Update 2.11 Patch Notes [Updated 9/5]

Welcome To Portal Quest 2.11!


Welcome to Portal Quest Update 2.11! Not one, but two Heroes have heard the call to arms and are ready to take their place in the fight to defend Ember! Along with two brand new Heroes heading your way, along with Campaign improvements and of course plenty of Bug Fixes and Improvements! Read on to learn about all that’s to come in Update 2.11!

We’ve updated the content changes section!

UPDATE 8/27:
We’ve been reading the feedback left in this thread closely, and have some updates to the patch notes:

These changes are only for servers 1 and 2:

Brass Monk will no longer be part of this patch, and will be released at a later date.

Forgotten Champion will be released as the Signin Hero for the month of September on Servers 1 and 2.

New Heroes [Servers 1 and 2]

Brass Monk

Brass Monk is a Cogmaster who travelled to a distant land to learn a secret technique to fuse magic and machinery. Her fighting style combines the strengths of her mind, body, and spirit into one.

Brass Monk is a Back-Line Damage Finesse Hero who will be available in Gold Chests on Servers 1 and 2.


Harmonized Strike
Brass Monk sends energy from her active orbs* towards the enemy with the highest Threat, dealing damage per active orb.

*Brass Monk starts combat with one orb activated but can activate more with her Spirit Transference skill, up to a maximum of five. If she uses this skill with all five orbs active, they lose their energy and become dormant again.

Vigor Mortis
Gain 70 Energy when killing an enemy.

Spirit Transference
Activates one of her dormant orbs and fires three projectiles towards the highest Threat enemy, each projectile deals damage. Brass Monk also gains Crit Chance and Attack Speed for each orb currently active. Brass Monk can have a maximum of 5 orbs active.

Life Steal
Receives 70% of damage done as healing.

Epic Gear

Gems of the Wild Land
Spirit Transference now activates two orbs and deals extra damage.

Forgotten Champion

The greatest warrior of Ember fought his way deeper and deeper into the Dungeon, until none above remembered his name, and eventually, neither did he.

Forgotten Champion is a Front-Line Tank Fury Hero who will be available as the October Signin Hero on Servers 1 and 2.


Blessing of the Darkness
Forgotten Champion heals himself each second for a few seconds.

Stand Firm
This Hero can’t be Knocked Back.

Syphoning Armor
Forgotten Champion slams his shield down to deal damage to all nearby enemies and awaken his Syphoning Armor. For the rest of the wave his armor will exude necrotic magic to deal area of effect damage. It will also steal any source of healing targeted at nearby enemies, healing Forgotten Champion instead. Additionally, healing from Blessing of the Darkness and Syphoning Armor reduce the time between pulses of damage from his armor.

Mighty Blow
All attacks and skills Knock Back foes.

Epic Gear

The New Master’s Shield
Grants Forgotten Champion improved healing from all sources, and he also gains damage mitigation while Cursed.

More Rare Gear in Normal Campaign!!! (Chapters 16, 17, 18)

As the crafting recipes have progressed some items have become a pain point for players where grinding gear is concerned. We have added scraps for these pieces of gear into newer levels of the campaign in order to help players get them easier. Each of these items have been added to one additional level in these chapters as a hidden bonus!

  • Igneous Rock: Chapter 16, Level 1
  • Dragonhide Gloves: Chapter 16, Level 4
  • Make Shift Bow: Chapter 16, Level 7
  • Ale-icorn: Chapter 16, Level 10
  • Manticorpse: Chapter 16, Level 13
  • Scorch Torch: Chapter 16, Level 19
  • Helm of the Sparkling Legion: Chapter 17, Level 1
  • Grappling Hook: Chapter 17, Level 4
  • Flying Stabber: Chapter 17, Level 7
  • Ninja Spinners: Chapter 17, Level 10
  • Shell of Gam-Rah: Chapter 17, Level 13
  • Unicorn Tears: Chapter 17, Level 16
  • Pocket Horror: Chapter 17, Level 19
  • Fright Light: Chapter 18, Level 1
  • Stones of Fate: Chapter 18, Level 4
  • Exact Change: Chapter 18, Level 7
  • Chilletto: Chapter 18, Level 10
  • Sand Witch: Chapter 18, Level 13
  • Polymonocular: Chapter 18, Level 16
  • Grim Mace: Chapter 18, Level 19

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1

  • 2nd Epic Crystals Unlocked!
  • New Hero: Brass Monk will be available in Gold Chests!
  • Dragoon replaces Ice Berg in the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 2

  • 2nd Epic Crystals Unlocked!
  • New Hero: Brass Monk will be available in Gold Chests!

