Update 2.12.1 Patch Notes


White items? :expressionless: Well, better than nothing I suppose. I’m interested to see what this compensation package will include.

Besides the white items everything else in the update looks great :+1:t2:


Wonder if this means we’ll be getting tons of white items in dungeon after this update, lol


increase stam packs to 120 :wink:


What happens to (for example) our grappling hook full scrolls, that cost us 50 scraps but have been paid for to convert the scrolls. Do they change to grappling hooks or are they converted back to scraps and the gold refunded?

@Polaris can you answer this please


Why stop with Orange 4 and 5?
The grind on these was bearable. The grind on some of these Orange 7 items is totally ridiculous!!



The unbearable items in six and seven are made up of the same items as in four and five…

Fixing them will Fix it :wink:

If not, then we will keep banging on till they sort them too.

Per blue are moving slowly, yes.
But they are improving the game each time.


Good to hear. Sadly, many of us have dropped thousands of stamina items since last update only to get a handful of heroes geared up to/at o7. I hope the compensation is at least somewhat fair.


Me too.

At least it helped with arena / tournament / war.
At the end of the day, if we pay to get ahead, we are the beta testers.

I posted ideas for compensation on the discord leaders chat.
I guess we will have to wait and see what we get.


What happened to totem prince. He completely disappeared from server 4


We’re looking into this…


Server 4 will be restart in about 30 minutes to bring Totem Prince back into the game.


Scrolls and scroll scraps are being turned into white items. They will not be broken down or converted to something else. We are aware players have spent scraps and gold to create scrolls, and that is being considered in the compensation package we’ll be sending out after the update.


When is this update supposed to happen? I thought it was going to be yesterday?


Lost connection to PQ S1 a few minutes ago though it’s not the usual time for updates.


Big updates are always on wednesday :nerd_face: Most of them, I dont talk about updates to fix urgent problems :wink:


Ate you able to log onto PQ now?


Yup. Im playing right now. Server 6. I dont have other accounts so I cant try the other servers :confused:


Ok thanks Dewee. It’s puzzling because usually there is a Server patch announcement pop up. :slight_smile:


Is Server 1 down for a quick patch? Didn’t see the usual pop-up announcing it was going offline.


Server 4 was down for few minutes. Don’t see any changes.