Update 2.1 Patch Notes


Welcome to Portal Quest 2.1!


As the next Portal Lords begins, we’ve got a pretty large batch of bug fixes that we’ve been working on while the previous event was running. We’ve also got the brand new Chapter 15 for Server 1 players! There’s more iteration to come for Portal Lords feature, so while the next one will be improved a little bit, you can expect bigger changes to come before the third one begins. Take a look below!

New Chapter Content

Server 1

  • Chapter 15 - Stonecutter
  • Team Level 110
  • Orange +3 Gear & Hero Promotions

Content Changes & May Sign-in Heroes

Server 1

  • unit_bluemageMay Sign-in Hero: Mystic Punk

Server 2

  • unit_pumbaaMay Sign-in Hero: Birdbarian

Server 3

  • unit_warpmage_finesseMay Sign-in Hero: Warp Mage
  • On May 1st, Birdbarian will move to the Gold Chest

Server 4

  • unit_grizzMay Sign-in Hero: The Grizz
  • On May 1st, Shield Maiden moves to Elite Chapters 8-10

Server 5

  • unit_noobMay Sign-in Hero: Noob Hero
  • On May 1st, Totem Prince moves to the Fortress Shop

Server 6

  • unit_the_beastMay Sign-in Hero: Totem Prince
  • On May 1st, Satyr Fox moves to the Arena Shop

Server 7

  • No changes in 2.1

Other Changes & Bug Fixes

Portal Lords

  • Claiming Rewards now properly removes the Red Dot on the Chest tab
  • Event Over timer now states its over instead of showing “0s”
  • Quest Progress Bars are now colored in order to make the numbers easier to read
  • Time Remaining only appears for Active Quests on the Score Screen
  • Improved Name and Score Quest sorting on the Quests tab

Heroes & Combat

  • Rogue Bowman now has an extended Casting Freeze when he has his Epic Skill
  • Ginger Beard now charges at the closest enemy at the start of the battle
  • Added Energy Gain numbers to the end of combat when Skills like Energetic Aura trigger
  • Rampaging Heroes that finish off enemies now provide you with a victory
  • Fixed some potential issues where Heroes don’t return to normal size after Oasis Guardian’s bubble is over


  • Fixed a handful of errors that can occur while Skipping Floors in the Dungeon
  • Weakening Curse Wells can now appear in the Grave Wraith Dungeon
  • Every Floor after 70 in the Endless Dungeon now correctly contains a Boss

Guilds & Guild Wars

  • Fixed some issues that caused the War Tutorial to continue triggering

Hero Skins

  • The Hero Skin selector now shows grayed out Hero Skin icons for Skins you don’t own

Portrait Borders & Chat Stamps

  • Portrait Borders now sort by the date of unlock
  • Color and Border descriptions have been added when you tap and hold
  • Fixed an issue with partially using Chat Stamps that could cause Chat to Crash
  • Added Chat Stamp button to Guild Chat
  • Chat Stamps can no longer be used in Guild Chat if you don’t have them (sorry!)
  • Adjusted the names of some Chat Stamps to better match their combat effect’s name


  • Added a new Setting to adjust Text size: Small, Normal, Large


  • Adjusted the Weekly Quest “Pending” text to be a countdown timer
  • The Finesse icon has been stylized to be more iconic like the other icons!
  • Fixed some Trophy text to match their correct Stage name
  • Added text to the Boots of Speed Consumable to note that is a 24 hour buff
  • Fixed an issue with Royal Tournament crashing when the timer runs out

Update 2.14.A Patch Notes

Incoming: “You raised the cap too soon” !!

On a serious note: Appreciate all the bug fixes, particularly the combat ones. Thank you!


I am admittedly bummed the dragon lord boss dungeon and hero not here yet for s1.


