Update 2.11 Patch Notes [Updated 9/5]


Before I started spending, I was happy to reach 5 lvls under the cap before the cap was lifted (so I was always 5-10 lvls under cap at all times). When I first started spending, I could reach cap in a couple days after its release.

Now, I barely reach cap in a couple weeks. Granted, I don’t spend as much, but the game also (until very recently) isn’t offering as much for what we spend. But don’t mistake this as maxing my heroes out. This is just team level…

Maxing gear on my heroes… that takes about a month or so, just for my Meta team… I’m a light spending, about $10 a month, I hoard everything, and I’m patient.

And as Loo said, sure we could get lucky and lvl a hero that’s gonna be op, but after the Rogue and Feral Brute nerfs, I’m not at all interested in trying out my luck.

It’s sad that I waited three weeks to lvl a hero just because I was sure it was gonna get nerfed. Betcha as soon as I epic it, it’ll happen though, and a new hero will be available to take its place.

Most of the people whining here don’t tend to whine, and have been known to defend PB on several occasions. This is just like a union thing; we’re being jipped, and we’re letting them know that we’re aware of it.


We’re not whining. We’re being active and asking for positive changes. I didn’t used to be so active in forums. But the way this game has been going, I had to speak out. And we’re all speaking up because we want this game to do well. Yes, spenders should have an edge on the competition. But not so much that the very active non-spenders can’t even compete.


You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. Fact is we’ve been saying all the things being said here, just for a lot longer. I’ve been asking for a fix for fortress or decrease in power requirements for rewards since it became clear that less than half my guild would ever be able to receive max rewards. I’ve brought up panther’s brokenness numerous times. We’ve complained and pointed out the absolute absurdity of the grind since o5 was introduced. We worked hard to compile a list of the worst gear to farm for. I suggested they give out boots of speed for the dungeon contest since it was an easy fix to the component of the game their update broke. Do you like the fact that epic can now be reset daily? The devs didn’t even know it couldn’t be until the leaders in discord pointed it out. Happy that there’s no retreat penalty in dungeon? Again, thank a discord rep. We’ve been asking for a new sign in hero for ages. Have asked that newly released heroes not have immediate epic skills. I understand your frustration, but take it out on the right people.


Don’t worry Perblue, I’ll fix everything. I’ll speak to the players in your usual style.

  1. According to the metrics, the number of players leaving the game is the lowest it’s ever been.

  2. Only 30 or so players feel the need to come onto the forums to express dissatisfaction. Every other player does not feel the need to do so. Thus, most people are content with every change that is made; you guys are just the vocal minority.

  3. To say that we don’t know what we’re doing is insulting. We haven’t changed anything about what we do; every decision from the beginning (and every decision now) is based on the same metrics as ever.


Im at spot nr 37 on the current contest on server 1. And that is not even on top 1%.

It used to be that people above rank 200 where among top 1%.

With that said. The people who are leaving isnt few. Those frequent updates and heroes are killing server 1.

And I havent even used the newly released heroes because I cant afford the resorces. Paying in average 20 dollars a month.

Nah… Im about to leave the game for good now.


Yeah, I’ll be quitting too. I’m done.


What about server 6?


They’re too busy waiting for a shit show to happen with the S4/5 merge. Can’t make new potentially broken content when the dev team is needed to put out fires that’ll almost certainly happen.