Server 3

  • Chapter 17 - Just Deserts
  • Team Level 120
  • Orange +5 Gear & Hero Rarity
  • Warp Mage removed from the War Shop
  • Scarred Brawler replaces Tempest in Royal Tournament Shop

Server 4.5

  • Epic Crystals Unlocked!
  • Chapter 16 - Down in the Depths
  • Team Level 115
  • Orange +4 Gear & Hero Rarity
  • Shield Maiden has been removed from the War Shop

Server 6

  • Chapter 14 - Burned Out
  • Team Level 105
  • Orange +2 Gear & Hero Rarity
  • Scarred Brawler has been removed from the War Shop

Server 7

  • Epic Dungeon Unlocked
  • Dragon Heir Dungeon Unlocked
  • Chapter 12 - Cold Reunion
  • Team Level 95
  • Orange Gear & Hero Rarity
  • Whirling Dagger has been removed from the Arena Shop
  • Princess Portal has been removed from the Crusade Shop
  • Whirling Dagger replaces Hex Witch in the Crusade Shop
  • Loyal Squire replaces War Blade in the Fortress Shop
  • Mystic Punk is removed from the Fortress Shop
  • Wisp has been removed from the War Shop
  • Salty Merc is removed from the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 8

  • New Hero: Grave Wraith will be available in the Boss Dungeon!
  • Chapter 10 - Chest of Wonders
  • Team Level 85
  • Purple +3 Gear & Hero Rarity
  • Stone Guard replaces Willow Druid in the Crusade Shop
  • Swashbuckler has been removed from the War Shop

Server 4.5 (last week got):

  • New Hero - Tempest will be available in Gold Chests, replacing Lion Knight
    • Lion Knight will be available in the War Shop, replacing Spell Binder
      • Spell Binder will be available in Elite Campaign Chapters 5 and 15
  • New Hero - Serpent King will be available in the Royal Tournament Shop, replacing Feral Brute
  • Feral Brute will be available in Elite Campaign Chapters 8 and 15

Server 5 players will notice a different set of characters in the Elite Campaign, which will be based off of the existing Server 4 Elite Campaign setup. If you have an account on Server 4, you can hop over to check out who is located where ahead of time.


  • Added full screen support for iPhone X
  • Improved the Guild Search logic

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed bug that caused game to crash on Chapter 18 level 6


  • Fixed bug that prevented previous lineups from being saved


  • Added correct Orange +5 Progression border art.
  • When gifting chests selecting a player will now not also select all other players with that name
  • Fixed bug that caused Event Chest buttons being greyed out erroneously
  • Fixed bug causing the incorrect info to be shown in the epic tab of the Hero Details screen
  • Fixed bug causing a Guild leader to receive an error when attempting to add a player to their guild who was already in a guild. This error will now be shown to the player.
  • Fixed bug that allowed Cheater McCheaterfaces to collect multiple weekly rewards per week.


  • Fixed bug causing Heroes with Tenacious to be Immune to Cogmaster’s Explosion.
  • Fixed bug causing an infinite loop when Forest Hermit and Serpent King faced off in combat.
  • Panther Stalker
    • Fixed bug causing combat freeze
    • Fixed bug that allowed Panther stalker to do damage to the opponent team even when possessed.


  • Fixed bug that caused “Game Over” state when the player still had heroes available to use.
  • Fixed bug causing the Weakening Curse well effect to apply inconsistent values
  • Fixed bug causing Speed to revert to Default between Floors


  • Fixed bug allowing Cheater McCheaterfaces to reuse heroes in Fortress repeatedly.

These notes are confusing. Server 4 & 5 are about to merge. I would assume the same day as this patch but this is reading as if there will be changes to the store before the merge. If there are changes before the merge wouldn’t it make more sense to have the shops be what they’ll be after the merge for both servers? Ignoring any advantage perception, it just seems to be less work for you guys and a whole lot less grief from players on s4 or s5 who would rather see heroes available like they are for the other server. Not to mention it would be nice to know what the shops post merge will look like.


2 new heroes at once? Really???


Sooo server 5 got to spend the hardest earned tokens on heroes newly in shops when server 4 gets to spend war tokens on one of them? Way to make the merge even more fair for s5 per blue!


And of course dragoon and one of the new heroes both go to Royal tournament shop. With both new heroes being given Epic status. This affirms my commitment to stop spending on PQ.


April fools isn’t until April PerBlue. Stop playing tricks with this foolery and slow down with the new heroes. At least let us get into the merge first for gods sake!


Nothing for S3? Are you ignoring us?


I’d be happy if I were you :joy: especially considering the last new hero PB gave us is so glitched they had to disable his skills twice now


So you’re merging s4 & s5 in a week and you’re basically gifting s4 with further advantage over s5 by placing the 2 newest heroes into a shop on s5 that only ever nets minimal tokens while splitting them on s4. If the merge is indeed happening, then both servers should be identical leading up to the merge. If this goes live like this i’ll be a f2p from here on out and will encourage others to do the same.


No you won’t, let’s be honest :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Lol meeno

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Haha he’s too stubborn for that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Apologies for the oversight, Server 5 Hero locations and offerings will match Server 4’s post-merge. The patch notes have been updated.


About time we had a discourse dislike button
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And maybe change that dumb heros name …
colloquial English expression …
cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey’.

If you know you know :wink:


Thanks for prompt reply

Wombeaux combo !!!

Where the hell is the fix!!!

6 patches later and they are still broken

Screw new heros fix the one that’s causing the most issues

I’m sure the water is contaminated over there cause you clearly don’t listen after guzzling it all day :wink:


Pretty sure you know me brother. I meen what I say lol


Excuse you “cheater mccheaterfaces” claiming multiple weekly rewards… I was complaining about my star just disappearing… I’m sure there were some abusing this but that does not apply to everyone. Still annoyed that my star vanished on Monday multiple times. But glad that you FINALLY got it figured out. Now to see if it really is fixed or not after update. Let’s just hope these new heroes have been properly tested for once and not useless addition like panther now is.