Update 2.14.1 Patch Notes


Portal Quest 2.14.1


We have 2 new heroes and a new server! We have a handful of bug fixes, and new content for all servers. The team is working on the next “Big Thing” and digging into some persistent combat issues with some Heroes. Stay tuned for those in the next update!

New Heroes [Server 1]

Wandering Sword

The Wandering Sword is a legendary master swordsman from the Wild Lands. Great warriors seek, and lowly brigands fear, the lessons his blade teaches.

Wandering Sword is a Front-Line Damage Finesse hero who will be in the Gold Chest on Server 1.


Deadly Patience
Wandering Sword Curses the closest enemy that is at or below a threshold of their max health and then Executes them, killing them instantly. If no enemies are within this threshold of health after reaching max energy, Wandering Sword enters a Focused state to reduce all incoming damage while he waits for the most opportune time to strike.During this Focused state the health threshold needed to perform an Execute steadily raises, eventually reaching a cap.

Dodges one attack every 3 seconds.

Shell Meditation
When Wandering Sword falls below a certain amount of his max health he Blesses himself and retreats into his shell to meditate. While in his shell he reduces incoming damage and heals twice a second throughout the duration.

Cut Down - New Shared Skill!
This Hero deals extra damage to targets based on how much Current Health they have.

Epic Gear
Shell of Contemplation
The greatest swordsmasters of Wandering School can meditate so long gardens spring up around them…or even, sometimes, on them.

Wandering Sword reduces more incoming damage while in his Focused state from Deadly Patience. His Execute threshold now starts at a higher percentage of the target’s max health and he gains full energy after performing a successful Execute.

Splash Phoenix

The Splash Phoenix is a mythical bird born from seafoam falling from the back of a turtle. It’s a common figure on healing charms and other coastal tourist tchotchkes.

Splash Phoenix is a Back-Line Support Finesse Hero who will be the November Sign In Hero on Server 1.


Trouble Bubble
Splash Phoenix spouts off a ball of water towards the enemy with the lowest health. The ball splashes between multiple enemies, dealing damage with each splash and always targeting the next lowest health enemy.

Resists being Stunned, Slowed, Immobilized, and being put to Sleep.

Effervescent Aura
Splash Phoenix Blesses an ally and surrounds them with bubbles. Once attacked, a bubble will pop to absorb some of the damage dealt and heal the ally for some health. The Bless is removed once all the bubbles have been popped.

Ember’s Blessing
Gains Energy at the end of a wave.

Epic Gear
Jewel of the Ocean
A mythic gem that cures colds and migraines. A heartbeat is heard inside whenever it gets wet.

Trouble Bubble splashes to enemies more times and deals additional damage with each splash. Whenever enemies are hit twice during a single cast of the skill they get Stunned.

New Epic Gear (Servers 1-8)

Scarred Brawler

Champion’s Helmet
Scarred Brawler wore this helmet in the Arena, and gilded it after he won his freedom with the blade. Woe to those who make him wear it again.

Scarred Brawler now converts some of the Threat he generates into Energy. He also gains damage reduction based on the amount of Threat he has. Additionally, Threatening Strike now deals bonus damage per swing.

Along with his Epic gear Scarred Brawler is getting a slight buff to his Blue Skill. Fury Swipes now heals for 100% of the crit damage done.

Princess Portal

Mysterious Block
The true sign of royalty is owning a solid block of gold. If you bump it with your head, you’ll only get a concussion.

Royal Ball now bounces extra times and deals more damage with each bounce. Enemies past the initial impact of the skill are Charmed toward the previous enemy hit.

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1 & 3:
November Sign in Hero: Splash Phoenix

  • New Hero: Wandering Sword replaces Ancient Siren in the Gold Chest
  • 3rd Epic Crystal

Server 4:
November Sign in Hero: Twin Trackers

  • Chapter 18: Once Upon a Time in a Pastiche
  • Max Team Level 125
  • Orange +6 Gear Rarity
  • 2nd Epic Crystal
  • Dragoon moves to the Royal Tournament Shop
  • Ember Wisp replaces Oasis Guardian in the Arena Shop
  • Totem Prince and Cogmaster replace The Grizz and Storm Wizard in the Crusade Shop
  • Whirling Dagger and Tempest replace Light Warden and Ice Berg in the Fortress Shop
  • Spell Binder and Dragoon replace Owl Bear and Serpent King in the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 6:
November Sign in Hero: The Grizz

  • Chapter 17: Just Deserts
  • Max Team Level 120
  • Orange +5 Gear Rarity
  • New Hero: Brass Monk replaces Panther Stalker in the Gold Chest

Server 7:
November Sign in Hero: The Birdbarian
The new chapter and team level increase for server 7 will happen on October 26.

