Update 2.11 Delay


Hey everyone!

Due to the approval process being delayed, we will not be able to release Update 2.11 in time for the Sign-In Heroes to switch over. Because of this, we will not be able to release Forgotten Champion as a Sign-In Hero on Servers 1 and 2 for the month of September, but he will return as October’s Sign-In Hero!

The September Sign-In Heroes will be as follows:

  • Servers 1-2: Twin Trackers
  • Server 3: The Grizz
  • Server 4.5: Totem Prince
  • Server 6: The Birdbarian
  • Server 7: The Grizz
  • Server 8: Totem Prince

We don’t currently have an estimate for when Update 2.11 will be released, thank you to everyone for your patience!


As far as the month of September goes, the new hero you were going to release was…forgotten.


Why we getting sign in heros we dont need? Totem really not even can go epic what is wrong with you ppl


What is happening PB? we were told there was an update today on s7 is this the case??


No The 2.11 update has been approved by apple. 2.11 will drop tomorrow with content updates


Official updates are coming to the forum soon.
2.11 was approved, so rather than release 2.10a today and that tomorrow, they’ve bundled them together.

Will release tomorrow.


Dang it.
I need to type faster.