Update 2.11 Patch Notes [Updated 9/5]


Safe to say players have spoken on the opinion of how you’re running things pb. And somehow I told you so just doesn’t do justice… every day more players drop and merges are just going to make it worse. I already pitched new ideas you could implement to make hero shard gathering easier. Pitched the ideas in tickets. We told you the bugs that need fixing and now I’m told you need no more information on twins bug by Elliot so if no more info is needed where is the twins fix eh? Your discord group is a farce and they’re not speaking for average players they’re biting their tongues and saying what you want to hear instead of what you need to hear. Btw we see all the crazy 7-10 stacking buying deals you’ve had lately. Notice less and less are buying yet?


I for one like this update, new ways to get hard scraps, new heroes, shop reshuffle, fixes to dungeon speed bug. What’s not to like, sure there are still some bugs but I have complete faith that you are trying to fix them. Though I would like some epic gear for the older heroes please.


so twins and panther are still buggy/don’t work right on s1, but you got more toons… stellar


I really hope devs at PerBlue see these comments and feedback for what it’s worth. We’re not all here just to whine and complain. We’re here trying to appeal to PerBlue to make this game what it can be, what it should be. We’re here because we WANT a reason to love this game again.
But this game CANNOT be great when the f2p and low spending players are basically pushed out by greed. The fact that new heroes in gold chests take hundreds of chests just to unlock… When PerBlue sells gold chests for $20 for 35, or you can spend $40 worth of diamonds for 10. But you can’t get the new hero to a decent star level without opening over 1,000 chests.
It just makes me sad that a game that I once loved has fallen into this state. It makes me angry that the devs can’t listen to their very disappointed player base. It makes me sick that I’ve put so much money into a game that I’ll probably soon quit due to developers’ greed. And it makes me frustrated that so often the few times the devs react to our comments, it’s filled with snark and a don’t give a hoot attitude.


You forgot to mention how the “fixes” they do make always seem to come with some sort of deception attached. What’s that? o5 was too much of a grind? Well let’s remove items needed, take away all those resources you’ve already wasted and then make o6 just as bad if not worse. With items that need 80 scraps instead of 50 now at the worst drop rate​:+1::+1::+1:


Well I could go on. And on. And on. But my fingers need a break after a while :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:


Am I missing something? I only see up to 7 levels per chapter


Read the notes again, it clearly states that it has fixed panther. And I can imagine it would be harder to fix twins because of his uniqueness. Nobody is saying that you have to unlock and max the new heroes straight away so I don’t see any problem with them releasing new ones.


“don’t see any problem with them releasing new ones”

Let’s list it shall we?

I’ve got old heroes that aren’t up to scratch because they’re terrible and I have to focus on better heroes.

Adding a new hero that I also can’t level up means I now have 2 useless heroes, a bad hero I shouldn’t level, and a good hero I can’t level.

Paying players will open 1000’s of gold chests, get the heroes, get them 5 star, get them epic, and get them crystalled.

New heroes are almost always either overpowered, broken, or can’t be countered using the old sets of heroes, introducing new meta.

This keeps every f2p player from being able to beat their lines in arena, war, tournament, and by extension, fortress, due to the way they select line formations for it.

If they gave an old hero an epic, it would give us an incentive to level up a hero that is already somewhat levelled, due to early game lack of knowledge/lack of other options, probably five stars due to the frankly ridiculous tendency of gold chests to drop old hero shards in blocks of 18 or 30. It also means we don’t have to waste upwards of four million XP on a new hero,and God knows how many millions of gold, that we are already hard pressed to get for our good heroes.

Just to illustrate this point, the most recent heroes, in no particular order because I can’t remember, are Twin Trackers, Warp Mage, Serpent King, Owl Bear, Lion Knight, Panther, Dragoon, Tempest.

Out of that selection I have Lion Knight levelled up, and I don’t even have some of the others unlocked. And want to hazard a guess at which heroes are used in the top arena and war lines? Yeah. Exactly.


It was always this way from the start.
Spenders get the new things first.
Then we all catch up.


Heroes are coming faster.
Cap raises need more experience .
Gear levels are getting more and more exorbitant stamina costs.

So the time it takes us to level one hero up gets longer and longer.

And make dang sure you pick the right one.
Because that op super hero they released and the whales have used to dominate arena for so long…
Here comes the nerf gun.

Again per blue…
This does sound like it’s slipping towards the self entitled whiner level.
I’m trying not to.
But the actual fun part of finally catching up to the spenders…
Well that’s impossible now.
Enough people have given you enough math to show that it can’t be done.
I have five o5 heroes.
Because I bought two lots of $5 super stamina deals to get there.
And we are about to go red.
So I’m a light spender, and I’m two gear levels back, on just one team.
I’m three or more gear levels back on my other three war lines.
And every one else is purple.

So yes.
People are going to look at the grind and give up.

And that wouldn’t normally be a bad thing.
Because they could bequeath their account to an up and coming player who actually wants to play.

But then, hopefully that server doesn’t merge.
Because then they’ll be stuck with two accounts.
No merging for these guys! :frowning:


Okay here we go

You can make four really good teams with the older heroes and still beat the newer ones.

