Update 2.14 Patch Notes


It is annoying.
And your response is sensible, and appropriate.

Are you sure you’re in the right guild? :wink:


feedback corner, hit that


If this update takes much longer I’m going to miss out on free stamina for noon here


US EDT time zone missing free stam, but also part of Europe missing their 6pm stam too.


And its gone. Been trying to log in every 15 min since it went down


If updates are going to start exceeding 2 hrs maybe they should expand grab times too


Server three needs to catch up to server one for the merge, so why are you giving Server One (me,us whatever) a level increase and a new rarity?

You’ve improved Trials but not the tower? I made a post about this a week ago spelling out what you could change and you’ve only done half of it? More tower levels next update please.

Also more grind decrease when? I’ve not noticed, nor has any other f2p I know, any decrease in the grind at all. I’ve upgraded maybe one hero since the last update.


I have been doing the same every 30 min


I haven’t been able to get on in over 2 hours. Missed out on noon stamina. Stupid.


I’m pleased over the moon!!


Yes perblue thanks a bunch!



The update is now complete. We have sent everyone a free stamina item.

Thank you for being patient!