Update 2.11 Patch Notes [Updated 9/5]


People just are tired of becoming a broken record which is where the frustration comes from since they even say they read the comments but dont change anything :confused: when people feel no progression its makes them not enjoy the game and quit which is why these fast rises are terrible


I can relate, being frustrated can make you say something that you wouldn’t normally say which you regret later on. I think it might be best if I quit reading/posting on these forums and just check out the updates by the devs.

Sorry if I may of upset or offended anyone with my opinions. Peace out.


Perblue’s Plan:::: merge s1 and s2 after s4 and s5, also try everything to kill s3


reads the thread

And this is why we can’t have nice things.

Gosh I love this game.
Gosh I don’t love 99% of the players

Yes a lot of us think the updates are coming too quickly.
Unless you spend A LOT You can’t keep up
I am a full set of gear behind, and will never “catch up” with people that spend, and have a full set of heroes.
But… I do Okay.

The updates will keep coming as long as enough people spend enough money that they max out.
Because ultimately, per blue is a company and their income is based on our spending.
People complain about The “metrics” but per blue would not release the updates if there wasn’t a market for them…

They don’t always get it right.
The stacked deals they used to do, meant that big spenders got so much bang for their buck, the only way to slow them down was to increase the gear grind at higher levels.

Unfortunately the sheer volume of extra stuffs people had in their inventory meant that the calculations for higher rarity gear became much too high.

The only way back is to incrementally introduce things to restore a balance.

  1. Remove some of the grind - Done
  2. Increase the number of gear drops in the same places - coming in update
  3. Guild shop to help f2p - coming soon
  4. Who knows what else is in the pipeline.

The one thing per blue can’t do, is change things too quickly, as it will lead to a yoyo effect of boom and bust.
So, instead we have lots of people screaming
"Fix it now. You’re not doing anything"
While they try their best to find a balance.

Again. Per blue are not perfect.
And ultimately they are balancing the game so that they get the most money spent on it that they can.

But… that’s kind of their job.
At least they do actually listen to their community.
Apparently some people think that not immediately implementing every idea that they come up with, means they don’t listen.
That’s your issue, not per blues.

Hate on my post.
Heck, hate on me if you want.

But prove my post wrong, with a sensible counter argument…?
Good luck with that :slight_smile:


How about you pull your head in and realise that the devs say one thing and do another. They have not properly beta testes a patch for a very long time, instead just trusting their code is right first time.
A beta test may not have revealed the bug with twin tracker, I’ve only seen it once. But panther stalker was always obvious, and adding to that, the dungeon speed bug would have been picked up on the very first test.
So, I will repeat my extremely valid statement that they need to concentrate on bugs before content.
If the devs, and you, are too precious to handle that criticism then perhaps they, and you, should go and have a nap.


Maybe you should stop making assumptions about people. You want to hit the messenger, not the message.
I’m not a whale, but I’ve spent enough to know the limitations of what ftp and small spenders have to deal with.
Now. Care to attack me again or do you want to explain why devs cannot be criticised for releasing new content without testing it?


My favourite color is No Pants


I like turtles.

But for the sake of character limits, I must admit that
I love lamp


Damn, Mici, I’m level 125, and I can’t get out of Platinum 1, haha. Nice job!


Speaking of which, even older heroes with Epic skills are SO out of the meta (very specifically Void Caster, Hex and Howling Claw, their epics are as useless as they can be) hopefully Scarred Brawler and PP will hopefully come back to the meta like Nightstalker almost did


You forgot about the part where we haven’t had more in 2 and 1/2 Weeks


K downloaded update on iTunes locked out till server updates any idea when we have war coming up please help


Probably to early. It happens


Update has not dropped for android so i assume youll be locked out untill then. Sorry bud. In other news, how do you guys feel about changing up shop heros


Ill get your shop heroes changed in the next update in 2 weeks


Thats fair. I can live with that. Thanks for responding.


Thank you :slight_smile: That really helps.


It gives me motivation


Why removing punk and wisp from shops? specially wisp, she was just recently addedto the war shop, not long ago :slightly_frowning_face:


My point in saying is that with fast updates of cap rises coming it is more likely that people will quit. If people quit thats money down the drain. We love bug fixes we mixh rather be having that but when per blue is making a cap rise from 80 to 85 the same length as lvl 115 to 120 (about 4 weeks time) it makes ZERO sense. Parts that take way longer to grind shouldnt be rushed to get the next one out. Much rather have balanced new heroes coming into the game after the 4 weeks then after about 6-7 weeks a rise. That right there gives them 2 weeks they can have deals occuring to give shards. Still keeps spenders spending cause theyll want the new hero