Update 2.12 Patch Notes


They raise the cap up every month, good luck on them listening to your request; Won’t uappen. We’ve been requesting this for months.


O6 gear even with 500 stam packs n double drops i managed 3 heroes…this is beyond ridiculous. O7 gear will no doubt need o6 gear again plus extras…come on per blue, stop catering to the 1%


First. When I found this game, updates were a couple of months apart. I play quite a few games and this game is the only one needing major monthly updates.
Can you please, for the love of god, stop adding new content and just work on bugs, gameplay and balance issues.
I’m glad the bug fixes are there, but aside from that, the only good thing about this update is no new heroes.
But, you need to do better with drop rates. You fixate on higher level gear but there is purple scraps only available in a single stage that have worse drop rates than the newest gear in the newest stages. Where I used to get maybe 1/3 drops at worst before, I know am lucky to get 1/4.
Also on drop rates, as a scrap appears in higher level stages, among higher level gear, it’s drop rates should be improving, not getting worse.

There’s no point being a small spender any more because there is no longer any benefit to it.


Orange 7? Are you guys too lazy to at least introduce a new gear level color? It’s getting impossible to tell the difference from orange 5, 6, and now 7. Otherwise how can anybody be surprised by anything else.


Before this last update I got all my heroes to 120 finally caught up to cap on exp and even having a decent hoard of extra exp going into this 125 cap update the time was not even enough to gather enough exp to get my heroes caught up to 125 before this next cap raise. Bear in mind I’ve become entirely f2p. I was only able to reach 123 with a few 124s on each hero before this update… yet team level has been 125 for weeks and no heroes are ready for this o7 upgrade nonsense… also my opinion of red being pushed back is they can barely keep toons functioning properly with 4 skillsets let alone adding a 5th and breaking everything with red… but that’s my assumption from knowing what I know. Fact is exp even using double exp items with many Stam packs saved up is not enough between cap raises not enough to build exp nor is it enough to build the gear to upgrade the tiers… even with the 4x drop before last raise and 900 Stam packs it wasn’t enough to catch up… these are facts.


I believe that alone shows how much they have been “creative” about the gear issue, there’s never been a color going past lvl 5 in over a year and a half of this game’s lifespan (and yet Orange is already +7 in less than 6 months if im correct), it’s going to be a real shame if they keep ignoring the real issue here (which is over the top an excessive grinding under ridiculously low drop rates) Per Blue, please revamp the gear requirements to items that only require drops from newer Chapters, like it was before Ch 12, or start by removing purple items from recipes, they are way too complicated already to keep doing that.


As far as gear color and rank goes you guys don’t seem to have caught the trend yet, we had regular then green 1 blue 2 purple 4 orange 8 red may stay at 8 or may go to 16 you will have to wait and see. Now for the actual update itself goes Can’t say I’ll be sticking around after this update, with work school and everything else there’s just no way I can stay relevant anymore. I still don’t have a single toon maxed on o6 gear nor am I even lvl 125 yet. The worst thing about it is that I’ve spent 50$ since the update came out when they had what would be considered good deals. In my lifespan of this game I’ve spent over 3,500.00$ I refuse to slend more.


Same. I won’t be here for much longer. :frowning:


Gear updates are getting rediculous.

Time to go f2p

Too much cash for no gain


Good Luck mate, i’m a f2p player and the game doesn’t make sense to me any more! What should I do? Grind scraps or grind hero shards? With these drop rates that i see it’s not just possible. Never mind the limits of being f2p (no daily raid tickets? Come on man!)


Nice update, we where due another cap rise, I’m not sure about the O+7 though but hopefully the new chapter will make O+6 scraps drop a bit more often. The guild shop also looks helpful, the new consumables look like something that can help out in a pinch too. And you can’t go wrong with bug fixes unless you create different bugs lol but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Overall I’m very pleased.


You shouldn’t be…


Why not? The only thing I think isn’t a great addition is 0+7, because it can be a pain to grind for if you’re super competetive, I’m not so it isn’t a problem.


Omg this update woulda been great… But its 6 months too late and too many people have quit. You know it’d make sense if PB would listen to our feed back and implement it when it mattered and not as a last resort because the games dying. The game has 2.5 feet left before it hits the 6 foot under Mark. I think the sensitive devs and sensitive members of chat support have killed the game. You’d rather block us or ban us than here our honest feedback. Sure some might be angry and emotional but that is a sign that people are passionate about your game and care to see positive changes. Y’all should cut your losses and move on to the next project cuz this is done son


As long as there are NO PANTS in the store


I like the redundancy when describing the new inventory items, but I still think it’s unclear where they can be obtained.

Portal lords, contests, and events like portal lords and contests will now reward trial and tower reset, items which can be obtained in events like portal lords and contests. These items, which will be found as progress rewards in contests and tier rewards in portal lords will allow users to reset dungeon and trials; this should help with hero exp and the item grind, and all a user has to do is an event like portal lords, an event like contests, portal lords, and contests.

(and they will probably be obtainable via $20 deals which include 300 stamina and some O+5 items, but that goes without saying).


When are we getting this update?


Yea, I was under the impression the countdown was for when the update was actually being released. Silly me.


Most updates are Wednesday around 3 PM EST. That’s not an official time, but it’s the closest pattern I’ve noticed.



I think you’ve replace tempest in the elite campaign on server 2. The notes above reference removing twin but not tempest