Update 2.14 Known Issues


I’ve noticed the same. Seems to be related to his skill. When I turned off auto, i stopped having the issue, but that makes FF in dungeon very difficult.
Twins ended up dying early on for me, and after finding a revive well, worked without issues for 20 floors. He started acting up again, so I’m just waiting for him to die… Not a fix to the bug, but perhaps a workaround until it’s addressed…


If you leave dungeon and go back in it fixes it for a few minutes too. I also attacked a line in arena and killed 4 out of 5 of the enemy team with 5 still standing on my tean with almost full health. Then twins health seemed to fluctuate (going up and down) while he took out my entire team while not 1 hero of mine moved or attacked enemy


Gearing P+ 8 is really insane!


Updated 2.14 Known Issues: Gold and Hero XP maxing out. Please see above for more details.