Update 2.12.1 Patch Notes


Portal Quest 2.12.1!


Welcome to Portal Quest Update 2.12.1! We have two new heroes, new content, and a rework of crafting starting at the Orange +4 rarity.

Read on for all the details!

New Heroes [Server 1]

Ancient Siren

If you see an alluring figure silhouetted against the mist of the Great Dismal Swamp, turn back. The true creature lurks deep within the earth, endless and hungry…

Ancient Siren is a Back-Line Damage Focus Hero who will be available in Gold Chests on Server 1.


Horrid Tentacle
Ancient Siren calls forth a tentacle minion to fight for her in combat. The tentacle doesn’t move after being summoned and is treated as a frontline ally with a ranged basic attack. During combat the tentacle will Gaze at the closest enemy within range, stunning them and dealing damage for the duration of the stun.

Cursed Touch
Attacks and skills have a chance to Curse enemies.

Siren’s Call
Ancient Siren deals damage to the closest enemy and Charms them. The target’s Threat is maxed for the duration of the Charm.

Charm is a new debuff in Portal Quest. Enemies that are Charmed will walk towards the source of their Charm for its duration. They cannot use skills or attacks while under its effect.

Prey Upon the Weak
Deals more damage to enemies based on how much health they are missing.

Epic Gear

The Doomed Chalice
Drink deep, mortal man, and lose your human form. There is succor to be found in the Siren’s embrace.

Summoning her tentacle minion now instantly resets the cooldown for Siren’s Call. The tentacle’s Gaze also deals additional damage.

Forgotten Champion [Server 1 October Sign-in Hero]

The greatest warrior of Ember fought his way deeper and deeper into the Dungeon, until none above remembered his name, and eventually, neither did he.

Forgotten Champion is a Front-Line Tank Fury Hero who will be the October Sign-In Hero on Server 1.


Blessing of the Darkness
Forgotten Champion heals himself each second for a few seconds.

Stand Firm
This Hero can’t be Knocked Back.

Syphoning Armor
Forgotten Champion slams his shield down to deal damage to all nearby enemies and awaken his Syphoning Armor. For the rest of the wave his armor will exude necrotic magic to deal area of effect damage. It will also steal any source of healing targeted at nearby enemies, healing Forgotten Champion instead. Additionally, healing from Blessing of the Darkness and Syphoning Armor reduces the time between pulses of damage from his armor.

Mighty Blow
All attacks and skills Knock Back foes.

Epic Gear

The New Master’s Shield
Even that which is forgotten can find a purpose in the Dungeon… even if that purpose is sinister.

Grants Forgotten Champion improved healing from all sources, and he also gains damage mitigation while Cursed.

New Epic Gear (S1-S7)

Warp Mage

The Talisman of the Three
The universe is woven with three cords: Fury, Finesse, and Focus. The bearer of this amulet may draw upon the power of them all.

Shock-Ra Bolt deals extra base damage and now grants Warp Mage access to any Aspects she collects with the skill for the rest of the wave. She receives both the offensive and defensive bonuses of newly collected Aspects and will always choose the best Aspect she has available.

Content Changes

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1

October Sign in Hero: Forgotten Champion

  • New Hero: Ancient Siren will replace Brass Monk in the Gold Chest
  • Brass Monk will be available in Chapter 19 of the Elite Campaign
  • Twin Trackers has replaced Feral Brute in the War Shop

Server 3

October Sign in Hero: Mystic Punk

  • Chapter 18
  • Max Team Level 125
  • Orange +6 Gear Rarity
  • 2nd Epic Crystal

Server 4

October Sign in Hero: Satyr Fox

  • Chapter 17
  • Max Team Level 120
  • Orange +5 Gear Rarity
  • Noob Hero replaces Warp Mage in the Arena Shop

Server 6

October Sign in Hero: Mystic Punk

  • Chapter 15
  • Max Team Level 110
  • Orange +3 Gear Rarity
  • 1st Epic Crystal

Server 7

October Sign in Hero: Noob Hero

  • Chapter 13
  • Max Team Level 100
  • Orange +1 Gear Rarity
  • 1st Epic Crystal

Server 8

October Sign in Hero: Warp Mage

  • Chapter 11
  • Max Team Level 90
  • Purple +4 Gear Rarity


Crafting Recipe Rework

Over the last few releases we have been addressing player concerns around the increased gear grind in Orange +4 and Orange +5. The previous adjustments had been measured as to not upset the economy. We reduced the items needed for crafting in these levels, added more drops into the campaign for the most required and rare items needed to craft with, and greatly increased the stamina in deals to help compensate for the grind. These changes did not make a significant enough dent in the progression difficulty of players trying to get their heroes through later rarities and it further increased the power gap between or P2P and F2P players. Because of this we are making a more fundamental change to the crafting recipes in these problem rarities. This will decrease the stamina and time requirements for all progression through and beyond Orange +4.

