Update 2.11 Patch Notes [Updated 9/5]


I’m still wondering foes syphoning armor only steal when a hero is healed from someone else or does it steal from self healing like from feral, claw, grizz etc?

So heals from heros like wizard, pony, bird, etc or self heal too?


Gonna guess all kinds of healing, which will make this hero op, imo, but we won’t know for sure.

:frowning: I don’t want my baby Howler to be useless, oh how I love him.


I still think that this game is a students school project… our guild is sick of putting in tickets and eliot responding in a generic message that 1. Doesnt answer it 2. Isnt correct based on basic maths.

You need people in customer relations that actually understand, and know how to respond promptly and effectively.


I’m sick of the responses from support being too slow and with no resolution. It’s like ‘thanks for the ticket, too bad. Keep paying us money’


Yea like scarred brawler strong as an ox. But does to fast. They really need to fix his healing power. He not even epic yet. Or princess portal why ?. Take care of your older hero’s before adding new. And why say we’re going to update and fix stuff. Then find out the truth. It was postponed until the bugs are fixed in 2.11 . I updated from play store for no reason. Thanks for the heads up per blue.


I dont know how you speak to support everyone but Ive always been answered within 24 hours (business days, week-end is another story and its normal) I understand the game is not perfect but there is always a way to be polite and express your thoughts in a way to improve the game. Want to know if your post is “ok” ? Read your post and ask yourself, if I was sending it to my mom, my boss, my grandmother, etc, would that be ok ?


I thought the last update for dungeon drops in endless was fantastic… i am finding good gear there and i thank you for that.
Fwiw, i was spending $20 or more a week but now moving towards $20 a month or so instead. I cannot keep up with new heroes trumping old ones. and i wish my old heroes i have kept up with would turn epic someday and it would become a lot more about strategy than who paid for the latest heroes that beat everything you have.


Why so many frontliners?.. like i im all for new heros and i understand they are released with epics so you dont have to release an epic for them later. But we need back line variety! It takes 3 backliners per team and theres not as many heavily used backliners but i i got plenty of frontline heros. Dragon is nice. Temptest and serpent are cool. But then we got panther and dragoon. We need more back power


Three back liners and two front liners?
That’s almost a team…

Oh… wait…
It is a team :slight_smile:


They need to fix panther stalker because 1st skill dose not work for you to do it. And I am glad the dungeon was fixed. But the speed is still so slow. We should be able to run through it then crawl thru it. To get from 1 to 70 takes a good week unless you jump floors. And the gold you need to build your hero’s is crazy insane. Need better ways of making gold in this game, fortress, crusade, help campaign if you have stamina but still don’t make much gold.


Blockbuster crusade gets you ~400 stamina and ~1 million in gold.

Using that stamina will inevitably open the trade and Dragon shops, where you could buy the nuggets.

Unless you are bulk skill levelling a hero, how much gold do you actually need?


Yup I second to you.


Completely irrelevant


Point is it takes more back liners to build a team. And more frontlines keep being added and not enough backline to compensate. Not enough backline support.


We could argue all day.


We could do the math:

Total heroes: 49
Epic: 36
Non epic: 13

Of those epic heroes

Front line: 15
Back line: 21

You can make 7 full epic back lines.
And 7 full epic front lines (with one left over)

Your argument is invalid.
Have a nice day @Orange_Bongwater

P.s. I am sure some more back line heroes will be along soon.


number of heroes 49
Number of heroes perblue has stated will eventually have an epic 49
Of those heroes frontliners 23
Backliners 26

You can make 11.5 frontline teams
You can make 8.67 backline teams

Cherry picking the criteria on what counts as a frontliner/backliner and declaring yourself the winner


How can I cherry pick what’s a front / back liner?
They either stand at the front, or the back.

Attempting to make someone look silly, and mugging yourself in the process?

Hilarious :wink:


And if you honestly think that per blue aren’t bringing more heroes out soon, to increase the number of back line heroes…

Then you are very deluded.


Unless they are not epic than they don’t stand anywhere.


Bird and fox still work even if not epic, same with brawler to some extend