Update 2.12 Patch Notes


It’s limited to 1 click before it’s closed. Best thing out of this update and you don’t even test things. Wtf. It’s like devs don’t even care enough to test/play this game anymore. (Lol)


Yeah I havent bothered using it. I just note the chapter I need and exit out. That 1 click is more time consuming than exiting out like before.


Has anyone else lost their red notifier that stages are available in the tower?


Yup that is my answer but PQ sats that it should be atleast 20 characters ,so face it


@Spiselschweisan yeah, it’s a typical Per Blue update. They only test that the update actually still allows the game to load. They have zero interest in actually checking that they have not created new bugs.

A complete and utter lack of quality control with this game now. For the last 12 months, I think there has been at least one new bug breaking an existing feature with every update. That is NOT including bugs introduced for new features or heroes.

When updates used to come every 3 months, sure, the odd bug crept in, but they were quickly fixed.
But, now…?
Too many updates, too many new features and not enough time testing each update before release.