Update 2.14.A Patch Notes


Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 4

Server 6

Hero locations for server 6 have been changed to be in sync with Server 4 in preparation for the server merge.
Chapter 18: Once Upon a Time in a Pastiche
Max Team Level 125
Orange +6 Gear Rarity
2nd Epic Crystal

  • New Hero: Ancient Siren replaces Brass Monk in the Gold Chest.
  • Twin Trackers will be in the Gold Chest.
  • Noob Hero and Ember Wisp replace Twin Trackers and Totem Prince in the Arena Shop
  • Totem Prince and Cogmaster replace Shield Maiden and Satyr Fox in the Crusade Shop
  • Whirling Dagger and Tempest replace The Birdbarian and Serpent King in the Fortress Shop
  • Lion Knight and Mystic Punk replace Dragoon and Warp Mage in the War Shop
  • Spell Binder and Dragoon replace Owl Bear and Lion Knight in the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 7

Chapter 15: Stonecutter
Max Team Level 110
Orange 3 Gear Rarity

  • New Hero: Panther Stalker replaces Shield Maiden in the Gold Chest
  • Shield Maiden replaces Oasis Guardian in the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 8

Server 9

Server Update 11/14 at 13:00 CT

Hmmmm Nice -_-


What about S1??


I think it’s because S-1 is at max


Still no shop changes for S1?


Where is the Guild Shop and Air Balloon in Server 8?


Why did S4-6 skip Forgotten Champion and go to Ancient Siren? Is Forgotten Champion December sign in hero then?


The guild shop is an epic waste of influence. It is basically useless.


This isn’t fair, we are getting crap in hero shops. At least until the merge put grizz in fortress or crusade so we can catch up om shards since server 4 had Grizz in crusade for quite a while. Also, why couldn’t you guys wait till after war season rewards to move dragoon. This will be incredibly unfair for the lower ranked guilds and members who were not able to get him leveled


To the right next to war


To the right next to war (guild bank balloon)


Cool story bro


The update is now complete!