Update 2.14.1 Patch Notes


This sort of calculation is premature. The 4th crystal will be released a few months after the 3rd crystal and the 5th crystal will be released a few months after that. We don’t know how many vials will be required for the 3rd (as of this post), 4th, or 5th crystals. If each crystal increases the required number of vials by 10k (we don’t know the pattern, so this is a guess), then the final two crystals will require 1.5 times the number of vials required for the first three crystals.


I wouldn’t be surprised if PB pull a swifty and make the 3rd crystal cost more (or less) than 30k vial thingys.
But if it stays on course of 10k increments then you can say it’d cost 60k for 3 crystals, 100k for 4 crystals, and 150k for 5 crystals.

150k x 52 is… Large number over in the millions.
With like just under 8k vials gained a day from fortress (if your VIP level is high, whatever it needs to be), plus the odd vials here and there for rewards from PL events… It can be… A very… Very… Very long time to have all 5 crystals on all heroes.
Not to mention they will release more heroes no doubt about that.
Though… There are only 7 more trophies to achieve (according to the trophy screen). So not sure how many more chapters of campaign they’re gonna release… And all that jazz. They’ll probably pull a swifty on that and increase the total trophies anyway.
Who knoooowwwws?
Maybe OhRlyeh does. But all we get outta him is… SECRETS.



My over taxed calculator fingers say thank you .its true what they say. “The only stupid question is the one that goes unasked”.


If you like, I could ask some stupid questions?
Apparently I’m rather good at that…


It was around 79 days for first crystal… around 110 days of fully finished Fortress to max out 2nd set of crystals… 3rd looking like 150 days of Fort
The drop rates now should be increased to around 6k of each colour for Fortress in stead of 3k each
Gotta give players a chance at making them all before new ones come out
Progress is too slow for players… Too fast in game changes


I wonder how the quad drops this past weekend have screwed the timeline for the next cap increase since it helped so many of us to finally catch up.


Update: We’re increasing the drop rate of raid tickets in the campaign on all servers.


Hi @Polaris, have any confirmation about the question of where Siren and forgotten will go. After the update…



Right after everyone has burnt a metric (or imperial) :poop:ton of stam raiding the campaign lol


and as previously stated by others in this thread


Forgotten and siren were never in shops, they were sign-in and gold chest only. So that technically does not apply. And due to the fact that hero transitions (particularly from being gold chest only) have been missed in the past, it really shouldn’t be too much trouble to confirm they are heading to Elite or elsewhere.
Not to mention gold chest only heroes have usually moved into shops rather than elite in the past.


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Wiz already answered the question much earlier in the thread. As he is leader of a guild, they are in discord chat group with the devs and would know before us. But seeing as how people need proof, here’s a screenshot.


Wouldn’t it be great if they opened that discord chat up to the whole community… So we all get to follow the latest and greatest info :grinning:

My guild has an awesome rep in there now, but I’m just saying this for those peeps who aren’t “high enough” on the guild rankings. Doesn’t seem fair tbh.




I feel so…exposed :wink:


Sorry Jenni … I considered redacting your name and pic, but then it looked weird :pensive:


Good to known that raid ticket drop rate will be increased. It would be great if hero xp also be improved as well.


Dont pay dont play… hehehehe


Thanks for the confirmation. I miss the early statement.

That will make us go to elite campaign for some time. Both heroes are amazing.