Update 2.2.A Patch Notes


I know perblue has put some effort into listening to its players, and I hope in this case, you heed our beg for mercy. This will absolutely destroy server 2 and will result in many people quitting.

If this is your attempt to merge two servers, make that clear. But instead of drowning us with another cap increase, try to improve other aspects of the game. Like stated above, what happened to guild perks? None for severe months. New epics? Been well over a month. Instead of trashing the game on server two, look to open other parts for us.

I personally have the resources to be level 110 on day one. I have the epic gear to finish the epic levels 110 as well. But of course, as a big spender, that’s no surprise. As a top guild member, I can see how devastating this new patch will be if it goes through. 2-3 guilds will be overwhelmingly more dominant and the game will vanish for most.

If you ever picked a time to listen, this would be it. The future of the game is in your hands. Don’t let us down.


Totally agree. If this update goes ahead I will ask all the members of my team to stop spending in the game.


No me voy a molestar ni en traducir…me parece una verguenza que subais ya de nivel no dejais nimgun tipo de opcion a jugar contra los gremios top dinero…que quereis hacer una fusion con s1 ?? Por que no se entiende nada estais matando al.s2 os gana la ambicion del dinero espero que para otra vez os los penseis mejor


shameful … that you try to have fusion or kill the s2? Stop being so ambitious with money and give opportunities to those who do not spend.


How I feel about this update:
Money, money, money
Must be funny
In the rich man’s world
Money, money, money
Always sunny

S2 to 110 is just idiotic


Update! Again ! But do you think of the pleasure of playing in spending crazy money, we want more time !!!
Perblue take into account the full multiple leave more time please
Do not kill s2


Today I just reached level 105 and there is already update, seriously? This sucks. Only 4 weeks have passed since the last update. They are doing it to earn more money and strong players spend more money. The rest of the players get screwed? With this they are killing the S2.


The only good thing about this update you ask?
S4 finally gets another hero…but S5 is now equal with S4.
Im on both servers…S5 I’m only level 82 because I don’t spend. Do the daily quests and not even close to cap yet.


It’s been less than 2 weeks since the last cap. Other servers are upset because it’s been 4 weeks. If this is your grand plan to make more money it’s more than likely to blow up in your face, because the big spenders are going to spend anyway but the rest will weigh out the value in spending and come to the conclusion I’ve come to, which is, why bother. I can’t catch up and when I finally see the silver lining you raise the cap again. This isn’t fun. Why pay to lose anyway?


As if Server 2 didn’t have a hard time already. I don’t think S2 will survive for much longer and you just speeded up the process with this c®ap increase.

RIP server 2!


Let’s look at this relatively objectively. Coming from server 2 here.

Patch notes on May 11. Patch notes for the increase to 105, O+2, 23 days ago on April 18. Unfortunately, i don’t remember the day the patch went into effect, so we’ll say it is the same time between notes and release, 23 days until 2.2a goes live.

Let’s assume it took 15,000 player xp to hit 105. I may be a little off, but I think that’s what it was.

XP rate is gained through daily quests, total available 1820, and finishing levels, total daily available based on energy gain, but equals about 528 player xp, based on an energy gain rate of 1 every 5 minutes (288), plus 60 for guild sign in and 180 for the three daily boosts. That gives us an optimal gain of 2348 player xp daily.

15,000 / 2348 = 6.3. So, it takes 6.3 days of optimal play (only completing level 1, 6 energy levels) to raise one level. Let’s assume everyone is not optimal and it takes 7 days per level. That makes it approximately five weeks to gain a level; it has been three weeks since the last boost. The vast majority of players on S2 are probably between 103 and 104, if they aren’t spending. I personally hit 105 mere hours before the patch notes were released, and that took approximately 150 stamina packs to hit, plus a few here and there through the week.

Now, it seems to me that driving away potential customers by making the pay-to-win model so obvious is not a sound business decision. Looked how well it is working for EA and the massive backlash against Battlefront 2. We, the players, know this is a business. We, the players, know you are here to make money and hopefully provide entertainment value for your customers. The obvious cash grab is painful and will only keep those willing to spend $100s monthly to stay on top. For the free players, or those spending only on the daily login diamonds, or even those spending for the occasional $20 pack, this patch is a horrendous idea.

Couple that with the prevalence of bugs and poor support management. For instance, I submitted a ticket stating the endless floor bosses after level 70 were only dropping purple scraps. The response I got was bosses were only every five floors and I was asked what I considered a purple scrap was. Of course, I explained how the game worked and eventually got the reply that it was a 50/50 chance of orange/purple drop from the ‘every floor’ bosses after level 70. Interestingly, by this point, I was on floor 108. 38 floors with a 50/50 chance of an orange or purple drop does not seem like 50/50 when I was only getting purples. In fact, since then I’ve done another 30+ floors and received very few orange drops and even fewer boss keys from these bosses. Sounds like a loot table problem to me.

Then there are the tournament bugs, melee (front line) pathing problems, and others too numerous to mention. Nothing like watching Whirling Dagger stand around in a fight in the middle of the screen not doing anything while the battle rages on in another part of the screen, or watching Howling Claw stand behind someone in a walk animation not attacking until he eventually gets possessed and kills the entire team.

How about fixing bugs? How about making portal lords more interesting? How about making war more interesting? The grind at O+x is already bad enough, but the introduction and mismanagement of this game mean I’ll be voting with my money, away from PB and by the transitive property, PQ. I encourage others to do the same; the joy of capitalism works both ways.


Gpero que clase de robo es en s2?? Que pretendeis que los humildes se vayan?? De quien fue esta magnifica idea de coeficiente intelectual ni llega a 20 soys un poco retarders…aplaudo a las mentes pensantes de perblue sois un poco muerde almohadas os meten el chocolate para adentro y teneis estas nefastas ideas


Its been alot less than 4 weeks


On behalf of S5, this is BS. Please stop grabbing at our wallets like they’re the last drop of water in the Sahara ok.


Okay update s2 but why horrible deals prior… 60 energy only :thinking::thinking::thinking::confounded::confounded::confounded:


Well take this bit for what it’s worth. A merge with s1 is unfair in terms of time that the servers had to gather items etc s1 clearly has advantage over s2 so it would force s2 players to spend more to compete with s1 which to be honest many would just quit. So scrap this merge idea if it is one. But to all s2 players why do you think they’re raising the cap cuz you spend more and rush every upgrade for that slight advantage you have for a few weeks then everyone catches up somewhat. Nobody is holding a gun to your head saying spend your materials to rush to the next max immediately… I mean if you need that advantage cuz you’re not that good at the game cool… but when you rush everything instantly it’s just padding their pockets and telling them hey we need more to do. If we as players banned together and stopped buying the deals and just use the free daily exp gold etc to level naturally then them pushing cap raise wouldn’t mean anything cuz we’d all just be casual. But wait that goes against human nature to be the very best and be selfish… so that outcome is also unlikely. So the ones rushing caps soon as they’re released are the ones at fault for the whole fiasco. So why are we complaining? Honestly… yeah it’s a horrible move on pb part but we forced their hand and I’m sure the shortage on spending preempted the 4x stacking deal they had which I’m sure many caved and spent on. Just relax and enjoy the game and stop feeding the pig is the solution. Think that about covers it.


Whoooaaaaaa!!! ~38 complaints about the level cap, per blue this isn’t good.
(and im only on s1)


Sorry to hear that richie :upside_down_face:


Server 2 level cap Totally mental.


Plus no one I know can get on server 2 at the moment.