Update 2.14.1 Patch Notes


It wasn’t all that long ago that there was outrage over how quickly new heroes are being released. And y’all kind of listened… With another cap raise and rarity, we’re not suddenly more ready for more heroes. Y’all have got to understand that this game isn’t the same as when we were just level 70’s with purple gear. At level 135, we do not need to be progressing at the same rate as the newer servers.

Gear grind is still incredibly difficult and costly, and is leaving the moderate spenders far behind. (what happens when they quit and there just isn’t any competition in the game?)

Epic Grind is basically a part time job. Is it the intention of the devs that this game is a chore? or that this game requires 20+ hours of continuous dungeon time a week? If we’re all stuck in the dungeon, who’s going to go to work and make the money needed to spend on this game?

Lack of vials, lack of hero shards available, lack of xp, gold…

You have this amazing player base that has stuck with you. Despite our numerous frustrations with how this game has progressed, we’re still here. We’re still holding out hope that things will improve! But y’all are still missing the point. Who here is saying yes! let’s go faster!? Who here is saying we need more new heroes with instant epic status? Before even more players quit, please listen to your player base.


So which heroes are moving to elite? Siren and forgotten? Because that was the question and you lack specificity.



I did not need to specify because the original question already specified that they were asking where Forgotten and Siren were heading. To which I have responded that they are all going to Elite.

Just to clarify, Forgotten and Siren are going to Elite.

Don’t act all confrontational with me when I am actually trying to give you a helpful answer.


Totally agreed with @LoOLoO.

The rate of new heroes if to quick. Also you need to mix the way to get the sharps. On the game we have many store and the dungeon.

Also most if new heroes if you get sharps from chest the max is 7 or 18. Not like some old that went you get the chest you get 30.

For moderate spender and non spender. This new heroes just make a bigger distance to getting competitive and also more frustration.

Is good to get old heroes with epic and is understanding that all new Heroes will be epic. But need to overview the progress and value and take in consideration more our feedback.


Because that raid all button would kick you out of the Game. So that’s a great fix. And looks like you’re now fixing a lot more stuff to help us all out, thank you for all your team work on this matter.


Thanks for @LoOLoO to explain perfectly what is wrong with this update. I was so mad yesterday there was no way I could write something without being flag… Honestly I hope no one belives by now that the new server is an opportunity to being competitive. Besides the new players and some big spenders with too much money, there is no point. Im in server 6 and its already clear to me that small spenders like me are waisting their money. Im getting more close to f2p players than the rest of the players with the new pace of updates :confused: And we have the new recipes for o+4 and o+5! I cant even understand why not much more people left before this was change! Without major changes, the only purpose of server 9 will be his merge with server 7 and 8. Because I know its going to happen, the only question is when.


OK… So I got flagged so let’s try a different approach

The rate of hero delivery is too damn high!!!
Thats the only thing here annoying me, although the time in game comes quite close to that annoyance

As for xp and epic keys… Can earn those like wildfire from endless, only downside is you have to put an extortionate amount of time in
Xp used to be 2200 or whatever it’s now 16660 from endless… I’ve earned 7million since update for that change (8.6million will max a hero to 135 so I’m still short but it helps a lot)
Epic keys… They are too easy to farm in endless providing you have time

It’s all a matter of if you want to give up free time to enjoy your life… Or spend all that time working for your heros benefit
Time in pq needs to be drastically reduced. No one wants to be in app all day when in reality should be able to log in for mins and bugger off back to reality

Scale back the difficulty in progression by making the time in app a lot less


S3 merge with S1. Ok so were double this gear, quadruple that gear. Throwing in new heros. Ohh my now new crystals. I have absolutely no problem dungeoning. Putting 2x gold on everything as I go, very helpful if you have them. But, I have a question. What about the SKILL points. To one of the math geniuses how long will it take to reach level 135 with say 40 skill points at drop rate of 1 every 5 minutes.


So, I simply say no to your cute new heros. To the S3 server, we can beat the new toons. Haven’t seen one that didnt take us less than a day to beat.


Screw it… 20 levels per hero 52 heros… 5200mins
you have 40 levels per hero 10500mins…

Ill let you work out the days required…
24 hours a day catching every skill reset makes it quicker… But around a week or more if you only log in a couple times per day


Thank you for confirming something I realised a few months ago. I’ve lost my mind.


I know what Per Blue’s answer to the burning questions of how to keep up is.

“spend more money”


I see lots of complaints and such, and I hope​:crossed_fingers: ya’ll find peace, :v:️but it is a choice to play, there’s another game similar per blue sold a while back my friend plays and loves the company… Something to consider maybe

With that said,
My biggest issue is with dungeon, I have soooo much extra gear already, and EPIC is near impossible for me (mind u I am one of top players on s7) I can’t get further than 1/2 way, not enough potion avail whether to win, earn or buy. On top of that epic gear basically is achieved thru blue chest event or boss kills… Could u lessen basic gear in Epic Dungeon and put more Epic or just less chests, I don’t know, ur the GM’s.

Next is regarding the guild store… It’s a dispute with me and some friends to upgrade it and take advantage of it,.
My view is it may not be so helpful for myself being maxed usually, but an advantage to help lower lvl mates move up… Could more information be given about it. An argument against my wish to go forward is the exchange rate to purchase…I feel it’s no diff than merchant or chests, but that is me… Any advice and opinion greatly appreciated.

:pray: Wishing u all the best, and


Cute. An S7 player is just starting to understand why the rest of us complain (and apparently says we need to seek peace and pity ourselves over it). Come back in two months, sweety.

I’ma echo most of the players here: thank you for epicking Princess and Brawler, but we didn’t need the new heroes. The grind for these is near impossible for low spenders, and it just can’t happen for free ones. I’ve spent some, played for 16months, and I just won’t have the hero shards for them…

It doesn’t matter though, these words fall on blind eyes. I think it’s dumb for releasing a new server when the obvious could have been done, and #8 could have been slowed back a little. In just a few months you’ll be merging them because they’ll be dead due to not listening to players.

Good luck with your game. It’s about to pop.


@Lexi_II You were faster than me on this one :wink: We are not trying to find peace, we are trying to explain why some elements of this update are not OK :joy: Not long ago my server was at Orange+2 so I understand why you may not realise what we are complaining about :wink: You will see it pretty soon just like I did. (But not as much as the unlucky who had to gear heroes before the o+4/o+5 changes :confused: )


When is this update coming?


I’d say Holloween/ the first of November. Server three is about to merge with Server 1, and I think this will launch at the same time as the merge.

The grind is horrid. It shouldn’t take THIRTY raids on QUAD DROPS EVENT (that’s 120 raids on a normal day) to collect FIFTY scraps/scrolls. That’s at least 720 stamina, for ONE item…

It’s just disgusting. This will be my last update where I reach cap lvl/current rank. The normal player just can’t afford it.


S3 merge S1
I’m not complaining at all. I am just seeking logical answers to my questions. Unfortunately, I am mathematically challenged and need the help of those who are smarter than I am.
Helpppppp. I need a correct formula to drop in Google. I need a good scare for Halloween.
X = potions per day x 7 that’s if you take a flag in the Fortress
N = amount of potions needed per crystals × 3
Y = # of heros



Can we get clarification in the notes of where siren and forgotten will be available? Elite, Gold chest?
I mean i can assume, but have learned usually not best to assume.


Not enough = potions per day x 7 that’s if you take a flag in the Fortress
Too many = amount of potions needed per crystals × 3
Too many x 52 = # of heroes