Update 2.2.A Patch Notes


Portal Quest 2.2.A Server Update!


As the third Portal Lords event starts, most servers are getting either some extra Heroes or new Chapters. Expect a quick server update for Servers 2 through 7 on Monday (5/14) at 10am CT to make these changes!

Content Changes

NOTE: New Heroes will not appear in Shops until the Shop refreshes!

Server 1

  • No new content

Server 2

  • Chapter 15 - Stonecutter
  • Team Level 110
  • Orange +3 Gear & Hero Rarity
  • New Hero: Owlbear will be available in Gold Chests!

Server 3

  • No new content

Server 4

  • New Hero: Oasis Guardian will be available in Gold Chests!
  • Whirling Dagger is moving to the Royal Tournament Shop
    • Highwayman is moving to the Crusade Shop
    • Willow Druid is moving to the Elite Chapters 10 & 11

Server 5

  • Chapter 11 - Chest of Wonders
  • Team Level 90
  • Purple +4 Gear & Hero Rarity
  • New Hero: Oasis Guardian will be available in Gold Chests!
    • Whirling Dagger is moving to the Royal Tournament Shop
    • Highwayman is moving to Elite Chapters 10 & 11

Server 6

  • New Hero: Scarred Brawler will be available in the War Shop
  • New Hero: Whirling Dagger will be available in Gold Chests!

Server 7

  • Chapter 8 - Twigging Out!
  • Team Level 70
  • Purple +1 Gear & Hero Rarity
  • New Hero: Stone Guard will be available in Elite Chapter 8

Edit: Server update moved up to 10am to fix the Portal Lords issue!


So you guys really want to kill S2? For what I’m seeing you definitely gonna do that. Last update took away a lot of strong players, top guilds are struggling to get players and you guys put a new cap raise and new gea with just 3 or 4 weeks difference. Real smart PB. Thank a lot! Maybe I’m one that’s gonna stop playing too.


well. i expected new epics to arrive soon, yes. but level cap raise on s2?
yes, 3 people are probably maxed on stuff. but the rest…!? not so much.

the good teams you can make with the heroes we have at the moment are explored, wars basically come down to who’s better at manual or (my favourite) who gets hold of their hitters quicker.

not at who’s good at figuring out lines or whatsoever. nothing to spice anything up a bit?

no new perks as well, so no new shuffling around here as well.

as said before, recruiting is hard as it is, good players dropping out more and more.

that does not make it more fun. yes, sure, i guess some people will pay the money to hit cap again and again, but the number of those people will shrink.

i thooooought keeping people playing was how stuff like this worked.


Nope. Milking the whales is how this works.


For real guys? It’s been LESS THAN 4 WEEKS since cap raise on S2. Great, a lot of people hit max level because you’ve been offering a ton of stamina packs lately. But that doesn’t mean we’re ready for a cap increase. Epic levels take ages to get, only made worse by removing (“fixing”) the 10 scrap cap per level.


Who is mother nature… S4 get exclusive heroes???


PB is rushing the cap raises so fast that they can’t even keep track of their own hero names.


Mother nature is moving to elite? :thinking::thinking::thinking: C’mon we know you don’t play/test/open your game but you don’t have to make it THAT obvious


This is absurd. Weeks without a new epic, but already a new cap raise? Honestly, what the heck are you doing?! I hope this patch is a prank, because if it isn’t, I’m done. You honestly make no sense to me. Half the server struggles to even reach the cap, then you raise it again in less than a month? This game is out of control.


It’s probably their codename for Willow Druid


110… Already on s2 is a stupid idea.
Most haven’t even hit 105…
Aside from top 5 guilds
This is just another cash grab for those who pay to level up
I’ll be quitting soon at this rate
Done with the crap


I have to agree with you on this


Wow, seriously? Just got to level 105, yall have many of strongest people quit already. Top guilds taking in folks with lower power then they usually take in, & yall want to raise caps already? Not even 4 weeks yet since the last 1, most players i know who spend are still at 103. This sucks, I swear it might be the last cap raise i see


@Etesian I can give you my bank account details in pm for you if you want to cash some money in it, otherwise don’t see top players in S2 keep up with what you guys doing. I’ve been to hell to put my guild from 20th to top5 right now, so I think I help you guys making some money. Was hard to get my people to spend money and keep the guild going and now you come with this? This is a game dudes, if people not happy they move on. Think about that.


No. Absolutely not. Cease and desist. STOP WITH THE CAP INCREASES. I love playing this but you must stop, next to noone has capped on Server 2, and there are so many other things you could add instead.
New epic heroes, undo all the dungeon changes from the last update, fix the tournament speed bug, new perks for the guilds, more tower levels.

I can tell you’re just trying to milk us for all the money you can due to the increase in the quantity and quality of the deals you keep offering with more chests and stamina packs than ever before. When one deal ends another one begins instantly, and I don’t think I’ve seen only one deal run alone for ages.


Let me chime in for server 5. The only people maxed on our server are heavy spenders. You bounced our level cap twice in rapid succession. We really need a break so that people can start to catch up. We still have tons of 81 and 82 players. Guys, seriously, you’re going to force most people off our server.


Man. I can never make a level cap. After hour and hour of steady grind on S2 i cant come close to these heavy spenders. The game needs more balance. Top guilds are maxed on influence because weve got no new perks for war, and the same 3 teams are used to beat wars! You’ve made the game so grindy, give us time to grind! I forsee alot of S2s higher player quiting because of this


Tournament needs work, not taking rewards away. War needs work its the same thing over and over, nothing to upgrade. Crusade could use some work like why do it on hard no coin benefit. Dungeon has alot to offer now it take grind to get epics let alone get them ready for epic dungeon! We need time to grind or make the game less grindy …


Well i was thinking about coming here and say how this new cap raise comes stupidly fast on S5 but it’s the same for other server.
You need to let ppl catch up or you will loose some server it’s still a free to play you won’t fill your new server if the game become that much pay to win.


It is willow druid. I just like to call pb out on how they don’t know their own game… Don’t even know the correct hero names.