Update 2.14 Patch Notes


Portal Quest 2.14!


Welcome to Portal Quest Update 2.14! We have a lofty new chapter we hope you’ll find uplifting, raiding for the Crusade, improved rewards and new levels of Trials, more Team XP in the Dungeon, bug fixes, and more!

Crusade Raiding!!

Complete Crusade with the push of a button, Raid has now arrived.


Gaining Tickets


  • Completing a Crusade will reward Raid tickets based upon your VIP Level.
  • A Crusade must be completed before Raiding is allowed for each Difficulty
  • Each Crusade Difficulty rewards its own Raid Tickets
  • A Maximum of 5 Raid Tickets can be Banked per Difficulty
    • Crusade Raid tickets are not rewarded for Raiding a Crusade

Using Raid Tickets

  • With Raid Tickets in hand, use your Restart to open the “Choose Difficulty” Window
  • Select the Raid Button for your chosen Difficulty
  • A preview of the rewards you will receive is shown
  • Selecting the Raid Button a final time will complete the Raid, rewarding your prizes.
    • Warning: Raiding may not earn Contest Points because your heroes do not fight


Chapter 20: Air Ship It!

The fate of Ember is literally up in the air, as our latest chapter finds Our Heroes tossed out of the Dungeon and into the stratosphere by the Old Alchemist, with only a hot pot of magical soup to show for their troubles. Is this the key to stopping The Darkness once and for all? Or did Rogue Bowman figure out a way to mess everything up again?

…It’s the latter. It’s always the latter.

Content Unlocks & Adjustments

Note: Heroes and Epic Gear will not appear in Shops until they refresh. Any Heroes that move out of the Shops have been placed in the Elite Campaign (unless otherwise noted).

Server 1:

  • Chapter 20 (Air Ship It!)
  • Max Team Level 135
  • New Rarity: Orange +8
  • Brass Monk will replace Warp Mage in the War Shop

Server 3:

  • Chapters 19 (Darker Dungeons) and 20 (Air Ship It!)
  • Max Team Level 135
  • New Rarity: Orange +8
  • New Hero: Ancient Siren will be in Gold Chests
  • New Hero: Brass Monk will be in the War Shop
  • Ice Berg will replace Oasis Guardian in the Arena Shop
  • Storm Wizard and Skull Buster will replace Noob Hero and Whirling Dagger in the Crusade Shop
  • Highwayman and Tempest will replace Lion Knight and Ember Wisp in the Fortress Shop
  • Twin Trackers will replace The Birdbarian in the War Shop
  • Lion Knight will replace Scarred Brawler in the Royal Tournament Shop
  • Elite Campaign has been adjusted to match Server 1 in anticipation of the server merge.

Server 4:

Server 6:

  • Chapter 16 (Down in the Depths)
  • Max Team Level 115
  • New Rarity: Orange +4
  • New Hero: Panther Stalker will be in Gold Chests
  • New Hero: Dragoon will be in the War Shop
  • Twin Trackers will replace Cogmaster in the Arena Shop
  • Serpent King will replace Whirling Dagger in the Fortress Shop
  • Lion Knight will replace Ice Berg in the Royal Tournament Shop

Server 7:
New Hero: Shield Maiden will be in Gold Chests

Server 8:
New Hero: Salty Merc will be in Gold Chests
New Hero: Whirling Dagger will be in Elite campaign



  • Scarred Brawler
    • Instead of consuming all his threat after his white skill is completed he now consumes the threat when the skill is activated


  • “Crazy Town” Difficulty unlocks at Team Level 126
  • “Just Flee Now” Difficulty unlocks at Team Level 131
  • Adjusted Trial rewards


  • Increased the scaling of hero XP drops in dungeon.
    • Hero Xp now drops between 202 on floor 1 to 16660 on floors 70+
  • Epic lockpick is now a 24 hour consumable.

Guild Shop

  • All members can now see the Stocking tab and stock the guild shop using diamonds.

Royal Tournament

  • The down time between tournaments has been reduced from 24 hours to 12 hours. Tournaments have been lengthened by 12 hours.


  • Red dot now remains on fortress until either the player has completed 5 attacks or they are unable to make any more attacks.


  • War screen now shows the total available AP for each guild. This includes AP on members and in the bank.


