Update 2.11 Patch Notes [Updated 9/5]


What about all the other hero changes to the shops? Will that proceed?


Better yet, can server 2 please have some different heros in the shops. They havent changed much in a long time.


How about you instead of being rude to a dev who made a game for you which you play for free, go and read the patch notes, than you will see that they are fixing plenty of bugs in this update.

This community is so toxic :pensive:


Dont you guys ever think when 90% of the community says these updates like rises are coming to quick you should delay it? Orange 4 and cap raise happened s3 just about a month ago. This is how servers die cause you guys say you listen to feedback yet dont seem to ever do anything about it. Twins are way to overpowered yet you dont fix them. Panther has been broken forever yet you decide to work on less important aspects like “improved guild search logic” “progression border art” People stop playing cause you push out cap rises to fast lots of people been putting up with it for 300 days now. Its stupid how fast these things come yet you just ignore it and dont do anything to make the distance between rises any different time length


How does the hero icon change for 1 crystal vs 2?

Any more details on second crystal?

Different colors/attributes?

More types of crystal ingredients besides blue and red ?


Most of us on here that provide feedback aren’t playing for free. So maybe get off your high horse. Please and thank you


Info on the crystals would be cool. I just want new shop heros


I dont even do crusade anymore… i got 16k fortress and war tokens and too make arena. Nothing to spend them on. I got heros like shield maiden or bowman with no shards at all even after a grind. Not to mention dragoon, panther ,and temptest. The original hero swaps to the shop sounded fair and i think should be implemented to the patch.


Okay breath slowly, in and out, you calm yet? Good now look at my post again, than look at the top right corner of the post, do you see that arrow pointing at the O? That arrow and O means that it is a reply, okay, are we on the same page, now click the O and read what he posted? Done? Okay good, now where does it say that he is not a ftp player? Because all I see is him moaning about what f2p players can’t get, which leaves the conclusion that he is a free to play player. Sure he could be a putting money into the game (If he is, than I apologise for jumping to conclusions though just because he does pay, it doesn’t mean he can be rude) and thinking about the little guys, like you I presume, because I doubt you are stupid enough to agree with his first point about them not fixing bugs, than again…

Unless you are talking about me saying that this community is toxic comment? Which I agree is a bit harsh, but what ive seen isn’t people giving feedback, they are just moaning and being rude to the devs, I’ve seen them being called liars, greedy, that they don’t care about the community or the game. My point is that you can give feedback but don’t be rude about it.
Tbf, I would rather be up on my high horse than in this toxic cesspit of a community.
Okay breath slowly, in and out, I’m calm now.


To be fair. The toxic community is tired of rush cap raises and patches. Each new heros means so much grinding. Just to become up to par. The community doesnt start off like that, its built into that


Honestly. “O” wasnt even rude compared to some people. And “O” speaks truth. Rapid updates and things like that are too much. Twins and panther still bugged out. I dont see them in the patch notes. Randomly second tier crystals drop… each crystal already takes 50shards and 10000 potion. 50 shards isnt east to get for all heros and im not even f2p


Complaining about people complaining is just as obnoxious as anything else.

Just embrace the toxicity (of our city, of our city)


I understand that, it can be a pain, but that doesn’t mean you can be rude and demanding.
I was more annoyed with the way that he opened up his post and moan about no bug fixes when there clearly is if he read them before he went on a tangent.
Panther fix is in the patch notes, I imagine twins isn’t because of his uniqueness. I agree about the crystals though, it only seems like they were only just implemented recently.

@Oasis_Is_Finesse I’m not complaining about people complaining, I’m complaining about how people complain, big difference :wink:


Oooh im rude now. Imagine that


The problem is there are still so many bugs that haven’t been addressed. Since Panther’s release his skills have been disabled twice due to bugs. It’s hard to believe the bug fixes are truly fixed when the devs continue to rush new content.

You talk about a toxic community while your posts are usually calling people whiny, self entitled, or telling me to take deep breaths? Uh… Wasn’t aware I was on the edge. Your advice really saved me from myself :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
Perhaps you should just speak on what you actually know.


I just want new shop heros​:sob::sob::sob: we all can be toxic the devs dont care about our drama. Theres always gonna be someone to give feedback no matter how "rude " or " whiny " it may sound.


Still waiting on that 100k diamonds fam


Sorry, I don’t mean you, when I said “doesn’t mean you can be rude and demanding” it was more of a blanket statement about the people being rude.

@LoOLoO he said that there were no fixes, not that some were still not being addressed. I guess we will have to wait and see if panther is fixed or not.

Haha, you got me there I admit that sometimes I should just keep my mouth shut, but it just frustrates me, though you clearly was on edge, you saw my post and thought I was talking about everyone who was moaning and jumped to post about something that didn’t concern you saying I should get off my high horse for defending a dev.
I’m not too sure what your last sentence means, but what I do know is that people need to show a little more respect to people who don’t deserve to be talked down to. Also I would like to point out that earlier in the thread, before I first posted you said, “we are not all here to whine and complain” which looks to me that you too thought that people were “whining”, the irony of you calling me out for saying that people were whining when you said it first.


Just think. The devs have been told by 90% of people who post on the forum that these cap raises have come way to quick for months after months still no change from them. They give a like lvl 85 to 90 cap rise a month. For server 3 going from o4 to o5 and 115 to 120 after a month. No where near the amount of time the game gets progressively harder to keep up as cap rises and yet they dont increase the timr length between the caps


I agree, the cap rises do come too quickly.