Update 2.14 Patch Notes


Could you please make hero xp more easier to get. So sad that I only works on couple of hero but now even don’t have those xp to level them up.


Good news! Hero xp will be dropping higher amounts in dungeon! I honestly don’t know if that will make a huge difference, but it should help.


This update has a lot of great stuff in it. But… Can I just say that if the cap raises were to be slowed down, people would probably complain less about the grind… (just saying)


The cap raises have made me lose interest in this game. I’ve decided that once I use up all the things I’ve bought for this game, I’m looking for a new game to play. So however long that takes me, whatever, but I don’t got a lot. I’ll probably use my stuff on the next guild contest.

It was good while it lasted, but you all just rushing us at this point, and the S1/S3 merge is quite crap to do to both servers. You expect S3 to have to rush 10 levels in just a mere couple weeks, and give them a bunch of bonuses that S1 had to pay/work for. So yeah, hope you enjoyed the money. Thanks for ruining a great game for the rest of us; I’m done with it.


@ lexi II
u r not alone… i think many will do like that.

I wanna see how the new grind is going to be. I guess it will be huuuuuuuuge n nasty. We ll get exorbitant deals, because somebody s gonna pay for that free stuff s3 is going to get.


That will be my last post, portal quest is ruined.


When is it planned ?


So no word on Tempest


We need to have some hero rotation in crusade and fortress shops - highwayman, wizard and skull have been there way too log already


I bid you good luck in getting this request.


Will raiding crusade earn the same amount of rewards as doing it manually?
And will raiding crusade count towards the daily crusade quest?


I would imagine it’ll work the same way all other raiding does. Rewards and quest completions count raised instsnces.


The only thing it won’t do, is count towards damage quests in portal Lord’s, etc.
As the battles won’t actually be fought.

Other than that, you’re good.

At least on paper.
Given the number of tweaks per blue have to do every time a new thing is released that doesn’t work quite as intended…
Maybe let someone else click “raid crusade” first, and do it manually the first couple of days :wink:


Agreed… Make it two days with Sundays off or make them two days and have one be three days (Fri, Sat, Sun, for example)


you the same polaris from tribes (cabal kabob) ?


Nope! (20 characters :neutral_face:)


Man…thanks perblue…game crashes as we are making war hits in a very close keep war…


I just pray to the Lord that Orange 8 isn’t harder than O+7 to grind…


Fantastic update PerBlue. Keep up the good work, 10/10!


Constant shop hero rotations for other servers yet server 4, now 4.5, has had the same garbage in crusade for longer than I can remember


To be fair we were already a regen behind this didn’t actually change anything. Still annoying though.