You should of chosen what heroes to concentrate on better, you chose to waste you time on bad heroes is your problem.

I don’t see you point, paying players spend 1000’s on the games so why shouldn’t they get their heroes to max, once again it’s their choice to spend their money on this game.

Alot of heroes can be countered with a good LINE up of the old heroes. And if they are too overpowered than they get fixed and/or nerfed, it’s happened before and it will happen again.

I’m a very low spender yet I don’t have any problems in any part of the game that you have mentioned and I’m sure f2p players wouldn’t also if they built four good teams

I agree with you here, they should give old heroes epic gear too, but it’s not like they don’t, just not recently.

Twin trackers and panther are broken so I can’t see them still being in alot of line ups after they are fixed, warp mage, serpent king, lion knight, Dragoon are all in the shops, so it’s not hard to get those to max stars at least. I’ll give you the other two though.

Let me give you an idea of where I stand after about 400 days playing, I have spent roughly £100 on this game which includes the monthly diamonds. I have every hero apart from Dragoon but I don’t like wasting shards so I only unlock new heroes by the chests, but I have got enough shards to unlock him and get him to 3 stars. All of my heroes are 5 stars, apart from about 6 heroes. I have about 12 heroes that are orange 5, the rest of the are between orange - orange 4, apart from about 12 heroes which are between purple 1 - purple 4, 14 heroes are max level, 15 are over 100 and the rest are between 50 - 100. So as you can see I’m not a big spender, my heroes are not maxed out but I have got a 3 strong teams that I use for the war towers, the others do suffice, and I don’t have any problems with the arena or fortress.

What a world we live in when people are moaning about free content just because they can’t get them maxed out on the first day, you lot are really self entitled whiners.


I stopped reading after you said I wasted improving heros.

I’m free to play so I always had to work on the new hero when it came out so heros like ice Berg, twin trackers, lion Knight etc. So I did only get the best heros early on.

There comes a point where it takes so much gear that I can’t level up a new hero.

How is this whining? Wanting to continue to be able to compete is whining?

Someone once mentioned a server for free players only. That would be great.

Edit: read more of your post. I’m sorry but if you have all heros, you aren’t competing at the highest level. Oh and I’m not talking about war, I can beat quite a few lineups there.

I’m still in Challenger trying to get as many diamonds as I can but we’re getting an update soon and that will do me in since I have only 5 heros ready for the next gear.


Other games have made free servers. The most unfair freemium game on the internet made a free server in which the only thing that can be purchased are cosmetics (although they kinda screwed it up by selling pets, which give a fairly large advantage). In any case, players love the server and buy cosmetics even though they don’t have to.


This, per blue, SO MUCH THIS!!!

Free server for the win.
I would buy hero skins on this server.
Those hex and oasis ones in particular were cool.


It’s not just about picking the right heroes to upgrade. Feral brute was good when he was released, but brute fell behind, so while people had him maxed, they abandoned brute later on to focus on other, newer, more OP frontliners. Then they made feral brute epic, which turned him into a very valuable hero overnight. So everyone switched gears, spent resources on him to get their brute maxed level and gear. Then Pb, nerfed him, so now he’s useless again.
You spend time, money, and resources to upgrade and then in one update, all those things go to waste.
Its obvious that every new hero is going to be OP, so people will invest, and spend. But its become a tool to increase/maintain profits, its not about game balancing. So investment into any hero is now a gamble.


Portal quest players are just like my mum, no matter what we do or say they will always be disappointed.


I can’t even take you seriously with all the snark you’re putting out.

For server 1, dragoon has only been available in gold chests.

Of course people end up wasting resources on heroes because no one can predict the future. They work hard on a hero, then it becomes nerfed, bugged, or obsolete.

People can’t make FOUR good teams (as f2p or moderate spenders) because the gear requirements are so high.

People aren’t asking to be #1 for free. They’re asking for 1.) value for what they’ve spent. 2.) more options for f2p and moderate spenders to get the gear they need. 3.) for PerBlue to release quality updates instead of rushing through like they have.

PerBlue hasn’t released a new hero as a sign-in hero in months. Every new hero they’ve released the past months have instantly had epic status. While the drop rates in gold chests have gotten worse and worse. The players want quality over quantity.


I’ve made 4 good teams while being a low spender, I agree that the gold chests aren’t worth the diamonds. In the past few updates tgey are making it easier to get gear so I don’t see why you would bring that up. This is a quality update, people are just moaning because 2 new heroes have been added, which is understandable to an extent but I am more than pleased with this update. Newer heroes drop rate has always been bad when they are first released. Once again this is a quality update.


Have you seen the requirements for O+6? Their “improvements” improved very little. People are unhappy with the two new heroes because their latest new heroes are full of bugs. I’m glad you feel this is a quality update, but many, many loyal customers don’t feel the same.


We need a super like button.
As the normal like button isn’t enough.

Loo is taking the thoughts in my head (and the thoughts of countless others no doubt) and putting them down in a more clear and concise and organised way than I could ever hope to be able to manage.

It’s just a shame that her comments will be buried under the metric f**k ton of salt that is poured out daily in these forums