Yeah one of the problems I’ve been having on and off more often on is when I go into the endless dungeon my torches go through within seconds. It’s ridiculous when you end up going through 50 to 100 torches just for one simple level in the endless dungeon and the bosses dungeon. I noticed that I go through one two three sometimes four torches in just one single small quick battle. That is simply way too fast and it was a couple of months back when 10 torches would easily last a whole floor like the way it should be. Please do something about it and if you would find it in your heart to please return many of them torches who been used way too quickly. Going through 200 to 400 torches in one visit to the dungeon which would be as many as four levels. 8 floors if I’m lucky, is far too much. I think you may agree with that.


Oh and for some reason I’m not getting any boss dungeon keys anymore haven’t gotten any from the last week and I’m almost out of them and I’ve been fighting and winning the boss dungeons like crazy and not getting any keys for it. As a matter of fact I can’t even go in the bosses dungeon anymore because I have no keys they got used up. and unfortunately they’re not being replenished I don’t know how I’m going to be able to go into the dungeons anymore. Hope you do something about that as well and hopefully I can get some of my keys replacing there that should have gotten over the week plus if you find it in your hearts I hope you do. Oh and also on gear that I truly need I’ve also noticed that I only end up getting half the gear that I actually win in the dungeons so I’ve been cheated out of half the gear that I so desperately need and all the time that I’ve been spending in those Dungeons and all the Torches edges been burning through so quickly, please fix this please please please please please fix this


I agree something is off with torch burn, especially when I use boots of speed. I put it in aa a ticket and it was logged as a known issue, but I’m really not sure the extent of it. Sometiems i burn through 2 torches in one hallway, most times it seems normal.

On a side note: I would like to see something like dungeon experience level reduce torch burn or something.


What about the bug fixes for certain quests related to the Portal Lords contest (specifically for focus Lords epic quests involving flags earned from fortress).

If they’re still an issue then I guess we won’t be picking focus anymore…


Well…that’s going to change how we play and counter ginger beard from now on…


There was this just the other day in case you missed it?

Also, I might be misunderstanding you, but quests aren’t faction specific like that?


Hope I can get into epic dungeon after this update or I’m done! And I spend money so please fix the bug keeping me from playing in epic dungeon please.

                                                 Miss kat 2


My server 1 account hasn’t even come across the new dragon boss one time since he was added but my server 2 one quickly completed the trophy for him. I’m like 98 on server 2 though. And only 82 on 1. Not sure why I haven’t even seen him on server 1


@Miss_Kat_2 and @Purple_WarWizard, you’re both describing bugs that concern you individually, so if you want them solved or want to have a chance for compensation, you should submit a bug report in game. Posting on the forums won’t really help you. Post a bug report by clicking on your hero portrait, clicking support in the menu and starting a new conversation from a random faq item.

Actually regarding the update: Worst update ever, you’re going to lose so much players by not allowing us to use all stamps in guild chat. I do appreciate the bug fixes (a lot) though. Will see about Ginger.

Overall, great awful update. Keep it up!


Did that already and it’s been awhile tho. Just losing patience.


Phew. Was getting scared that I had reached cap on s1 and it hasn’t raised.
I can go back to being the metric.
And the button of the guild as my guild mates go up to orange +3 as I hunt for scraps lol


Wiz your nose can’t get any more brown, you already got this man


@WizarteroX I missed it. As for the quest thing though, at least on here we never saw any mention of the epic quests regarding fortress being broken other than Focus followers. I am just assuming it was broken only for that Lords faction. There’s plenty of screenshots and other things of it being broken and no where it was mentioned being broken for finesse or fury. Could be wrong, there’s just no mention of it other than towards Focus.


Patch notes…Anything on those of us unable to do campaigns at all?.I’m sitting on thousands of unusable stamina. Kinda sux


Are we ever getting more perks? If not can you remove influence from the game. It’s pointless to sit at 2 million maxed for the rest of time. :joy:


you can change your guild name :slight_smile: :smiley:
but i’m sure at some point there’s gonna be something to spend influence on. either more perks or whatsoever - do you remember how everyone complained about having to many hero shards and nothing to do with them? :smiley:


Lol. Even with epic I have too many hero shards. My wander is max and I still have 172 shards sitting around.