Actually the retreat cost was promoted by said players in the group. Do I need to share screenshot of the chat where I called out one using discord for their own personal chat? How about reading all of the info that I submitted for s2 about twins and various other bugs. Lost fort fights still does not add any points to your daily bar only full wins do. I do not call that fort fixed. They have rambled on in the past that they fixed things in patches and they were still broken in other new and sometimes old ways. The ones in positions of power aren’t looking at the ultimate problem of 1 why players are quitting 2 why players are continuing to play 3 the overall contention of all players. You can’t speak 1 word of truth in the negative to them without them getting all butthurt and silencing or banning you from things… which is exactly why I went to every s2 leader through line chat and asked them why the players that quit the game did so. And then I asked why the players continue to play now and the general concensus there was it’s the other guildmates/players that keep them going. It’s not competition. One said it’s the OCD to collect and build everything ((which is what games like this are truly about))[from a gaming perspective] they are rushing things too much and adding gear to lists further down the line doesn’t help with any speed of crafting any items. Double drops with 6000 Stam yielded only 1000 item scraps ((20 full items)) and there’s plenty of items that need 40+ full items just as components to make something else… that was with double drops active but unless the drop rate has increased in new levels to 8/10 and drop 2 of each item at the rate expansions are coming there’s no actual way to keep up… that’s where the player base is losing interest. The daily’s are more of a chore than fun. The discord group is the exact same as the line group when Andrew was there. Except there’s a lot more begging/trolling for more events like 4x drops. Yeah there are matters discussed there about future events implementations etc but they’re only getting select people namely leaders who don’t communicate to their guilds about what’s coming and what they think about it. You can ask several guilds (the lower members) and they’ll not even know about the idea of the new “influence shop” all I saw in my short time there was rear end kissing and trying to be tactful with replies. Tact only works when the other side is actually listening. After you see you’re just getting a runaround reply it’s time to pick a *** up and slam them through a table. Worked in the Marines it’s the only way to get them to pop the head out their rears and see the truth. All that said I stay for my guildmates only and more and more of them are dropping off each week a merge isn’t going to fix that… gear quest selection additions aren’t going to fix that. Gear drop increase in dungeon isn’t going to fix that. It alleviates an annoyance like putting on a bandaid over a sucking chest wound… it’s not going to fix the problem yeah it sucks less for those still enthused by the game and have the effort to push through and get everything new. People don’t want or care about new heroes. They want to see the basic bug fixes, they want to have fun and not feel like everything is a chore. They don’t want to have an update followed by 6 more because something didn’t work out right or whatever reason. Contest rewards 1-10 being set in stone rewards then to have top 1 percent as a listed possible reward but have nobody eligible for that reward… 1-10 should have their rewards then the overall count of members in contest to 1 percent of that number should get the 1 pct rewards starting at 11th place. How it SHOULD work. People are losing interest and all they’re doing is asking a handful why instead of majority and even then it all goes through one person how much information is that 1 person actually withholding due to language used etc… oh and another thing that I didn’t see anybody but myself doing in that group was the potential to bug/abuse the new systems they were mentioning.


Does syphoning armor only steal when a hero is healed from someone else or does it steal from self healing like from feral, claw, grizz etc?


I wonder how many of these same people I’ll see complaining and “threatening to leave” months from now. I’ve never seen so many adults bitch and moan and still play a game and still spend money. It doesn’t work. PB grows ears when these forums go silent, you know…


+1 for new heros as sign in


I’d love to see more blues again in the game chat.
That was always fun. Actually one of the most fun things about this game compared to others I’ve played.
Even when they held dev chat sessions. They were great too. I guess you can’t do that anymore… Unless you open up a community discord chat for anyone and everyone to join. Honestly don’t understand why you haven’t done that yet.

This is not related to the patch notes. I just felt like sharing :grinning:


I see what you did with the gear. I appreciate the effort, but hidden gear drops often drop less than listed gear, so it may not be worth the extra stamina. We’ll see.

Honestly, I don’t even care about these new heroes. I really don’t. I’m so used to being ignored at this point that I gloss right over it. Thought that things would be finally changing when i see these changes that I mentioned in my post, but then something like this happens. No epic scraps for old heroes that EVERYONE has, like ginger or princess, but new heroes always get their epics. Okay then.

I’m seriously starting to lose interest in this game. I used to be deep dungeon diving, crusade every day, constantly in war, fortress attacks, but now I barely have the motivation to do my dailies. I don’t enter dungeon anymore, despite the new dungeon changes (which I did enjoy during the contest). I don’t crusade, despite the awesome stamina rewards. Once I run out of raid tickets, I stop campaign. I visit tournament once every three days. I could keep going but I think you get my point.

I still have this game on my phone because I like my guild and I’m curious to see what epics the old heroes will get. But at the current rate of old epic releases (0/week), I don’t feel like waiting. I’ve already decided not to do O+5 or level heroes past 120. (I’m at 118, and I may not even get to 120). Once I fall too far behind I’m quitting.

This game requires too much of my effort and time to play competitively. I won’t be doing this for much longer.


we continue to “bitch and moan” because we hope that if we’re vocal enough, united enough, there will be positive change. People continue to play this game, not because PQ has turned out to be such a wonderful game (it could have been), but because we’ve formed communities here.

I can’t speak for others, but I have committed to stop spending until true improvements are made. If that doesn’t happen, I’ll quit when I can no longer be relevant or helpful to my guild.

In the early days of this game, PB really did listen to their player base. I think many of us hold out hope that they’ll do so again.


What’s a wombeaux team?


We’ve been reading the feedback left in this thread closely, and have some updates to the patch notes:

These changes are only for servers 1 and 2:

  • Brass Monk will no longer be part of this patch, and will be released at a later date.

  • Forgotten Champion will be released as the Signin Hero for the month of September on Servers 1 and 2.


Another case of a “super like” button being needed @Hawknet

Thank you kindly.


…And Ginger gets the epic gear Luscious Lips, allowing him to kiss the closest foe every ‘x’ seconds and inflict minor damage.



This is amazing! Thank you for hearing your players.