Update 2.11 Patch Notes [Updated 9/5]


What about the heroes that were mentioned as new in the short lived 2.10A? Are they going to be released in 2.11?


how do you know? whats your proof of this?


Update 2.10.A is no more, these are the true content adjustments!



But then

I can’t even be mad, that’s hilarious.


Haha, we’re screwed cause of Apple. Nice. So not right. Now we can open our measly amount of chests in hopes to get a new hero who was supposed to be postponed :frowning:

Though, I’m happy enough for the Twin sign in, with dungeon fixed, I can finally epic them after update-- assuming that it’s actually fixed…


Lol, show some more context, they said that brass monk would be released at a later date but forgotten hero would be this month’s sign in hero, that clearly didn’t happen due to whatnot, so they switched them around and released brass monk this month while the sign in hero would be released at a later date.


The main complaint was about gold chest heroes coming too quickly, which a sign-in hero would’ve alleviated. They could’ve…umm…not released any hero this update. Or (and I don’t know how difficult this would be) they could change the sign-in hero for this month to brass monk and give everyone shards.


Ah, you should be a bit more clearer next time, my apologies for misinterpreting what you posted anyway.


Welp, that was a confusing turn of event. This thread already has so many comments, maybe opening a new one for the actual patch notes would’ve been better, idk.

And panther probably should have been made available in campaign for s2? Seems wrong to have 2 gold chest heroes on s2 and one on s1 when you’re supposed to level the field. Or maybe you’re not and in that case, still seems wrong.


I’m the Games Producer and Lead Designer… I get to say when content is released…


Since this update was delayed a full 2 weeks in Apple’s approval process Brass Monk is being released at a “later date”.


So Brass Monk’s release was delayed cuz of Apple and not the lovely community feedback? :confused:


Give you that good argument…


Yes please! There’s much confusion within my guild.


The origional patch notes have been updated and are accurate.


Both. Brass monkey probably would have been released this week anyway if 2.11 had dropped on time.


Jeez… Half of the complaints and questions can be answer just be READING the patch notes. Come on everyone :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That is technically true. Good show.


Did u remove claw from s8 update or Will he Come later!?


How about, for once, you just concentrate on actually releasing a patch that fixes bugs instead of creating more.
If you really do listen to the community, you would see that everyone is sick of this accelerated progression.
Even the 2 crystals is over the top. What do we farm, shards or gear? Only whales can farm both (aside from bosses) so not only are f2p players fighting heroes they can’t get, they are fighting gear they can’t get and crystal boosts they can’t get.

Fix your problems first before making new ones