Update 2.12 Patch Notes


Portal Quest 2.12!


Welcome to Portal Quest Update 2.12! Heading your way in this update is a whole new way for Guilds to help their members put their old, dusty items to use! Along with the Guild Shop, we have some new cosmetics and of course some fresh content adjustments, improvements, and bug fixes. Read on to learn all that’s to come in Update 2.12!

Guild Shop!!!

Guild shop is a new shop that Guild Leaders and Commanders can stock with items their members need using Guild Influence or Diamonds. Members donate their extra items to help improve the shop and earn the currency required to purchase things stocked in the shop.


  • Guild leadership can start using the guild by Unlocking the Guild Shop Perk from your Guild’s Perks Menu.
  • Once your guild shop is open, various shops can be purchased and upgraded using Guild influence. Upgrading the shops make them more effective.
  • Members come together as a guild by “Donating” your extra gear and hero Shards to gain Scrip and Shop XP
  • Scrip is used to purchase stock from the shops
  • Shop XP levels up your guild shop allowing better upgrades

Purchasing Shops


  • Shops are purchased through the Upgrade Tab for Guild Influence
  • Some Shops require a certain Shop Level before becoming available
  • Only Guild Leaders and Commanders can purchase Shops

Stocking Shops


  • Once a Shop has been purchased it can be Stocked by Guild Leadership from the Stock Tab using Diamonds or Guild Influence
  • Stocking Items make them available for purchase in a shop for guild Scrip
  • The items available to stock the shop with are different each day

Purchasing Items


  • Once items are available for purchase they can be selected in the Purchase Tab
  • Purchasing an item or resource costs Guild Scrip
  • When the amount available for an item reaches 0 it is removed from the Shop.
  • Check with your guild when purchasing an item. Once it is gone, it is gone for everyone.

Donating Items


  • Items, scrolls, scraps, scroll scraps and Hero Shards can be donated in the Donate Tab
  • Donating an item provides you with Guild Scrip and Adds Shop XP to your Guild’s Shop Level Bar
    Gaining Shop Levels unlocks the ability for Leadership to purchase New Shops and Upgrades
  • 3,000 Scrip worth of items can be Donated per day per Member. Once you hit your 3,000 Scrip cap you will have to wait until tomorrow to donate more.
  • Hero Shards can only be Donated after reaching 5 Stars on that Hero

Upgrading Shops


  • Shops that have been purchased can be Upgraded in the Upgrade Tab
  • Selecting Upgrade shows the upgrades available
    • Inventory Slots Upgrade allows more different unique items in to be put into a shop
    • Inventory Count Upgrade allows more max items in each Inventory Slot
    • Inventory Variety Upgrade gives guild leadership more options each day when selecting items to stock into the shop.
  • Upgrades unlock after reaching certain Shop Levels
  • Upgrades cost Guild Influence and are purchased when the Level Up button is selected
  • Only Guild Leaders and Commanders can purchase Shop Upgrades

Navigating the Guild Shop

  • When Multiple Shops are available the Left/Right arrows can be used to switch between them in the Purchase and Stock Tabs
  • The Drop-down can additionally be used to switch between Shops
  • The Drop-down includes how many unique items are available for purchase in each shop

New Consumable Items!!!

We have added 2 new consumable items to the game. These will pop up as rewards in various events like Contests, Portal Lords etc.

Trial Reset Item

  • Activating this item will reset the number of chances you have to engage with the Trials. This item will reset your chances for every Trial which is open that day.
  • This item will be rewarded in different contests, events, or Portal Lords.

Tower Reset Item

  • Activating this item will reset the number of chances you have to engage with the Tower. This item will reset your chances for every Tower which is open that day.
  • This item will be rewarded in different contests, events, or Portal Lords.

Chapter 19: Darker Dungeons (S1 & S2)

Our heroes have finally gathered their legendary items and completed their quest-- the only problem is, they don’t know what to do with any of it! Luckily for them, a chance reunion with the Highwayman leads them deep into the deadly Dungeon, to meet a mysterious man who may hold the key to the next step in their journey: the Old Alchemist!

