Update 2.11 Patch Notes [Updated 9/5]



Realising that the new hero skills are broken, so delaying it so we don’t have another panther debacle?

New spin doctor? :wink:


Yes! Thank you! Putting two new epic heroes in the tournament shop would have been cruel and unusual. One at a time to keep shaking up the status quo!


Woohoo! Thanks so much! \o/


There was a seriously sigh of relief and actually cheers in our guild chat when this was announced. Thank you!


Brass Monk can be avoided by just giving Princess Portal an epic skill - which we all want so much!!!


wow, they actually listened to players for once


self entitled whiners? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha what a joke
perblue has deluded you.
its actually really difficult to get a good team. let alone four.
im the leader of a top 10 guild on S3.
wanna know how many heroes i have to O3? 7. not a single one to O4. i still have some purple 1 heroes. and you’re telling me getting 4 good teams of heroes is easy? thats a load of crap.
i’m not self entitled. I’m speaking for every single player on this game. And the cap raises and insane gear grind have gotten to the point where it’s time we say enough is enough.
a self entitled person wouldn’t be willing to, if it was possible, make the grind insane for themselves if it meant giving all the other players a decent chance.
take a look at the metrics, come back, and reevaluate your choice.
who’s side are you on? the players, or the greedy money grabbing perblue employees?


The princess would require additional coding-- provided that they haven’t already coded it behind closed doors.


Ikr, so funny it’s almost as funny as you saying your not a whiner to whine in the same sentence. It’s a FREE game, if perblue made it easy than no one would spend money than they wouldn’t make any, than they would stop updating the game and keeping it fresh, if you don’t like it than quit and start again where there isn’t a grind. But face it, unless you put alot of money into it then you will hit a wall where to get over it it’s going to take a while. It’s simple logistics, make a game thats easy and fun so people get sucked than gradually make it more of a grind so that people would spend money. Though it’s awesome that you have spoken to EVERY SINGLE player on the game, that must of taken you a while, I tip my fedora to you m’lad-y. Unless you haven’t and your just reading the people that moan on these forums and think that they are everyone that plays it…ohohoh how wrong are you, people only come on here to moan so of course you don’t see people thanking perblue for an awesome game they have created, and I only did because I saw everyone else moan so I wanted them to know that not everyone is unhappy with this update.
Who’s side am I on? The perblue employees, who are just out to make some money, you know, like every other adult in society? Or the whining children who wants everything on a plate? Take a guess. Anyway I’m done replying on this thread, it’s making me more frustrated me than it should.


UPDATE We will also be turning Panther Stalker’s skills back on in Update 2.11!


So when are we getting this update?


How about fixing the bug for twin trackers disappearing from fights?!?!?


So is this update coming today or was the countdown just a massive piss in the wind?


Is dragoon still going into the royal tournament shop like originally planned or still going to be the gold chest hero now?


Dragoon will remain a Gold Chest exclusive until the next new Gold Chest Hero is released. The notes are updated to reflect that the only Hero change for Servers 1 and 2 are the new September Signin Hero.


So any idea of when this update is being released??


Thank you for taking our feed back into consideration PB it is much appreciated and a good step in the right direction to keep the game fun, fresh and competitive. :blush:


Fix twin tracker and spell binder please


Barring Apple delays, it’s usually Wednesday.

Coincidentally they said this ages ago in this forum, when talking about the server merge.
Which happens on Wednesday.
At the same time as this update.

On Wednesday.

(Watch me be wrong now lol)


P.s. update on Wednesday.
Just saying.