Update 2.11 Patch Notes [Updated 9/5]


Can you give us fox back on s8? It got removed from hero list when new sign in hero came today lol


I dont mind warp mage but she also disapeared on server 6 :wink: Birdbarian took her place for the sign-hero and shes just gone :joy:


Poof goes Warp Mage. Lol that is priceless.


Where is The Cap raise on s8??


We don’t need a cap raise dude, just levelup your heroes


Theyve been maxed for a few weeks now lol


Nah i don’t wanna argue. Im saying how many good backliners are there compared to fronts?? Some backline varieties would be nice. Hostility not needed.


Does anyone know when War Season starts up again? Since the merger, just says matchmaking disabled…


Good for you, but a lot of f2p people haven’t reached lvl 75


So when is this update happening?
Cuz I’ve still got twin trackers as log in hero…


Why did the War shop heroes change on S4.5 without notice? They switched to Swashbuckler and Princess Portal when I refreshed to buy more Lion Knight shards.


Put the heroes in the wrong shops should of be other way around but what do we know!! Oh yes perblue are jokers!!!


Updated Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1

  • 2nd Epic Crystals Unlocked!
  • New Hero: Brass Monk will be available in Gold Chests!
  • Dragoon replaces Ice Berg in the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 2

  • 2nd Epic Crystals Unlocked!
  • New Hero: Brass Monk will be available in Gold Chests!

Server 3

  • Chapter 17 - Just Deserts
  • Team Level 120
  • Orange +5 Gear & Hero Rarity
  • Warp Mage removed from the War Shop
  • Scarred Brawler replaces Tempest in Royal Tournament Shop

Server 4.5

  • Epic Crystals Unlocked!
  • Chapter 16 - Down in the Depths
  • Team Level 115
  • Orange +4 Gear & Hero Rarity
  • Shield Maiden has been removed from the War Shop

Server 6

  • Chapter 14 - Burned Out
  • Team Level 105
  • Orange +2 Gear & Hero Rarity
  • Scarred Brawler has been removed from the War Shop

Server 7

  • Epic Dungeon Unlocked
  • Dragon Heir Dungeon Unlocked
  • Chapter 12 - Cold Reunion
  • Team Level 95
  • Orange Gear & Hero Rarity
  • Whirling Dagger has been removed from the Arena Shop
  • Princess Portal has been removed from the Crusade Shop
  • Whirling Dagger replaces Hex Witch in the Crusade Shop
  • Loyal Squire replaces War Blade in the Fortress Shop
  • Mystic Punk is removed from the Fortress Shop
  • Wisp has been removed from the War Shop
  • Salty Merc is removed from the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 8

  • New Hero: Grave Wraith will be available in the Boss Dungeon!
  • Chapter 10 - Chest of Wonders
  • Team Level 85
  • Purple +3 Gear & Hero Rarity
  • Stone Guard replaces Willow Druid in the Crusade Shop
  • Swashbuckler has been removed from the War Shop



Dude… server 1 and 2 notes… server 2 already has dragoon in tourney shop???


So the part where y’all said you’ve listened to your players and not releasing brass monk yet, but will release the other new toon as a sign-in toon… that just went out the window?


Forgotten Champion will be the Signin hero for October for Servers 1 and 2.


Is the update happening today?


Any love for s2 having panther moved to tourney shop? Over dragoon seeing s1 will have now had panther and dragoon in a shop and s2 will have to still find panther in a gold chest?


They have no idea valor lol


Update is approved by apple and will release tomorrow