  • Chapter 14: Burned Out
  • Max Team Level 105
  • Orange +2 Gear Rarity

Server 8:
November Sign in Hero: Noob Hero

  • Chapter 12: Cold Reunion
  • Max Team Level 95
  • Orange +0 Gear Rarity
  • Epic Epic Dungeon Unlocked!
  • Skull Buster replaces Hex Witch in the Crusade Shop
  • Feral Brute and Rogue Bowman replace Mystic Punk and War Blade in the Fortress Shop
  • Mass Destruction replaces Princess Portal in the War Shop
  • Wander Woman replaces Grizzled Hunter in the Royal Tournament Shop
  • The Grizz replaces Salty Merc in the Gold Chest

Server 9: 9 Lives - Welcome!
November Sign in Hero: Void Caster

  • Max Team Level 60
  • Purple Gear Rarity


  • Reduced overall App File size
  • Increasing the drop rate of raid tickets in the campaign

Bug Fixes


  • Cog Master
    • Fixed a bug where Cog Master would cause a timeout in combat
  • Warp Mage
    • Fixed a bug that caused her Aspect to revert to Finesse at the start of a Portal Lords event.


  • Changed the wording of “Max Flags Per Guild member” to “Max Attacks Per Guild Member” which better represents the functionality of the feature.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the Total Guild AP in war to incorrectly increase when AP was donated to a member.


  • Fixed a crash that occurred when selecting the Purchase Gift option in events.
  • When gifting, the first-time diamond bonus for the Daily Deal will not be given to the purchaser or recipient.
  • Removing the Raid All Button from Heroes Menu


Nice. Please do an epic for Ginger also.


Server 4 says New hero: Dragoon will be in the Royal Tourny. Dragoon isn’t new to Server 4. Is it supposed to be new hero Forgotten Champion?


Speedy @OhRlyeh just fixed it! Thanks


On server 1, where will Siren and Forgotten go? (Currently gold chest and sign in)


You have got to be kidding, you just gave server three, three new heros and now you add two more?


It would be really cool if one of the new, or new-ish, heroes got moved to the dungeon. We could really use a new boss dungeon hero, as well as a new boss dungeon difficulty. Hard difficulty isn’t that difficult anymore.


You’re merging with S1, you need to have what we have.

And one is a sign in hero, which is significantly better than having Light Warden as the sign in option again.


If s4 and s6 are planned to merge mid November it is kind of troublesome that s4 has a cap increase. Because that means 2 cap increases for s6 til mid November. And we had one about 2 weeks ago. That is too much.


Per blue need their money!!


Releasing epic skills for 2 not even original heroes does not make up for releasing another 2 heroes with epics already.

I am quite sure 95% of people would rather you release epics for all the current heroes before you start releasing new heroes again.
Or, at least make the new heroes wait for the epic skills.

But, instead, you keep making it a bigger and bigger joke.

And don’t think we don’t see the cash grab releasing new servers as older servers are dying amd long time players get screwed over with too many rapid updates.


I’m very glad to finally see some OG heroes coming into epic skills!


Spell binder is not in the crusade shop on server 8…


Oh perblue, as so many have said, the frequency of new heroes is far too high. Barely anyone has been able to 5 star siren or forgotten, we definitely do not have them high level epic and now we get 2 new heroes and 2 new epics?! STOP MAKING NEW HEROES. We literally have no time to learn how to use the last ones because you already make new ones.

I have a question, is the money you get from the whales in epidemic (S1) worth destroying the game for everyone else that plays it? You give us no chance to be competitive because you keep putting everyone further and further behind. A large part of server 1 can barely get epics to lvl 100, but don’t worry, here are 4 more epics. Not to mention the epic keys are so hard to come by.

