  • Purple +3 Gear & Hero Rarity
  • Whirling Dagger will be available in the Gold Chest!
  • Salty Merc will be available in the War Token Shop!
    • Princess Portal is moving to Elite Chapter 10


Go ahead and throw dragon heir in the dungeon while youre at it lol




Guild lvl 4 for s5?
Doesn’t say but previous servers all got it at 85 cap.


Two things.

  1. Omg. Mici is a slacker. Level 81 and they raise the cap? I really haven’t been playing as much!
    Pesky leading my own guild on s2…

  2. Down with James. Upvote for Pixie! (Please “smash that like button”) :slight_smile:


I don’t think they want you to have a heart attack


I don’t think guild lvl4 will ever be availlable on servers above S3… as I’ve understood it, it shouldn’t have been introduced on S3 either but did by accident… think the idea is to keep guild size smaller…


@City_Hustlers we got it on server 4, they just didnt include the guild member increase to 45. I believe that is the only portion they won’t get as well. I would also think they wouls get it on this one. And @City_Hustlers_II bc must be you too i hope? Heh


:slight_smile:ohh, ok… yea I Guess the guild lvl unlocks other stuff than size of course… there can be only one city hustler :joy:


Server 3 has guild lvl 4 already. Max guild size is 40.