Update 2.11 Patch Notes [Updated 9/5]


Robbie rotten !!! R.i.p :wink:


Absolutely lol on crazy science… And trying to make comment long enough… and the fix for the twins? Even more lol on that… is there a fix for the setting of war teams?




How about fix for crusade? Description clearly reads +20 levels. I’m 121 fighting 145s every day in case you can’t math that’s 24 levels over me oh and my heroes are all only lv 120 as of now. +20 means what you are plus 20. 20+ means the fights will exceed 20 levels over… said it idk how many times now.


25 levels above me and I’m 120


That is 20 levels above the normal crusade, the normal crusade has some enemies above the level your at if I recall correctly.


Don’t want to sound ungrateful, but I can’t say I’m too excited with this update :\

I totally agree that releasing two heroes who each have epic instantly available upon their release is cruddy. As if we don’t have enough to work on, lol.

I remember a year ago when peeps complained about heroes coming too much too fast. So only one was released at a time-- why must this change now?

It just seems like a waste of space to have 10+ useless heroes, and instead of working on making them useful, new ones (who don’t tend to get used much) are being released.

I’ma miss that extra ‘cheat’ chest…


No epic skills for the never used heros?

Would be nice if us free players had a chance but I can barely win now in Challenger since all the newer heros make the older ones useless.

One step closer to having to quit, already doing just the minimum now.


so, instead of trying to fix the bugs caused by 2.09, namely the dungeon speed, you have decided to rush through another update…


Several bug fixes including dungeon speed are in the update.


Already 49 heroes with 13 that still dont have epic.

This is just getting ridiculous and running players off.


So why is Server 8 getting a notification for an Update 2.11 Patch that doesn’t seem to impact any servers beyond Server 5?


2 more new heroes, and neither are dungeon bosses. That’s just sad, but introducing 2 new heroes this shortly after 2 new heroes makes no sense. Is this how you’re going to repopulate the graveyard that is server 1. In 6 months time there will be more heroes in this game than players on server 1.


Remember that time that PerBlue acknowledged that heroes were releasing too fast and fixed their release schedules? That time that they cared about the players? Yeah it was a brief time. Why would players mind getting 3-4 week cap raises with 2 new heroes every month too? When each hero takes over 500 scraps to collect, and a billion scraps and the average player can barely keep up with gear as it is? Yeah just keep making the players as you run out of ideas. You tell us to be patient and we will eventually get the gear we need… try some patience yourself.

Make PQ Great Again!


No sorry it was all lies. They just released these updates to get you all excited then crash into depression when you find out you been had. Lol jk. I’m sure it’s going down.


So I’ll post the damn thing they said about it

Chatting bubbles as usual
Saw the cash cow and milked it till it wasn’t worthy of a chum burger


I have enjoyed this game and the community for a long time. And with each new update I am beginning to enjoy the game less and less. I have already stopped spending in this money pit of a game an will continue my spending strike until 1. I can no longer be competitive and at that point I will just stop playing and 2. PB actually takes the time to listen to its players and fix the things that have been long over due for fixing (looking at you Twins). I am disheartened by yet another release of 2 new heroes that are going straight from release to epic status. I am disheartened about the tedious grinding of dungeon and campaign for measly table scraps that amount to almost nothing in the long run (even with double drops). But mostly I am disheartened by what I perceive as PB’s seemingly uncaring attitude toward the game and their player base. I really enjoyed the time when PB slowed down the heroes releases and the level caps and when there was an update it was actually a quality update (by PB standards anyways) I wish that PB would take the time to fix heroes they have already released instead of releasing new heroes that will no doubt be bugged as well. All in all I am very disappointed and at this point the only way I can show that is by closing my wallet and I hope other will join me.


S3 ignored again. I have feeling S3 top guilds is gonna get the absolute punishment like REDUCING guild members and merge with S4 and S5. Might just be my last season…

DA Raptor from S3


Stupid eyes can’t see properly


I have no intention of grinding epic dungeon for the new heros on S1/2. It’s not fun anymore. Why bother, when I won’t have shards to get them up to a reasonable level anyhow because I don’t spend piles on the game.

You know what would have been fun? Epic ginger and stone guard. I have enough shards already to happily grind through the dungeon with them. But no. Instead we get more toons I don’t want or need.