Update 2.14 Known Issues


Here are the current issues from the 2.14 game update:

  • AP displays can be incorrect when AP is donated to a player. This is a display issue only.

Fixed with server restart on 10/18:

  • Forgotten Champion is lost in the depths of the Dungeon on Server 3.
  • If you had a server 3 account that was frozen for the upcoming merge, please do not select it from the account screen. It will suspend your device and you will not be able to access your other accounts.
    • Players that were stuck on the suspended screen will see it one more time after the server restart, and then if they try to login again it automatically choose a different account.
    • Server 3 accounts that were frozen for the server merge will no longer show on the accounts screen.
  • 2x drops on dungeon floors greater than 70 is working again.

UPDATED 11/7 We have started seeing a problem with resources when players reach a very large balance of Gold and Hero XP. At about 2.14 billion, these resources are max out, and the amount is rolled over to zero. Please try not to sit on your resources, and spend them as you can in order to avoid losing your Gold and Hero XP. We are working on a solution to be released in a future update, and apologize in advance to anyone that has experienced this in the game.

"raid all" function causes crash


And for how long will we not be able to access the account?


We just want to play your game!!!


The stamina needed to do normal and elite campaign is wrong. You need 12 stamina for the new chapter and 24 for the elite in server 6. Is it a known issue or I need to make a ticket @Polaris :confused: ?


Added to the OP - please send in a ticket with your userid and we’ll get you unstuck!


I made a ticket, thank you


That is correct. Chapter 16 is the first one to move to 12 stamina for the normal campaign.


The Forgotten Champion that you sent server 3 poofed.

I think you were going to add him to our hero list but you had…not remembered to do so.


The champion gift that I’ve just received isn’t showing up on my game, he isn’t even a greyed out hero.


He has been forgotten…I’ll see myself out.


Oh, the irony…


Some people who were playing on their accounts which were going to be frozen cannot get into any accounts at all now, because the game defaults to the last played account when restarting the app… so the game just attempts to login to that last played account and says the account has been suspended… so these players cannot access their list of accounts to switch to an unsuspended account


Yes, Forgotten Champion is again lost in the depths of the Dungeon on server 3. You still have him, you just can’t see him in your hero list.

If you had a server 3 account that was frozen for the upcoming merge, please do not select it from the account screen. It will suspend your device and you will not be able to access your other accounts. If you find yourself locked out, please contact support with your userid and we will get you unstuck.


Wasnt me, was a guildmate… but she was unable to record her Account IDs since she couldnt login at all to access her list of accounts; starting the app immediately went to a “your account is suspended” screen… good thing she had her main ID already screenshotted


Our amazing discord group discovered that the “Total AP” display on the war’s log screen increases whenever a donation is made to a player (from the bank or from another player.) It seems to assume that all donations increase available AP and it doesn’t account for the bank’s decreasing AP.

Note 1: The value for available AP (the number displayed next to the sword) is correct.

Note 2: If a donation is made from a player to the bank (manually or automatically), the calculation is performed correctly.

EDIT: Another issue: 2x Dungeon above floor 70 isn’t working for any server. Server 3 is at 2x when it should be 4x and the other servers are at 1x when they should be 2x. FIXED!



Better get grinding, Bert.


@Polaris any new about our follow forgotten champion for S3 went we can see it on our roster to promote properly.


Twins health seems to be acting very wierd. Finishing a fight with full health in dungeon and next fight he is at low health on his icon. Sometimes his health on screen and his icon do not match. Doesn’t seem to be healed either.