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1:

  • Chapter 19
  • Max Team Level 130
  • New Rarity: Orange +7

Server 2:

  • Chapter 19

  • Max Team Level 130

  • New Rarity: Orange +7

  • Shops

    • Whirling Dagger replaces Highwayman in the Arena Shop
    • Scarred Brawler replaces Skull Buster in the Crusade Shop
    • Totem Prince replaces Storm Wizard in the Crusade Shop
    • Ice Berg replaces Oasis Guardian in the Fortress Shop
    • Owl Bear replaces Warp Mage in the War Shop
    • Tempest replaces Feral Brute in the War Shop
  • Highwayman will be available in the Elite Campaign.

  • Skull Buste will be available in the Elite Campaign.

  • Storm Wizard will be available in the Elite Campaign.

  • Oasis Guardian will be available in the Elite Campaign.

  • Warp Mage will be available in the Elite Campaign.

  • Feral Brute will be available in the Elite Campaign.

  • Twin Trackers has been removed from the Elite Campaign

Server 3:

  • Shops
    • Serpent King replaces Owl Bear in the Arena shop
    • Whirling Dagger replaces Princess Portal in the Crusade Shop
    • Noob Hero replaces Light Warden in the Crusade Shop
    • Ember Wisp replaces Storm Wizard in the Fortress Shop
  • Owl Bear will be available in the Elite Campaign.
  • Princess Portal will be available in the Elite Campaign.
  • Light Warden will be available in the Elite Campaign.
  • Storm Wizard will be available in the Elite Campaign.

Server 4.5:

  • New Hero - Panther Stalker will be available in Gold Chests, replacing Tempest
  • New Hero - Dragoon will be available in the Elite Campaign
  • Tempest will be available in the Elite Campaign

Server 6:

  • New Hero - Tempest will be available in the Gold Chest replacing Lion Knight
  • New Hero - Serpent King will be available in the Elite Campaign
  • Lion Knight will be available in the Elite Campaign

Server 7:

  • New Hero - Owl Bear will be available in the Gold Chest replacing Ice Berg
  • New Hero - Lion Knight will be available in the Elite Campaign
  • Ice Berg will be available in the Elite Campaign

Server 8:

  • New Hero - Howling Claw will be available in Gold Chests, Replacing Scarred Brawler
  • Scarred Brawler will be available in the Royal Tournament Shop, replacing Highwayman.
  • Highwayman will be available in the Elite Campaign


  • Drop rates have been increased for Bonus Items added in the last patch to Chapters 16-18. Bonus Items have been moved around in these chapters. Bonus items which were hidden in these chapters dropping at a low chance have been removed. Other hidden items have not been changed.
  • A New Fortress Difficulty has been added. This 6th difficulty adds more lineups to defeat as well as improved rewards. Need more Strength and vitality for your Epic Crystals? Come find them here!
  • The cap to stamina a player can have at any given time has been raised from 1000 to 2000
  • A “Use Stamina Item” button has been added to the “Buy Stamina” window.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed bug that showed incorrect Epic Crystals for a players heroes in Arena.


  • Fixed bug where Campaign Trophies took players to the wrong Campaign Level
  • Fixed bug that caused Boots of Speed to be applied in war combats
  • Fixed UI bug that showed incorrect values in Epic Crystal stats
  • Fixed screen sizing issues on iPhoneX
  • Fixed bug that showed text as an artifact.


  • Brass Monk
    • Fixed Bug that caused her projectiles to stay on screen
    • Fixed Bug that caused Brass Monk to crash the game in combat
  • Twin Trackers
    • Fixed Bug causing Twin Trackers to Disappear in Combat
  • Panther Stalker’s Abilities have been fixed and turned back on


  • Fixed Bug causing the Identify Elixir Shrine effect to not stack as intended
  • Fixed bug that caused players to get stuck in a dungeon room when a combat timed out.


  • Fixed Screen sizing issue with Fortress UI


I gather that this isn’t a typo and Princess Buttercup is completely replacing Princess Portal. I just hope Portal shards can be used on Buttercup.

The good news is, since Buttercup is a new hero she’ll already have her epic :slight_smile:

EDIT: Damn your ninja edits.


Lol. Thank god twins are now fixed and panther. Next up twin nerf some. Thanks


Another cap and gear raise…

That’s it, I give up.