  • Increased friend limit from 100 to 200

Bug Fixes


  • Serpent King
    • Fixed a bug that caused Serpent King’s blue skill to freeze devices when interacting with “From The Shadows”.
  • Shield Maiden
    • Fixed a bug that created an infinite loop with Shield Maiden’s epic skill that caused combat to time out.
  • Forgotten Champion
    • Fixed a bug that caused Champion’s white skill to stop working.
  • Ice Berg
    • Fixed a bug that caused Ice Berg to die infinitely after getting hit by Cogmaster’s epic skill
  • Brass Monk
    • Fixed a bug that allowed Brass Monk to use her white skill even when she had no orbs.
  • Ember Wisp
    • Fixed a bug causing Ember Wisp’s epic healing shield to persist between combat waves.
  • Warp Mage
    • Fixed a bug that caused Warp Mage to revert to Finesse aspect during a Portal Lord’s event.

Epic Crystal

  • Fixed a bug that caused the second crystal to not show up in the combat preview.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from seeing their own crystal filled unit borders in arena.


  • Fixed a bug where the top 1% rewards were not being awarded if the number of the participants in the contests was low.

Royal Tournament

  • Fixed a bug causing Team Power calculations to be incorrect in Royal tournament.

You may be asking yourself: “What happened to update 2.13?” We don’t talk about 2.13 - so don’t jinx it.


So S4 has 2 Heroes in the gold chests now? Panther and Brass Monk?


Panther Stalker will move to the Elite Campaign.


Looks okay
(Text) (Text)


Thank you so much for the shop rotation in server 6! But I just wonder why there is no rotation in crusade shop :thinking: Is it just missing in the text or there is no rotation only for this shop ? @Polaris ? :slight_smile:



No text missing - that’s what was in the document.


While I love panther and dragoon, and am excited to get them, s6 STILL does not have The Grizz and s7 does…
When will this be fixed??


Thanks @Polaris Its just that besides cogmaster, I think Satyr Fox has been in a shop, crusade, for a longer period of time than all the other heroes that are moving out of shops. It should really be crusade for server 6 next time.
Rest of patch notes seems really good. Raiding crusade! Thats so much time saved :sweat_smile: Lots of bugs too ! Keep up the good work ! I know you guys are pretty busy with all the merges :nerd_face:


According to my sources, The Grizz may be the sign-in hero next month for server 6…


@Polaris does that source have any news when bird will be flying into S7? :innocent:


No :frowning: He went home for the day.


Does this “source” know when S4.5 will have shop hero rotations? S6 is getting Serpent in Fortress while our Serpent is in Tourny shop still. Fortress tokens are 3x easier to obtain.


Darn these people having real lives and everything lol :wink:


Best thing I’ve seen in my life!

Edit : ok, that was an exaggeration


Let’s talk about this!


@Polaris the “improvements” to the royal tournament are not improvements! It’s an enormous waste of time now! Making it a one day or removing it all together would be improvements!


These changes make it feasible (and in one timezone, makes it possible) for European players to complete the Royal Tourney quest on the day that the Tourney ends.

You don’t have to constantly attack people in RT if you don’t want to. Get to the point in which you’re satisfied with your attacks and stop.


RT is no different than any other “quest” in the game. Everyone has 24 hours to complete the daily quests. RT is an enormous waste of time!!


I knew there was something missing :sweat_smile: @Polaris Tempest is our hero in gold chest in server 6 right now. Since panther will be the next gold chest hero, Tempest has to move to elite campaign or Crusade shop maybe :smiley: You know, since there is no rotation for that shop :wink:


The difference here is that, unlike other dailies, Royal Tournament has a 24-hour break every 72 hours. Royal tournament starts/ends at 0:00 CST; dailies reset at 5:00 local time.

For some Europeans (UTC), Royal Tournament starts/ends at 4:00 UTC and dailies reset at 5:00 UTC. In order to do their daily they’d have to attack three times within that ridiculously early 1-hour window, because it will be impossible to attack for the next 23 hours.

For some Europeans (BST, which is UTC +1) Royal Tournament starts/ends at 5:00 BST and dailies reset at 5:00 BST. This means that it is outright impossible for these players to do the Royal Tournament daily the day after a tournament ends.