Orange +4

  • Bedrock changed to 80 shard item
  • Grappling Hook changed to 80 shard Item
  • Save Point changed to 80 shard Item
  • Caribbeaner changed to 80 shard Item

Orange +5

  • Slitherwhip changed to 80 shard Item
  • Ancient Meme changed to 80 shard item
  • Khopesh Mechanism changed to 80 shard item
  • Sparkbeetle changed to 80 shard item

Pre 2.12.1 Grappling Hook

Post 2.12.1 Grappling Hook

The deprecated Scroll-Scraps and Scrolls for these items remain in the game. They now have no crafting uses and have been changed to White items. Players can still sell these items for gold or Guild Scrip. We know many of you have suffered through the grind and we will have a compensation package and more details after the update.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when viewing epic gear.

Fixed a bug that caused Campaign to fail when a player’s guild is over their Guild Influence Cap.

The Buy Stamina window no longer auto-closes after using a stamina consumable.

Guild Shop
Fixed a bug that caused the Guild Shop XP bar to visually fill inconsistently. It will now appear to fill more slowly.

The Red Dot now appears appropriately.

Items no longer change order after a purchase is made in the Dragon and Trade Shops.

Orange Crafting Changes
Update 2.14.A Patch Notes

You’re pushing server 8 too fast on levels! We just got a 10+ level raise 2 weeks ago. We do not even have whirling dagger or salty merc yet. We should be getting new heroes- not a level cap.


Do we need to give the same feedback over and over again? I truly believe you listen to the players, but it’s getting harder and harder to do that…

Like the idea of making O+4 And O+5 items easier by the way. This should be happening with every new release of gear. Only way for f2p players to keep up.


It’s not quite as bad as last time, at least Forgotten Champion will be a sign-in hero.


Why is server 4.5 getting Totem Prince as a sign in hero again. We just had him for September…


Overall, I must admit a really good update. New heroes looks really cool AND different. Some may say we dont need new heroes but at least those looks really original (their skills and new debuff ! ).
Server 6 need a little heroes rotation. (I heard you server 2 people, the merge messed with your shops up, you are the most unlucky XD)
Mystic punk is already in arena Shop in server 6, and has been there for a long time. Maybe he could be replace ?
Besides that keep up the good work! The changes for recipes can only be a good help. Id like to thank my senpais of the older servers for this.
Your sufferings and grinding pain will never be forgotten :pensive:


As stated above, why is Server 4.5 getting Totem as sign in again? He was sign in for September. Also, please change more shop heroes around, namely Fortress and Crusade!


Yeah, I agree, need a lot more shop hero rotation, in all servers. I got thousands of tokens. You guys used to rotate around every month, you really should go back to doing that.

Looks good besides that. Thanks for making the adjustments.


This will decrease the stamina and time requirements for all progression through and beyond Orange +4.


If siren is replacing monk in chests. Where is monk going?


Just so it’s clear… it looks like you are changing items that used to cost only 50 scraps to make into now 80 scraps to make… maybe I am missing something here…


I see now, getting rid of recipes and the ingredients and replacing them with simply scraps of the item itself instead, reducing the gear scraps needed for each item by several dozen scraps. I am in favor of this.


Holy crap, is that what they’ve done? Wow… o.o


Some edits to the notes above.

  • Server 1 Brass Monk will be available in Chapter 19 of the Elite Campaign
  • Server 4 is getting Satyr Fox as the sign-in hero.
  • Added some images to the gear section to show an example of the changes.




Wow that’s gonna help a lot! :o


More old epics please

Otherwise good job


Why hasn’t S3 received a new hero in 2 months? S3 always gets the shaft!


How come s2 got a shop change and a week later we merge and the shops are way different. Also. Why twin for brute in war shop?? We have an abundance of twin shards from the sign in. Owl and temptest were in war shop on s2 and that was the only change i was happy about. No one need brawler shards and stuff like that. Give us shop changes


I got 40k fortress tokens for no reason at all


Or you could actually put in one of the latest incoming heroes as sign in hero on S4 instead of another old none-epic hero no one on the server need shards for like it was this month with Totem