Hey twin FINALLY fixed from disappearing, we’ll see about that, maybe it’ll fix the twins hula hoop issue also which pauses the battle for 30 seconds… all these new heroes popping out having all these bugs though… will you ever learn? Exciting another new story which most of us can’t even remember what’s going on… need that story board… so many questions to ask though about new items and such… where to begin… so for the trials and towers reset that means Sunday is the optimal use day or I guess if there’s a special event opening both but :thinking: still doesn’t help much with trying to build 50 heroes to full gear and full level before cap raise even using double exp drop daily… as for drop rate increased we shall see about that as well cuz how it was before you were burning more Stam at higher quest level for less drops that ch 13 gear… all there is to be said is we shall see.


Fingers crossed for a reasonably bug free update.
“Use stamina item” button is probably my favourite feature this update. I’ll definitely be needing it to farm what I can only imagine is some unfathomably colossal amount of gear.
As for the guild shop I’m hopeful that it is actually going to be beneficial for our guildies that are still chasing those remaining hero shards or gear items.
Will just have to wait an see I guess


I’m chasing quite a lot of gear, hun…


Seems like a really good update! Cant wait to see the new guild shops and those trials and tower reset… Really cool :smiley:
Only suggestion for next update: a rotation for heroes shards in specific shops for server 6 would be nice. I think fox is in crusade shop since Ive started playing :stuck_out_tongue: Also, lot of new heroes are going in tournament or elite campaign. Owl and Berg tournament, lion knight in elite after only in gold chest, twin in elite, serpent in elite :cry:. Last new hero that went in a good shop is maiden in crusade I think :thinking:
So a little rotation could be nice.
Besides that Im really looking forward for the update! Keep up the good work, good suggestions are starting to be added in the game and players will only be gratefull. At least I am :smiley:

Edit: Iceberg was in gold chest before going in tournament. Also, after being the sign in hero in april for server 6, fox is in crusade Shop since May 1st… I think its time for him to move :sweat_smile:


Another team and gear lvl increase for server 2 already? AGAIN?! come on man!!! :rage:


Lol my post was flagged lmao that’s funny what a bunch of whiny babies


When is the update happening??


Probably next wednesday :slight_smile:


Wednesday as in 4 days time?


Yes, but i can be wrong @Sir_Tofu_IV But im pretty sure the last major updates were added on wednesday.


Think they want to merge S1 and S2, but there are too many players for 1 server. So they have to make a few more quit for that.

But yeah on a more serious note, the new rarity is just unnecessary. I’ve been doing a rant about it last update that only top 50 or so had the new gear complete, so not gonna do that again. Don’t think they’ll ever stop with this crap.
Just a level cap would be cool. Skip the rarity update now and then. Doing all dailies every day should be enough to keep up with the level cap.

Don’t want to be all negative again tho, because the rest of this update looks quite promising to me. Just hope that new guild shop won’t be another money pit to keep it up… Don’t know how hard it is to reach 2000 of those tickets thingies, but 2000 tickets for 5000 xp makes me hope it’s really easy


These are absolutely the worst hero changes to the shop ive ever seen?? Those heros have been out forever and arent even used and or have been in the shop before!! None of those new heros added to the shop are epic nor did you release epics for them. Why do i need brawler or oasis shards when ive already saved up 40k fortress token not buying oasis


Im glad we got a a high banked stamina and the use stamina button will be very nice. But im literally making it rain in shop tokens because i have nothing to spend on… the gear isnt worth the cost and hero shards are more important… if they were heros we used


Ill take half my argument back. Owl bear and temptest in war shop doesnt sound half bad. But those other changes are sorta useless. How about Shield Maiden in crusade or soul binder something cool like that


It’s sad to see they straight up ignore their mid term consumers and these rushed lvl and gear increases end up giving 0 worth to our money… oh and just so you guys take note, scraps for items have been INCREASED TO 80 so it won’t be surprising if even his whales quit after they start needing 100 scraps for an item… It’s hard to believe once we only needed 20 scraps for one… I really struggled to remain alive on Orange+6 and lvl 125, I don’t mean to sound like a crybaby, but this is just abusive after so much exposition about how grinding is killing the game.


Good time for cup rise.
Why O+7? It should be Red+0.
Plz don’t make O+7 gear super hard to collect. O+5 aND O+6 are already hard to get.
Don’t remove Twins from elite camping. Plz.
Next rise cup should be at 2019 in January.