With all of this being said, stop making new heroes. Make the old ones relevant first, then let’s talk about new ones. And while this may sound silly, I’m a little sad at how these mergers have happened. Server 1 was around far longer than 2 was, and then we have to merge with them. Then, server 3 joins, but they get handouts for everything we had to earn. Basically server 2 got shafted by your attempt to keep the game relevant. I’d love some free supplies too, epic keys, stamina, items, hero shards, literally anything. I’m sure your greedy little paws can spare something for the server that never got a month of extra time or force fed a ton of supplies.

Please, consider saving the game before your wallets PB. I’m sure you’ve grossed enough money by now. Especially since your support takes days to answer and the bug fixes are less frequent than new heroes. Oh, and one more thing, if you are going to keep making more and more crystals with such increased expense, at least make them scale with the cost. There is no reason a crystal that costs 10k should give the same growth as something they costs 20k or even 30k @OhRlyeh


Great question… yet another missight


Okay where to start!

We barely have our latest new heroes at 3 star, so two new ones are ridiculous. Servers 1+3 are meant to be merging but we’re getting more content we don’t need or want that’s going to make everything worse?

Where is the XP coming from that we’re meant to level these new (and lots of old) heroes with? You buffed the trials the tiniest amount, but where is the much needed tower upgrade? We need MILLIONS! Despite how much I wish that was a joke it isn’t. Literal millions of XP is exactly what everyone needs to get caught up in any way.

Finally two new epics for old heroes, but again, why couldn’t it have been four new epics for old heroes, and forgo the new heroes entirely?

A third epic crystal? I barely have epic crystals on the heroes I do have. The price doubled for the second, so can we expect it to double again? 40,000 for it? Great.

Stop with more content, and fix the content we already have. Better crafting recipes, more XP and gold, remove the limit on skill points, or at least make the reset cost much cheaper. Epics for older heroes. Adjust Gold chest drops relative to things we already have. I opened some contest rewards the other day, and got 90 Loyal Squire shards from three chests. What? Bias it toward newer heroes, or heroes we have fewer shards for in our inventories. Speaking of, why do some heroes, when dropping a full new hero, give 7, 18, or 30 shards? It makes no sense. I have them at the same level, and at the same number of stars, but the drop is different? Madness. Fix the random bugs in dungeon where heroes disappear, where they kicked off the screen, random dark shapes across the screen, other visual bugs. Fix the energy tower in war, that gives WAY more than 40% starting energy for the enemy team. Lower the portal lords tier requirements, since you lowered the guild member numbers despite the consensus being not to. Increase portal lords rewards! Full items! Stamina packs, not banked stamina. More epic items, more new hero shards, more consumables. Not another useless cosmetic item or chat stamp noone ever uses.



They’re all moving to Elite Campaign :slight_smile:


It wasn’t all that long ago that there was outrage over how quickly new heroes are being released. And y’all kind of listened… With another cap raise and rarity, we’re not suddenly more ready for more heroes. Y’all have got to understand that this game isn’t the same as when we were just level 70’s with purple gear. At level 135, we do not need to be progressing at the same rate as the newer servers.

Gear grind is still incredibly difficult and costly, and is leaving the moderate spenders far behind. (what happens when they quit and there just isn’t any competition in the game?)

Epic Grind is basically a part time job. Is it the intention of the devs that this game is a chore? or that this game requires 20+ hours of continuous dungeon time a week? If we’re all stuck in the dungeon, who’s going to go to work and make the money needed to spend on this game?

Lack of vials, lack of hero shards available, lack of xp, gold…

You have this amazing player base that has stuck with you. Despite our numerous frustrations with how this game has progressed, we’re still here. We’re still holding out hope that things will improve! But y’all are still missing the point. Who here is saying yes! let’s go faster!? Who here is saying we need more new heroes with instant epic status? Before even more players quit, please listen to your player base.


So which heroes are moving to elite? Siren and forgotten? Because that was the question and you lack specificity.



I did not need to specify because the original question already specified that they were asking where Forgotten and Siren were heading. To which I have responded that they are all going to Elite.

Just to clarify, Forgotten and Siren are going to Elite.

Don’t act all confrontational with me when I am actually trying to give you a helpful answer.